These are the Characters as they stand before the events of Riding the Wind.

Main Characters



Emberheart is a ginger and white tom cat with piercing blue eyes. A brave member of WindClan, Emberheart is a hunter and a patroller within the Clan. He is very talented at hunting eagles, but doesn't exactly know why. He, along with his sister, Icewhisker, are decendants of the legendary Ruinstar and Snow That Covers Mountain. Emberheart has a crush of Minnowpool, but doesn't feel that it's ready to reveal that yet...

  • Likes
    • Squirrel meat
    • Hunting
    • Minnowpool
    • Fighting!
  • Dislikes
    • Thunderstar
    • WindClan (At the moment)
    • Anyone who makes a move for Minnowpool
    • The Guards of WindClan



Icewhisker is a silver tabby and white she-cat with sky blue eyes. A rather shy member of WindClan, Icewhisker is a servant to Thunderstar within the Clan. She is gifted when it comes to grooming, and loves watching the stars. She, along with her brother, Emberheart, are decendants of the legendary Ruinstar and Snow That Covers Mountain. Icewhisker is very close to Goldentail and Shinefeather, as they are the ones that she grew up with.

  • Likes
    • Rabbit meat
    • The Stars
    • Goldentail
    • Sunhigh
  • Dislikes
    • Thunderstar
    • WindClan (At the moment)
    • Being fussed over
    • The Scar-Pit



Lynne is a gray tabby she-cat with harsh amber eyes and scars across her face, and shoulders. She is a loner that lives near the SkyClan-WindClan border, and enjoys her loner lifestyle. She is an excellent hunter, but not so great at fighting. After a few close encounters with the patrols, Lynne's not so sure she wants to live near the lake anymore...

  • Likes
    • The Lake
    • Squirrel Meat
    • Loners
    • Keeping Secrets
  • Dislikes
    • Clan Cats
    • Horses
    • Kittypets
    • Monsters

Other Characters

  • Thunderstar - A brown tabby tom with fierce golden eyes. His temper is something to be frightened of! Leader of WindClan, son of Treestar and an unknown WindClan she-cat. Was mate to Fireflight before he murdered her.
  • Roseclaw - A silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Mother of Icewhisker and Emberheart.
  • Brownbranch - Brown tabby she-cat with white paws and green eyes. One of Thunderstar's favorite servants.
  • Flamebird - A beautiful ginger and white she-cat; mother to Minnowpool.
  • Snowheart - White she-cat.
  • Minnowpool - Gray tabby she-cat with white and ginger specks.
  • Larkstar - cream colored she-cat with soft blue eyes. Fiercely protective of SkyClan, and slightly rash.
  • Blackstar - Black-and-white tom with green eyes. Leader of RiverClan- he's a great swimmer and hunter.
  • Icetalon - Blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes- Deputy of SkyClan.
  • Blackshade - Black tom with green eyes. SkyClanner.

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