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Chapter 1: Kittens

I sat next to Nightmud, while our kits curled up by us. Endon and Jacklyn were sharing tongues, while Vantom and Rosey Ann were playfully chasing each other around.

It had been a quiet day. I'd been wondering ever since my kits were born, what could they do?

Two of my kits would have gifts, become Ancients. Which kits they were and what they could do, I didn't know.

Chapter 2: Dreaming

I don't know when I drifted off. But when I fell asleep, I immediately realized that I was dreaming.

Looking around me, I saw delightful things. Pigs with wings cheerfully flying through the air. Twoleg children frolicking around. But suddenly, everything went wrong.

The pigs swooped down and killed the children. The childrens' parents pulled out guns and started shooting the pigs down.

Suddenly, I heard a noise and looked down to see McDan in front of me. I thought this dream was finally beginning to shape up.

That was when it happened. McDan made a small choking noise, and opened his mouth to let out gushing blood. His ears suddenly burst. Horrified, I let out a loud screech.

Chapter 3: Reality

Nightmud shook me out of my horrifying nightmare. But when I saw the look on his face, I realized that I'd just left a bad nightmare for an even worse and real one.

"Marlina," Nightmud said, "the kits are gone."


"Miniory, Hollay, and some others just attacked us while you were asleep. They overpowered us and took the kits."

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