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Chapter 1

Three sunrises after the culprit had almost been apprehended, the Clan was sitting in the clearing, relaxing. It was the first time SparkClan had rested in a long time.

But of course, it wouldn't last long.

Zapheart, who had quickly recovered from drinking the water in the lake, ran into the camp.

"Tunnels...water...die...." He said, breathing hard.

"Slow down!" I said to him.

After taking a breath, Zapheart explained to us that he'd discovered tunnels running throughout the water systems near our camp, and that while investigating them, he'd seen a blast of lake water rush into the tunnels. He'd then ran quickly back to the camp.

"Well, we have to destroy the tunnels!" A queen said.

"And fast." Ivystar agreed.

Chapter 2

Zapheart, Hollywhisker, and I were sent down to the tunnel the lake water had penetrated. Lucky for us, the water hadn't gotten far.

We moved to the opening of the tunnel and began slashing at loose rocks. We were doing well, until they sprang.

Mysterious cats came out of nowhere. Hollywhisker, a beautiful dark gray she-cat, swiped at one of the cats while she battered at another. Zapheart pounced on another cat and bit down sharply on his neck.

In a moment, the cats were dead, and we went back to work.

Or at least we thought they were dead. When we turned around, the immediately hopped up again.

I threw myself at one of the cats, knocking him into the stream where the red was.

Suddenly, he turned to dust in the water.

"The water!" I gasped. "The water kills them!" Hollywhisker and Zapheart immediately threw their cats into the stream. And as the cats burned, we saw that the water was moving back.

Chapter 3

The camp sat around us as we told our tale. I looked over to the entrance of the camp and saw Rainclaw walking towards us.

"I know who it was!" He shouted. "I know who set this curse upon our Clan! It was—"

He never got to finish. A splash of red burned him into nothing.

The Clan looked up in horror and saw red raining from the sky. Unlike the splash that had killed Rainclaw, this didn't burn. I moved out of the camp and toward the lake.

That was when I saw it.

Waves of red were splashing against the shore. There was going to be a tsunami.

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