Note- This is to show how much everyone will miss Leafwhisker. If you will miss her then post on the talk page.


Leafwhisker turned away from Sparrowstar.

"I will leave....." Leafwhisker growled.

Sparrowstar looked in disbelief. "Leafwhisker! You were my best friend!"

Leafwhisker snarled. "You crossed the line Sparrowstar." (Sparrowsong Im not hating on you XD)

Wetstream peeked her head beside the entrance of the leaders den. What's happening?

"Leafwhisker! Please don't go!" Sparrowstar cried.

Shigura padded beside Wetstream. "What's happening?"

Wetstream looked to her and whispered. "Leafwhisker is leaving PeaceClan! Sparrowstar is going to have to resign a new deputy!"

"No!" Shigura gasped.

Wetstream looked at her worriedly then back to the leaders den.

Leafwhisker whipped around and started for the exit, she soon came out into the camp and didn't stop until she reached the exit of the camp.

"Goodbye PeaceClan...." She whispered then she left.

Wetstream looked in disbelief. "Leafwhisker!" She cried.

Shigura looked to Wetstream and she shook her head.

Half of the Clan gasped and looked around wide-eyed.

Shigura and Wetstream watched Sparrowstar pad onto the Freedomrock.

"Cats of PeaceClan!" Sparrowstar called. "Leafwhisker has left the Clan!"

There was more gasps and growls that looked to Sparrowstar.

Sparrowstar continued. "She has left but I must say.... I will retire..."

Wetstream looked wide-eyed. "What!?"

Sparrowstar sighed. "Shigura, you will take my place..."

Shigura slowly padded to Sparrowstar and leaped onto the Freedom rock. "I am honored..."

Sparrowstar looked to the sky. "You will leave to get your nine lives tonight, but now I am Sparrowsong.."

Wetstream gasped. What has happened....

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