This is a story about a cat. He's got a normal life.
Or so he thinks.
Be quiet.
I'm the dramatic-izer! Don't tell me to be quiet!
Guys, we've got a story to tell!
The cat's name is Wolfkit.
Is there a secret behind the name? Fi-
Okay! *storms out of room*
Wolfkit leads a normal life in his Clan. But his Clan are keeping one of the biggest secrets ever from him. About his past.
You done?
Then let the story tell itself...


Wolfkit limped through the blizzard. He could smell a familiar scent ahead of him, the scent of ThunderClan, drawn to him by the strong wind. He could hear worried voices call behind him, his name being called across the moorland...
Wolfkit saw a river dividing two territories. How will I get across? he asked himself. He walked to the edge of the frozen lake, where he could wade across. The last thing he heard was the ice cracking, and the last thing he felt was the water up to his neck...

What happened? Will he survive?

Chapter 1

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