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Now there are a few suspicions...are they true...or are they wrong?...Will they let themselves be discovered and live in jeopardy?...I don't think so...

Author's Note - HiddenSun =]

These cats have not been created by me. See The Character Page to see who is the original creator of the Cat is. I will not be accepting more characters for the fanfics-but if you haven't got one alredy and you really want one or more in my story just tell me and I will let you. If your character doesn't make an appearance right away, don't worry - They will appear in the books. Tell me what you think on the talk page.



Prologue - Done - A Mysterious Cat

The cats sat in circle in the dark den. We all looked at each other, waiting to be informed on how the process was going. This tribe was going down! But if we were meant to do a good job, we had to do it right and had to keep our patience in a high level. When we had first came we had high expectations on how we were going to take over, but now it seemed harder than we had thought. These cats were smart - not dumb.

"I'm here!" the she-cat enterring meowed. I could see the thin and small scratches through the fur on her neck. I should say somethign about that! I thought.

"Alright. So what is it you wanted to meow about? We haven't got the whole time." the cat at the center meowed with his very recognizable voice.

"It's about some cats. They're being suspicious and I think we should act faster!" she meowed standing up and looking straigth at our leader.

"No!" I meowed, when nobody dared to comment agaisnt the she-cat. "We cant act any faster. The reason they're beginning to be suspicious is because we're not being careful enough! Look at your scratches! Anyone can see those!" I meowed pointing at her neck.

They all looked at her. "I agree. We shouldn't hurry the paste. Instead we shoudl do something about that cat you're talking about. If that's the problem, get rid of it. Simple as that." they all nodded to the cat's words. "I'll get to it then when I see the cat."

"Good. So what was the point of killing those queens?" I asked. "They were no problem to us." Queens can't give any harm - especially after moons of just lying down and not getting any training or stretching.

"The weak in body are strong in mind. They are a threat to us." our leader meowed. "We had that happen to us once and I won't let it happen again. It's too dangerous."

"But why did you let the expecting-queen alive? If what you say is true, then she exposes a threat as well." I meowed trying to make some sense.

"She's strong. When we faught her, it wa shard to win. Two agaisn't one? Not a fair advantage - but she still pulled it off. She's one of the best prey-hunters, therefore makign her mind weaker." the silver she-cat said, "We'll turn her after she gives brith."

"And until then take care of our little problem, will you?" We nodded and he signaled us to leave.

No problem at all.

Chapter 1 - Revenge - Trot of Silent Fox

"Good job today Fox!" Water meowed happily a she saw me coming back with a fat squirrel. I was getting better and better each time I came on a hunting patrol, and Water's and Path's support really helped out. I had been wishing to catch a fat juicy rabbit for Feather, since she had been suffering a lot lately with all the other queen's deaths. But lately, no rabbit had been seen or heard...only the mysterious times when she had scented the strong smell - it hadn't even smelled good.

"Thanks! Lucky me, it was too fat to be fast!" I meowed back, heading towards my prey hole. I hear Water's footsteps follow me.

"We better start heading back to camp. Dove! Lynx!" He called to my sister and her mentor. Dove's white pelt came into view and she quietly padded towards us. She carefully looked where she placed her paw each time she took a step.

"Going back to camp?" She asked and Water nodded. "Alright, I'll go feth Lynx." she meowed quickly and then speed-padded back into the deep forest.

I undigged my prey and put it to my side. Lying down, waitign for teh cave-guards to come back, I looked up at the sky through the thich tree branches and leaves.

"Ahhh!" I heard Dove's loud and frightened scream come from the direction she had left. I quickly stood up and looked up at Wtare, who was lareday rushign to the source of the scream. I followed, runnign as fast as I could, hoping and praying to the Tribe of Forever Lifes that Lynx would be okay and nothign had happened to her.

"Dove? Dove?" I heard Water's cries, but they suddenly stopped and I heard a gasp. My encienty grew bigger and I felt my legs run faster than ever.

"What's wrong? What happened? Where's Lynx-?" I asked so fast, but stopped when I recognized the body that lay, not breathing on the ground.The gray speckled fur only belonged to a very loved to-be. Drizzle.

I finaly let my fast breath catch up with me and I felt a great pain inside of me. Drizzle's body, lay there. Unconstious. Bloody. Scratched. Hit. Dead...I took a deep breath, and made myself stop starring at the body. It scared me, and made me realized that something exactly like that could happen to me.

