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You know what, I'm going to start this early.

So, the question in the picture: how much of this can you piece together? Testing your skills! >:) There will be very little names revealed in these short stories, and all stories will be linked to each other in one way or another. This will be a collection of short stories, songfics, poems, and songs I wrote myself. I don't know how many there will be. So, lets start!

Tip: Find out the real meaning of one 'shard' and the rest will be easier.


A tear plopped into the puddle silently. The cat gazed at her reflection, wondering what she had done wrong.

"You haven't done anything wrong," said a voice behind her softly.

The she-cat whipped around to face the other cat. "You don't understand," she choked out. "She keeps following me. Like a shadow."

"She is not a shadow," corrected the other cat. "She follows cats of her own accord. You're not the only one."

The she-cat turned back to the puddle. "Alas, she is a shadow. A shadow that moves of her own accord."

Dark Rivers

"Cosmic?" asked a she-cat one greenleaf evening. "What's wrong? You don't normally go to the rivers anymore."

The tom continued to stare at the river. "I don't know if you've realised," he said softly, "That the other river got destroyed? It looks like it was never even there."

The she-cat gasped and stared at the long pile of sand on her right. "But we worked so hard on that," she sobbed, "With Holly and all the others."

"But they promised us to help but they never went there!" snarled Cosmic so fiercely that the she-cat took a step back.

"But I hope the new river won't be disturbed," reassured the she-cat. "It's been left alone. And maybe it will for years to come. Come on, Cosmic, you've seen the barriers and warnings about for strangers not to go in there!"

"My worry is," sighed the tom, "Is what will happen if they find this here."

Shot Me Down

We're running. Running for our lives.

"They never come here!" I cry out to Treepaw. He doesn't respond.

I hear a bang. I look back, to see Treepaw's body on the ground. The figure clad in red kicks him aside.

I bite back the tears. What made them turn into monsters?

And then I vanish.

I do hope that I've escaped.

My Fault

OA: Imagine Dragons

Album: Night Visions (Deluxe)

"Bramblepaw!" I yowl. "It's me, Moonpaw!" I burst through the ferns and tumble by his paws in a kit-like manner. I grin up at him foolishly. As well as his dark brown face staring down at me, there's another cat sitting next to him, a cat I've never seen before. She looks at me, unimpressed.

"Moonpaw?" Bramblepaw asks in shock. "I was wondering when you would come back!" He nuzzles my face quickly. I look at him, wondering why he pulled back so quickly.

"And who's this?" I ask, turning to the she-cat sitting next to him. Then I notice: their tails are twined.

Bramblepaw purrs lovingly, though not at me. "This is Icepaw."

Icepaw smiles at me. Her eyes are dead. She wants me to go away.

But her voice tells a different story. "Oh hello, Moonpaw!"

I tilt my head to one side. "Bramblepaw mentioned me?"

Icepaw looks embarrassed, and I can tell that she wants to change the subject.

Bramblepaw leans over to me. "Now's not the time, Moonpaw," he hisses in my ear.

I suddenly throw myself at him and licks his cheek. He stiffens. "Why did you do that?" he growls angrily.

My gaze drops. Bramblepaw and I used to do that all the time.

"I'm sorry, Icepaw, I don't know what she's doing," Bramblepaw whispers to Icepaw.

He turns to me again. "Icepaw doesn't like other she-cats touching me."

I laugh and jab him with a paw. "Does this count as touching?" I tease.

Bramblepaw swipes at me, and I sprawl over to the other side of the clearing where we are. "Just leave us alone, Moonpaw!"

And that's enough to shatter my heart.


I took a walk on a Saturday night

Fog in the air

Just to make my mind seem clear

"What did I do?" I ask myself. "I left Bramblepaw for a year, but I can't remember why." A tear slides down my face and sinks into the soil beneath my paws. "We used to be best friends, but now he likes - I think he loves - Icepaw, and now he hates me. But I don't understand why!"

I remember Icepaw's face: that dead smile. Faker. I hate her already.

But she and Bramblepaw are probably mates now. Maybe I should be happy for them?

Or should I hate them?

Where do I go from here?

I'm not going to tell anyone about how I feel.

Not even my Clan, my leader (Yellowstar), the medicine cat (Hollyberry), or my parents (Pinefang and Nightsky). Not even Leafpaw, my best friend.

None of them would understand.

I see my breath pushing steam through the air

Shaking hands run through my hair

My fears, where do I go from here?

I see Bramblepaw and Icepaw, along with some of their other friends walking along the stream.

My heart hammers in my chest, my breath rattles, forming frosty white clouds in the air.

I'm scared. I don't want to seem pathetic pleading forgiveness in front of Bramblepaw and his friends, nor do I want to live with a feeling of rejection in my chest, like a claw piercing my heart. Anyway, Bramblepaw's friends. I've seen them. Pretty tough stuff. Good-looking too, and most of them are she-cats.

