Prequel Series Sequel
None Trust Trusting

Based off Sooner or Later by Breaking Benjamin. -Leafwhisker 23:46, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

Chapter One

"Wait! Don't go!" Tails screeched, but Jaws ignored him.

"Tails, I must go, and this time, it is right." Jaws muttered, though doubting the Tails would care.

"Jaws, how could you do this? To me, to your followers?" Tails whined.

Jaws shook his blue flecked head, "It was for the good of everything." he replied in an ill manner.

Tails glared at the tom cat.
"I don't know you anymore." he hissed and Jaws snorted.

"Fine, be that way, and may I don't know you."

With that Jaws ran through the lightly dusted road.

Tails looked at the tom cat he once called friend, but he did not know how to feel.

"Jaws, how could you do this?" he asked himself, though it was one thing that would never be answered...

The next few moons, Tails awoke and see Jaws's nest empty, and growled, remembering that he left.

"I will never forget what you have done." Tail snarled, "Nor will I forgive you." he added.

Before he was about to hunt, he saw a blue flecked she-cat, maybe around 13 moons?

The she cat looked at Tail and purred.

"Ah, hello Tails. I am Gingerfeather of ThunderClan, do you wish to join us?" the she cat asked.

"Who are you?" Tails asked, puzzled, "and how to you know me?"

The she cat purred more loudly.

"All the clans know about you, your friend told every cat."

"What?" Tails gasped as a blue flecked tom appeared behind her.

"Jaws..." Tails whispered.

Chapter Two

Riverwing gasped as he stared at his past friend.

"Jaws..." he friend whispered.

"No, I'm Riverwing." he replied and Tails looked startled.

"But-Why'd you give up on your name?" he asked.

"Tails, it's the clans way." Riverwing explained.

Tails looked at his friend with hate and jealousy?

Riverwing sighed.

"Tails, don't you believe me?"

Tails shook his head.

"No, I will never believe you, nor follow you, you've betrayed me!" Tails hissed.

"Tails, no!" Riverwing pleaded, but Tails walked away from him. "Tails..." Riverwing whispered.

Gingerfeather looked at him.

"Riverwing, I'm sorry, but you must come bcak to the clan." she murmured.

Riverwing looked at her, then bolted after his friend.

"Tails, I must find you!" he promised himself as he treaded into a dark wood, "no matter how long it takes.."

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