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Jacklyn stood next to Vicki, watching their slowly growing army search the forest for Marlina and her group.

Jacklyn had a nervous look on her face. She was no longer sure that she wanted to serve Vicki.


Chapter 1: Orders

I stood on a rock, looking over my coven. The coven that I was leading now.

"The time has come to recruit more cats to our cause." I said. "Nightmud and I are going out today. The three of you," I looked at Vantom, Rosey Ann, and Endon, "will remain here. If Vicki and her army show up, try and fight them off, and if that doesn't work, run. We'll find you."

After making sure the three cats knew what to do, Nightmud and I took off.

Chapter 2: Small Battle

Nightmud and I padded toward a farm. We suspected that there would be cats here.

That was when she attacked.

I recognized the she-cat as Jacklyn, Vicki's second in command. Nightmud swiped a paw at her, but the quick she-cat dodged the blow with ease.

How were we going to be her? She was too quick!

That was when I had an idea. I thought hard. I felt the ground beneath me. I concentrated on it.

Meanwhile, Nightmud was dancing back and forth with Jacklyn. Suddenly, the ground shot up from underneath the she-cat, and she was thrown right into Nightmud.

Chapter 3: Jacklyn

"Jacklyn, calm down!" I ordered.

Surprisingly, she stopped struggling against Nightmud.

"Vicki is evil," I said, "and once she's done with us, she'll have no need for you anymore. She'll kill you, and any other Ancients in the army. The rest of the vampire cats will become not only her army, but her slaves."

Jacklyn looked at me for a moment, and then sighed. "Is that your way of asking me to join you?"

I was shocked. "You mean you'd join?"

"Yes," she said, "because I know everything you're saying is true. Vicki is evil. But you're not."

Smiling, I told Nightmud to let her up.

With Jacklyn now on our side, our coven was getting bigger. We might not have an army, but we now had three Ancients on our side. That counts for something, doesn't it?

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