The thing with Bramblepaw: he loves she-cats, and they become nothing more than good friends when he moves on to another one. But that didn't happen with me. But now it has.

And I doubt Icepaw will go through the same thing as Jaypaw, Lightpaw, and Silverpaw.


Is it my fault, is it my fault?

We’ve been missing each other

We’ve been missing each other

Could this all be my fault?

I mean, if I didn't leave Bramblepaw, we would still be best friends. and I wouldn't be cast aside.

When I was gone, I sometimes cried myself to sleep in my nest because of missing Bramblepaw.

Now, I wonder why I even bothered.

My fault, is it my fault?

We’ve been missing each other

We’ve been missing each other

"Hey," I say, striding up to the group casually.

Icepaw rolls her eyes. "Now is not the time, Moonpaw."

"Bramblepaw and I need bonding time," I explain to them. "I haven't seen him in a year."

Icepaw's whiskers twitch irritably. "Can't you do that some other time?"

"Like what?" I hiss. "Every second of the day you're stuck to him like honey! No, more like mouse bile!"

"Moonpaw!" gasps Bramblepaw. "Apologise!"

I turn on him. "No, you should apologise to me, for what you've done!" I screech, and I run back into the forest blindly. The group laughs, even Bramblepaw.

And I don't bother to hold back the tears.


Walking down to the water's edge

Asking why I’m here instead of home

Now I stand alone

Their scent is faint, but it's still there.

I gaze down into the smoothly flowing water. It seems so peaceful.

Why I'm here? I couldn't sleep. My thoughts were going round and round.

And I couldn't stop them.

I stop to stare at the ocean side

I'm breathing in just to feel it’s side

I breathe in the scent of Bramblepaw. I love him so much, even if he's with Icepaw.

Oh how I hate her.

Suddenly the scent of Bramblepaw becomes overwhelming, and I am knocked off my paws.

I look up.


with his

like you were here with me

He stares down at me. "Hi, Moonpaw," he purrs.

"I'm sorry about today," I mutter. "It's just..."

He tilts his head to one side. "Just what?"


Is it my fault, is it my fault?

We’ve been missing each other

We’ve been missing each other

"I'm jealous!" I blurted out.

Bramblepaw steps back.

"We used to be like you and Icepaw. But then I left..." I trail off, feeling stupid. "I miss you," I confess. "You're not like what you were a year ago."

He laughs coldly. "I've never changed. Maybe you're the changed one."

He walks away.

And I'm alone again.

My fault, is it my fault?

We’ve been missing each other

We’ve been missing each other

Thinking about it, there are two sides to Bramblepaw: the side that likes me and is glad that I'm alive; and the side that hates me and wants me dead so he can forever be with Icepaw.

And he can change sides so quickly.


Oh, it's on the warmest night

It's in the brightest light

It's when the world is moving

Two days later, I'm alone with Bramblepaw. Icepaw is sick.

"Are we still friends?" he asks me. "I'm sorry I get mean and snappy, I'm worried about Icepaw leaving me."

"Icepaw will never leave you. She loves you too much."

He laughs. "Probably why she sticks to me like honey."

"And shouldn't you be visiting her?" I tease, prodding him with a paw.

"Oh yeah." He laughs again. "Want to come with me?"

I shake my head. "I don't want to give Icepaw ideas."

Bramblepaw shrugs. "Suit yourself."

Oh, it's in the faintest cry

It's in the lover's eye

Is when I need you most

And don't you know?

I feel better now with the thought that Bramblepaw and I are still good friends. I'm not sure about best friends thoguh.

Icepaw is better. It looks like she was never ill at all.

A fever, Hollyberry had told me. A small one.

At least Bramblepaw is happy.


Is it my fault, is it my fault?

We’ve been missing each other

We’ve been missing each other

"Come on, Moonpaw!" Leafpaw calls. "You love climbing!"

I drag my tail across the forest floor. I don't know why I'm so depressed. I've gotten over my jealously.

Perhaps climbing will make it better.

My fault, is it my fault?

We’ve been missing each other

We’ve been missing each other

One thing I like about climbing is that I can see the world around me and realise how much I take for granted .

"Better now?" Leafpaw asks me.

I nod.

I feel better.

For now, anwayy.


Is it my fault, is it my fault?

We’ve been missing each other

We’ve been missing each other

I still think I could have prevented Bramblepaw from becoming mates with Icepaw.

I just don't know how.

My fault, is it my fault?

We’ve been missing each other

We’ve been missing each other

I laugh as I watch camp life go by.

Cats are born, cats die.

And I'll still love Bramblepaw.

No matter what.

Chased Away

Swirlpaw shivered, although the fire illumintaing the cave where she sat had warmed her bones minutes ago. She turned to face the cat opposite her, Oakpaw.

"They can't find us here." A small, weak smile spread across his face.

"You never know, Oakpaw," meowed Swirlpaw softly. "They scared us away from where we last lived. At least we can still stay here."

