Sequel to A Sad Parting! Last book in set 2 of The Griffin's Rise!

Chapter One

Bronze looked around the makeshift camp and then glanced at his kits. He had named them now. Sky was the sky blue one, Water was the ocean grey and the only tom was Fleck. They couldn't get rid of their wings, they were griffin hybrid and could nenver change into cats, but what were their powers?

Chapter Two

Bronze gaped at his kit as a gust of wing blew into his face. "Sky! You have super speed!" Bronze eowed and Sky glanced at him. "I guess so.."

"And Water, what does she do?"

"She can breathe underwater, and Fleck can distort space."

Chapter Three

Bronze's eyes widened as he heard Sky meowed to him, Fleck could distort space? Sky padded over to Fleck and Bronze shook himself. This was pretty bad. But at least they were only kits.

End! Don't miss Underwater, set 3 opener that begins late January!

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