"How...How could something like this happen?" I heard my sister's voice, and realized for the first time that she was present among us. I felt a spang of relief, but it wasn't strong enough to take out the sadness.

"We better report this to Starwatcher. Lynx, Fox. Go back to camp. We'll take care of this." Water meowed.

I could move for a second, but Lynx nudge me to follow her. My mind cleared up again and I ran following her. I couldn't stop thinking about Drizzle's dead body. Why him? Why? Why wa sall of this happening? Was The Tribe of Forever Lifes punishing us? I couldn't stop all those questions going through my mind. All the past events...everything...Poor Drizzle....He hadn't done anything wrong...he had just..just suspected about the attacks...that wasn't-

I suddenly came to a halt. His suspicions. He had been suspicious of the attacks all along. He had been the one with the ideas. He had told them about it....I couldn't help but wonder. His death couldn't have been a coincidence. Someone must told them- but told who? Who were those attackiers? Wolf? The rogue Raindrizzle? Who?

I felt a huge pang of fear inside of me and for the first time I felt Drizzle had been rigth all along. But who from us had told? The only ones that had been present had been Dusk, Drizzle, Rain and me. We had been all talking about it, all of us had been normal and acting just like ourselves - all of us except -

"Fox!" I came back to reality and left my thoughts. Smoke of Scorching Cinder and Wind of Snowy Mountain halted infront of me. "Lynx said you had been following her. What were you doing?" Scorch meowed madly.

"I..I was just thinking..." I meowed in defence as Wind starting running the way leading to Drizzle's body.

"Really? Then go thinking your way back to camp! Everyone thought something had happened to you! Go!" he meowed and rushed the same way Wind had left. I looked as he left and padded a little bit quick to camp. I tried distracting my thoughts, but it didn't work. There was no hiding my conclusion. Rain.

"Fox! I was worried! Where were you?" my sister padded up to me, worry in her dark eyes. Dusk came up beside her, just lookign at me.

"I..I wa sjust thinking...I'm..I don't know what to think. I have these suspicions but..I odn't know what to think...everything is just..." I couldn't even make out a proper sentence. My head was just spinning and everything was just weighting me down. I couldn't think properly and couldn't accept my mousebrained conclusion.

"You're in shock. C'mon. I'll take you to the to-bes' den." Dusk meowed and helped me get there. I felt my paws pad by themselves while my mind was elsewhere.

"What's wrong with Fox?" I heard a meow and fixed my gaze to see a blue-gray she-cat facing us. Rain! I felt range by just seeing her, though I had no prove to be feeling that way. I came to a halt and faced her.

"I'm good. Just a little bit tired. I see Flurry is eating, why don't you join him?" I asked purposely. She looked at me without her usual expression on her face. She looked at Flurry, who seemed to be enjoyed his time alone, and looked back at me.

"We haven't..we haven't really gotten along...I don't think our relationship is going ot work anymore..." she meowed in the most cold way posible. I heard Dusk's and Lynx's gasps behind me. I couldn't believe what she just said even if it's excatly what I had been wanting. I couldn't believe that the sweet and kind Rain had just spoken those words. Her dark eyes were expresionless.

"Oh.." I meowed and headed inside, not waiting for Rain to say somethign else. This time I was one-hundred percent sure! Rain had been in love with Flurry since I could remember. That kind of love couldn't have been lost in just one day. Something was wrong. That wasn't the Rain I knew. That wasn't Rain.

"What's wrong Fox?" Lynx asked me but I ignored her.

"I just want to rest. I'm too tired to talk." I simply said and went to my nest and quickly felt sleep penetrate me.

Rain...Rain...Rain...Rain..Rain...Rain...Rain..Rain...Wolf...Wolf...Wolf...Wolf...Raindrizzle...Rraindrizzle....Raindrizzle....The whispers invaded my head. Stopping all my thoughts. I opened my eyes and found myself in a dark forest. There was no moon. No stars. A scent of rabbit grew stronger and stronger as I made my way deeper. The whispers grew stronger and this time I could recognize voices I had heard before...I approach the smell and suddeny see eyes all around me...dark eyes...

"Ahh!" I woke up screaming. I felt my whole body go warm and felt my paws weakened. What's happening? I stood up. I couldn't stand this anymore. Something was wrong around camp.

"Will you keep quiet? Some os us are actually trying to sleep!" I heard a fierce voice and quickly recognized it as Ash's. I turned to look at him and he looked at me surprised. "What's wrong with your eyes? Are you okay?" he asked, suddenly his voice turning concerned and he stood up.