"Yeah." Oakpaw. "But they might still be lurking around these parts."

"No." Swirlpaw shook her head. "They never come here. It would seem a waste of their time."

"Then we're safe?" Oakpaw asked.

Swirlpaw bowed her head. "For now, at least. And if we're found, there's nowhere else that we could go."

Deeper Than It Seems

I anxiously watched Frostpaw skid across the frozen lake.

"Come on, Wasppaw!" she calls out across the ice. "It's not like we'd fall in!"

I take a deep breath and tentatively place a paw on the ice, gradually increasing the pressure. I place another paw, and another, until I'm finally standing on the ice.

I'm scared now. I lift my eyes from my paws to see Frostpaw gliding across the ice as if she's been doing it for years.

I try to run, but collide into Frostpaw. Instead of being angry at me, she laughs. I purr. We're acting like we're best friends again.

Frostpaw gets up, helps me up too, and shakes out her fur. "Come with me," she urges. "It's not like we'll fall in! The lake is shallow, anyway. I tested it at the shore."

I shake my head.

"Suit yourself, then!" chirps Frostpaw. She closes her eyes, and glides across the ice.

Then everything happens in slow motion.

Frostpaw disappearss beneath the ice. I try to scream, but no sound comes out. I run to where Frostpaw last stood. A hole lies in her place, with a few bubbles at the top.

"Oh Frostpaw," I whisper. "Why didn't I tell you that the lake was deeper than it seems?"

Admit It

I see a flash of brown vanish behind a tree. I growl to myself. You were too late, mousebrain!

I run to catch up with Bramblepaw. I tackle him. "Why do you keep running away from me? We're friends, remember?"

"I have other friends, Moonpaw! Now stop following me!" Bramblepaw snarls at me, hoping to scare me off. But I stay put.

I glare at him. "Like Icepaw? She's hardly here anymore! And once I have the evidence I need, she'll never talk to you again!"

Bramblepaw slams me to the ground. "You will do no such thing!" he spits.

"You can't stop me! I was close last time, and next time I'll be ready to confront Icepaw with the truth."

"The truth is that I love her!" Bramblepaw growls.

"Well maybe she loves someone else!" I retort.

"And how did this lead to who Icepaw loves?" Bramblepaw growls.

My eyes fill up with tears. "Just admit it, Bramblepaw, you don't like me anymore. I'm just a burden to you. You just want to get rid of me, so I won't make Icepaw jealous."

Bramblepaw opens his mouth to speak, but I am already running away from him. Running away from this mad world I should have never entered.

Overrated, Underrated

I flick an ear as Sparrowpaw prances around me.

"Darkwater's great! She's so kind! She has awesome hunting skills! She's the best warrior in the clan!"

The praises never cease.

To be honest, Darkwater's overrated. She's HORRIBLE to me, but yet she's so nice and perfect to everyone else. She treats me like dirt. But my hunting skills are good, I've developed my own ideas and techniques, then Darkwater comes and makes fun of it, and the others copy her. Like chickens.

I'm pretty sure that if Darkwater jumped off a cliff the rest would follow her.

I laugh as I picture the scene in my head. Yeah. And then there would be lots more room to shine.

But for now, I'm as dull as a rock. I'm underrated.

Near Miss

Welcome home, Moonpaw.

I'm back, after spending the whole moon in another clan.

I just can't abandon Bramblepaw. I love him too much.

And I guess I hace to cope with Icepaw.

I finally find Bramblepaw with a pale cream she-cat, who is not Icepaw.

"Bramblepaw! Who is this?" I call.

Bramblepaw looks up "This is Luckypaw," he introduces.

"But what happened between you and Icepaw?"

"Divorce." He shrugs. "She left me."

"But why?"

"I don't want to talk about her, okay?" he snaps. "I've moved on."

I switch my focus to Luckypaw. Something about her seems fake, like those annoying popular she-cats who pretend to be depressed to try and be 'cool'. They sicken me.

So I try the nice approach. You know what they say, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

"It's so nice to meet you, Luckypaw!" I gush. "So how did the two of you meet?"

Bramblepaw cuts in. "At around the time I met you. I've known Luckypaw for a while." The words seem fake.

It's a shaky answer to my question. "Well, I look forwards to meeting you more," I nod at Luckypaw.

I lean in to Bramblepaw. "If things go wrong with Luckypaw, there's always me," I whisper. "That's a promise." I run out of sight, and score marks in a tree.

Stupid, stupid, stupid! You shouldn't've left Bramblepaw. Then he would've gone with you instead of Luckypaw, that fake mongrel.

I guess I have to play the waiting game now.

Miss Atomic Bomb

OA: The Killers

Album: Battle Born

(Yesssss! this is a songfic about what happened between Bramblepaw and Icepaw... based off of my intuitiveness and various sources and stuff that has happened recently.) TBA :3

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