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"A cat was padding towards the bushes." he said.

"A cat was padding towards the bushes." he repeated.

"A cat was padding towards the bushes." he repeated again.

"A cat was-"

"Stop it!" a she-cat interrupted.

"This is where your destiny lies." he said.

Chapter 1

I was having my share of prey from the fresh-kill pile, when suddenly I heard something.

"Your destiny lies in the cat which pads towards the bushes."

"What-" I started, but I never got to finish.

Grassfoot, one of the Clan warriors was yowling.

His pelt was becoming gray. He was getting smaller, and plumper. His whiskers grew longer.

He had become a mouse.

Chapter 2

I somehow found myself attracted to Grassfoot.

Every cat was slowly edging towards him. None of us was hungry, but the mouse had the same hypnotic effect on us.

All of us wanted to eat him.

We all pounced.

I don't know who got him first, but someone did. And when I found out who...

And the identity of that someone shocked me so much, that I couldn't think.

It was Birdtalon.

Grassfoot's mother.

Chapter 3

She looked horrified.

"I - I couldn't - couldn't stop myself." she managed to stutter out.

Then she fainted.

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