I now felt my eyes watery and blinked to get back to normal. "I'm good." I meowed quickly.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Nothing...I just have to talk to Water."

Chapter 2 - Change - Heavy Fall Of Water

"She won't talk about it. She won't say anything. She...she just stays doing nothing all day. It's like she's dead. She doesn't even want to eat!" Shade meowed. He was padding from one side to the other.

"Don't worry. She's going to get better." I told my best friend. He was too worried about his mate, Feather. she didn't do anything and just spend her time doing nothing. Shade had taken her to the Cave-Guards' den where he could aways keep an eye on her. She was so fragile and sometimes at night, she would wake up screaming. What worried me the most were the kits she was carrying. "Sshe just needs time...many cats have been acting strange..I guess it's normal. Eespecially when you were the witness of murders like that."

Shade just looked at me, worry in his eyes. I knew ther was no way of making him better unless Fetaher was cured, but I had to try. These were hard times for the tribe and we had to do our best to take care of one another.

"Water..." I heard a small meow behind me, almost a whisper. I turned around and ended up facing Fox. Her eyes were cloudy and she looked nervous. Ash was beside her, looking concerned.

"Fox? What's wrong?" I meowed and padded to her side.

"Are you okay?" Shade meowed and followed me. Fox sat down and looked at me with doubt in her eyes.

"Every..thing has been really hard and...I think the killers are camp..." she meowed very slowly, btu very sure about her words. "Haven' noticed soem change in cats...different personality?" she asked and her words got me thinking. "I know you know who I'm talkign about..." she meowed and I stood up.

"No I don't!" I snapped at her. I knew who she was talking about, but I couldn't believe my own sister would do anything like it.

"Rain...Wolf...Ice..." she meowed and Shade gasped looking at me. I knew my face showed disbelief. I didn't wnat to believe her words. "Please...we can't let them do this..." This time her words touched me. The love for my sister was there, but I knew she was right.

"She's different...It's like I don't know her anymore..." I confessed to them.

"And she's not the only one...I think Wolf and Ice are on it too...And there must be more..." she meowed.

"Wait a second! What's going on? What's all this about?" Ash asked, now his arrogant voice came back. I looked over at Fox and then at Shade, who was more understanding.

We explained everything, mostly Fox did. Ash rejected most of the time, but he understood everything. Fox even brought Dusk so she could listen as well. We also came up with the posibility of Flurry being one of them and also the mysterious rogue that Starwatcher kept in his den, Raindrizzle.

"What do you propose then? How can we be sure?" Shade asked. I knew that he was very worried about Feather.

"I think we should talk only to our very close friends about it. Tell them to be wary and not mention it to anybody else. We don't knwo who's on our side." I told them.

"And then what? What do we do?" Ash asked, not liking the idea of our Tribe being split over the attacks.

"We have to be sure. I think... the only thign to make" I started, hoping theer woudl be a better idea then this, "...We get oen of them and expose them. Tell them we know." Everyone of them looked ta me and remained silent.

"Are you sure Water?" Dusk meowed.

"Yes...Alright. So everyone know the plan?" I asked and they all nodded. Good. "Ok, now act natural! Don't try anything."

"Splash! Splash!" I called the silver she-cat with pale blue eyes. My sister looked at me and eager joined me.

"Hey Water! What's up?" Splash As Fish Jumps meowed friendily.

"I need to talk to you about something. Where's Adder and Silver?" I asked her and she pointed at the claring. I signaled her to follow and padded towards the two In-Commands. "He Adder! Silver!" they stopeed talkign and looked at me.

"Hi Water! What can we do for you?" Adder asked.

"I need cats to go with me on patrol. I would be really happy if you joined me. Both of you." I meowed.

"Sure, but we need another cave-guard at least. I don't want to be in any sort of risk." Silver Moon That Shines At Nigth meowed. Her voice sounded worried and scared.

"Splash can you get Path?" I asked her and she nodded, running to the cave-guard's den. I sighed. I hoped tehy woudl understand and try to help. They seemed to be acting like their usuals.

"I'm ready!" I turned aroudn to see Path and Splash waiting for us at the camp entrance.

"Great! Let's go!" I meowed.

"I'm guessing you wanted to talk to us?"

