Here is a the page to look if you are stuck for ideas!!

A SmudgyHollz Idea!!

Okay, so the cats are floating down the river. How about the branch gets stuck in something and the cats are stuck in the middle of the river!! How will they get out?? - well that's up to whoever is writing the chapter if they are using this idea.

On the fourth chapter something exciting could happen at the very end and instead of telling our readers what happens, we go onto Birchy. She could write a mysterious chapter about DeathClan without revealing the identities of the cats she is writing about!! - this is originally Birchy's idea - well the mysterious chapter bit is anyway!

Birchy Ideas!

Say ShadowClan went last in that list thing I made on the other page, an Elder tell a tale to Kits, say about the Tribe, and the following chapter is about the Tribe! :D BirchyI am a warrior at heart... 19:17, April 21, 2010 (UTC)

Fiyah Ideas! ;D


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