Spottedleaf and Fireheart

' This is a warriors fanfiction about Spottedleaf and Firestar. This is Spottedleaf didn't die. We miss her ' so much <3

"Spottedleaf!" yowled Fireheart, "Spottedleaf where are you?" "Here!" Spottedleaf answered as she emerged from a bush of juniper berries. Fireheart had offered to help Spottedleaf collect some herbs, it was bare-leaf and Mousefur had cought white-couch. And even though it was only whitecouch right now, Spottedleaf had wanted to collect herbs anyway because it could become deadly green-couch vary simplely. And then mabye even black-couch! Fireheart shook his head clear of the thought of the killer black-couch invading the cat he loved so."Fireheart!" mewed Spottedleaf "I need help carrying these herbs!" "Coming!" Fireheart yowled as he ran towords the voice of the sweet medicane-cat. As he was running to her, he felt a sudden pain in his paw, and he couldn't help but yowl in pain. Spottedleaf poked her head out of the bush of rasberry-leaves she had been collecting."Fireheart?" She asked, "Are you ok?" "I...I don't know." He stammered back. "I'm coming!" she told him as she raced to him , dropping the herbs she had been carrying."Let me see." She told him. Fireheart did as he was told and lifted his paw so Spottedleaf could see it. "Huh? What's this?" She asked herself.Fireheart looked at his paw and saw why she was so confused. A big, shiny, sharp, and clear peice of something was stuck in his paw, causing the pain."Hmmmm....." Fireheart could tell Spottedleaf was thinking hard of what this might be."It's called glass." He declared."Glass?" She asked. "Yea. It's something two-legs use to block things." "Two-legs seem to get stranger and stranger every day!" She declared, "Why would they want to block things?" "Don't know." He answered. "Anyway, let me get that out for you." She gripped the glass in her teeth and pulled it out. "Thanks!" Fireheart mewed.

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