Chapter 3 - Plan - Silver Moon That Shines At Night

We were almost done for the hunting patrol. Everything was going well. Just as planned. The hunt was good and Rain didn't suspect anything. I knew we were soon going to head back to camp and we had to act soon. "I'm glad you're with us Rain. I feel like we don't spend any sister time anymore..." I heard Splash meow. Adder, Flash, Water, Splash and I had decided to come on patrol to check if uor suspicions were correct and if something was really wrong with Rain. I felt bad for Water and Splash. Having to see their sister in these conditions and probably having to hurt her. I couldn't have been able to do that myself...

"Umm... I guess spending time with Flurry has separated me from you guys!" Rain meowed and I could tell she was also looking at her brother, Water. She would never say that about Flurry! Even I knew how crazy in love she had been! I looked over at Flash, whose face was surprirsed as mine had been when Water had told us. He looked up at me with his amber eyes and nodded at me. The signal!

I nodded back and flicked my tail to Adder so he would know. He nodded to me and padded closer to where Splash and Rain were talking. Wwater noticed that it had started and made way, so Adder could go beside Rain. Splash suddenly realized that it had started and stopped talking, only nodding to Rain's words about how she 'didn't love Flurry anymore'.

"You, I've been meaning to talk to someone about this for a long time...Ever since Wolf started acting strange. Have you noticed it Splash? Rain?" Adder started.

"Yes. Now that I think of it, it would take someone crazy not to see she's a total different cat! Ice too is way different and...suspicious..." Splash answered "How about you Rain? Ssuspect anything?" she meowed and said the last word differently.

"Umm...I..I don't think so.." she meowed.

"You don't think so? Are you sure? Like Splash said, you woudl have to be crazy to not notice." Flash meowed, now stopping and facing here. Here it comes! I felt myself getting nervous but anxious for wanting to find out what was going to happen.

"I am not crazy!! Let's continue hunting!" she meowed and passed by Flash, heading deeper into the forest. We all looked at her and I rushed to catch up with her.

"Are you sure? Only a crazy person would murder the queens!....With the help of Wolf and Ice!" I snapped at her and she looked at me with the most darkest and furious eyes I had ever seen. He whole body tensed up and for a second I thought she was going to attack me. Her eyes...

"Rain!" Water called and she backed away, keeping an eye on me to turn around and look at her brother. "We know what you are...It's no secret..." his voice was deep and serious.

"What..What are you talking about? I'm a cat - what else?" she meowed and started laughing "Wait no! I'm a squirrel! No better a bird!" she meowed mockingly.

"Quit playing games!" Adder meowed and leaped at her pushing her back against a tree. "You think we're stupid? Think again!"

"Water!! Water! What's going on? I have done nothign wrong? What are you doing to me?" she pleaded to them, now her face completely changed to sadness and I could see her teary eyes. Liar! She was smart enough to know her brother was too kind to do anything to her in this condition...

"Ha! You're pleadings aren't going to do anything! Now start explaining!" I yelled at her. Water had turned around and padded a bit farther away.

"Talk!" Flash meowed, now he was getting mad, unsheathing his claws.

"You mousebrained idiots!! You're all stupid! You have no idea what we can do! What we're doing!" she spat at us. Her eyes darkened again and she looked crazy. It was as if she had been brainedwashed....

"You're all going to die...You're no use to us! Either that or you'll just fade away...with the rest of your precious tribe!" Rrain now finished and she leaped, aiming for Adder's throat. Adder quickly dodged her, letting her crash into a tree.

"And you call yourself a cave-guard!" Flash snapped at her. She looked at him and then turned aroudn to face Adder. He looked at her, expecting for her to attack any minute now. but she did something unexpectely. She leaped, but not towards Adder, but to Water. She pinned him down and clawed him in the chest.

"Water!" Splashed cried and I jumped on Rain, pushing her off. My push wasn't that strong so she quickly stood up, lookign wild and untamed. It was scary to see her that way. Battle-hungry.

She went from side to side. Preparign her next attack to me. I was scared. I coudl fight, but I had to protect them! I saw brown tabby fur flying infront of me and into Rain. Adder! This time, he pinned her down making her unable to move.

"You son of a badger!" she cried, struggling form behind Adder's claws. Splash ran to them and held Rain down. She gave a nod to Adder and with oneof hsi big paws, he clawed her chest. I saw her body stiffed and it stopped struggling.

" never...." she meowed, her dark eyes now closing. We all looked at her. She's dying... "...Know...who...who's on your...." she gulped hard and her breathing could be herad from as far as where I was standing.

"...side..." she finally said.

You never know who's on your side?

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