The following story is rated Worse.


Dogkit was born on a normal day. Everyone thought he'd be a normal kit. They were wrong.

The signs of insanity started to show when Dogkit became Dogpaw. The first thing he said after his apprentice ceremony was "Woof!", and from then on, things got even worse.

And here we are now, after Dogpaw became Dogpelt and his sister, Silkypaw, became Silkyface, FireClan's medicine cat.


Chapter 1

Silkyface was sitting in her den, resting with Greentail, who'd hurt his paw the other day. It was finally starting to heal. But, of course, Dogpelt had to come in.

"OW!" Greentail yelled as Dogpelt bit his paw.

"Dogpelt, get out!" Silkypelt exclaimed.

"Arf!" Dogpelt said. Silkypelt rolled her eyes.

"And talk normal for once!"

"That was me talking normal!" Dogpelt exclaimed. He bolted off.

Chapter 2

Dogpelt wandered around the camp. He stopped by a bush, lifted his leg, and peed.

"EW!!!!!!!! EW EW EW!" The apprentices' shouted, running out of their den.

Dogpelt often wondered why he was here. He knew that he was a dog trapped in a cat's body! He watched Heroes! He knew this stuff could happen!

Chapter 3

Silkyface wandered around the den, thinking, again, about how her brother could be fixed.

She'd tried as many medicines as she could think of. None of them worked!

Although she'd tried simple medicines and poultices, Silkyface hadn't tried any strange mixtures. Those could seriously harm Dogpelt.

Silkyface would be going to the Moonlake soon. She would get answers there.

Silkyface looked out at her brother, peeing on elders again, and wondered if he could ever be fixed.

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