Terminology and stuff for Renewed and Refreshed.

Please note that the cats (Since they live inside of a computer^^) are much more intelligent than their real-world counterparts. :)


  • Cold-Bit - Leaf-Bare. When Cold, tiny white bits fall from the sky and turn into Life-Source.
  • Fade-Of-Bits - Newleaf. When the Life-Source dries up, and the Base becomes soft.
  • Green-Base - Greenleaf. When the Base turns a pale green. Warmth radiates from the sky... Programs are out and about.
  • Falling-Chips - Leaf-Fall. When the Chips on the Trees begin to fall, and disappear.
  • Base - Ground.
  • Life-Source - Like Water. The cats might not need to eat, but Life-Source is what keeps them alive.
  • Tree - In reality, a Tree is a large wire.
  • Chips - Small, multicoloured objects that grow and fall off of Wires. (Equivalent to Leaves)
  • Program - Programs. LOL. They resemble humans and tend to bother the cats by accident.
  • Recognizer - A large Program Vehicle that has more than often, crushed cats. (Google Recognizer on Google Images... first image. :D)
  • Bit - A small object. Recognized as objects that fall from the sky during Cold-Bit, but each Clan Leader also recieves one from the Real World.
  • Real World - StarClan. They visit computer cats, too, y'know! xD
  • Askket - A Lion-like program that can easily derez a cat. A big problem in the computer world.
  • Varen - An adder-like program with venom so powerful, it can either derez a cat or drive them to madness.
  • Toxx - An eagle-like program that normally leaves cats alone, but can be a threat in a battle for life-source...
  • Derez - Death.

More to come...


  • LifeClan - The Clan that lives closest to the Life-Source River. LifeClan Territory is full of Life-Source and Wires- situated across from TreeClan Territory, above MazeClan Territory. On the downside, Recognizers often pass through it...
  • TreeClan - TreeClan cats have Territory full of Chip-Covered Trees. They are great tree-climbers, and recognizers almost never pass through their territory, but they need to go all the way to the LifeClan border to get Life-Source.
  • MazeClan - MazeClan have a territory full of large, ominous Program walls. A Life-Source pool is found at the heart of their territory, making access to Life-Source easy. The Downside? Their territory has almost no covering.

More to Come...


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