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"Is everything ready?" Savior asked, her voice smooth and quiet.

"Yes, mistress." A tom replied.

"Then begin the ritual now."


Chapter 1 (Pinkwhisker)

"Pinkwhisker, I think I have a thorn in my foot!" Blackpaw said to me.

I, a brown she-cat with a cream-colored muzzle and shiny blue eyes, examined the apprentice's paw.

That was when we both passed out.


I looked around. All four Clans were around me in the same whiteness. There was no territory.

"Hello." A she-cat's voice said.

The cats looked startled.

"Don't fear. I'm Savior. We are SaviorClan."

The cats looked puzzled.

"StarClan has abandoned you. We are here to help you."

Chapter 2 (Pinkwhisker)

SaviorClan was already being embraced by all four Clans. Featherstar, Turkeystar, Twiststar, and Wallowstar had all agreed that StarClan had left us. Most cats trusted SaviorClan.

Except for some, like my sister and I.

Kindlefoot looked like me, only with amber eyes, from my father. We were very close, and we shared everything with each other. Among the things we shared was our distrust of SaviorClan.

I was a medicine cat. I knew that StarClan wouldn't just abandon us like that.

My sister and I were out in the forest, sharing tongues, when suddenly, we both passed out.

Chapter 3 (Kindlefoot)

What was going on? Did SaviorClan have a message for all of us again?

But this time, the only other cats present were TwistClan deputy Snakefur, a dark brown tabby tom, his mate Whitebird, a small white she-cat, TurkeyClan apprentice Finchpaw, a well-muscled light brown tom, and young WallowClan queen Willowface, a gray she-cat.

"You are all here," a mysterious voice said to us, "because you all distrust SaviorClan, and you're right to. Their true motives are hidden by the help they're providing the Clans."

"Who are you?" Snakefur asked.

"A SaviorClan warrior who doesn't believe in SaviorClan's cause. Tonight, you will all meet at the Gathering place for the Clans, where you will find out the truth."

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