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"Is it done?" A crackly voice asked. It seemed to be coming from out of nowhere.

"Yes, mistress." Miniory replied.

"Good. Now begin using them to your advantage. Find out which ones have the powers, and once you do so, kill the third."


Chapter 1: Recovery

I crept through the trees with Nightmud and Jacklyn right behind me. Vantom, Rosey Ann, and Endon were dashing across the ground down below. No matter what it took, we were getting my kits back.

The only reason Sleek Coven hadn't won the fight was because I hadn't been there to help. But one thing that kept bugging me was where I was when the cats attacked.

I'd been in the middle of a horrible nightmare. Where it had came from, I don't know.

Shaking off the dream, I ran faster. I was getting my kits back.

Chapter 2: Busy

We didn't waste a second. While I dashed off to find the kits, the others attacked Vicki's former followers, and I still jumped into the fight where I could.

I could hear meowing from somewhere. I managed to track it to a bush. Moving through it, I found my kits. And that was when I heard the voice.

Chapter 3: Voice

"Hello, Marlina." Said a crackly, feminine voice.

"Who are you?" I said.

There was no response.

"Are you Vicki?" I asked.

This time there was a laugh.

"Silly, silly Marlina. No. Vicki was just a pawn of mine. As are Miniory and Hollay."

Before I could speak, the voice continued.

"I represent all evil vampire cats in the world, Ancient and Non-Ancient. I command them to do my bidding. I want to get rid of all normal cats in the world. And after that, all humans. If that happens, vampires, cat and mortal, shall rule the world the way it should be ruled. I would be in charge, along with my second in command, who will carry out my orders as they are now. There have been a long line of cats who would have been my second in command. The most recent were a clever cat named Tilly, who was mauled by a bear, Vicki, who, of course, was killed by you, and now Miniory and Hollay. Two for one, I might say."

"You're crazy." I said.

"No. I'm just smart." And with that, the voice faded away.

Chapter 4: Young Fighter

There was one cat left, surrounded by Sleek Coven. I recognized him as Miniory. He was furious, most likely for the death of his sister, who I'd seen killed by Vantom.

Just as Miniory was about to strike, a small, white kit walked into the clearing. He closed his eyes, and as he did, Miniory exploded.

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