Start of Set 2 of The Griffin's Rise! :)

Chapter One

Bronze looked at him mate, Silver, and sighed. Gem and Gold were resting by the stream and Earthpaw was sleeping in a tree. Saphire was wathing the plain, making sure no cat or animal attacked them. Bronze sighed and slowly drifted off.

"Bronze!" Silver whispered and Bronze looked at her.


"We a Med. Cat."

"Yeah, come on, let's find one." Silver nodded and all the cats got up. "Let's." Saphire meowed and changed into a griffin.

Chapter Two

Bronze looked across at Gem and twitched his whiskers. She was very brave for a griffin, she'd attack something in daylight in griffin form. He slowly padded towards the ditch in the ground where they had water. "Gold!" Gem screeched and Bronze ran towards her voice. "What happened?" he asked, worried. Gem flicked her tail towards a Twoleg taking Gold away. The little black she-cat was clawing them but it did no good. "We have to help her!"

Chapter Three

Bronze glared at the Twoleg and sighed, this would be hard. "Gem, there's nothing we can do."

"Why? She's my sister!"
"Gem, I'm sorry." Gem glared at Bronze as Silver padded up to Bronze. "It's just like the prophecy."

End! Next book in My Kits! -Leafwhisker 12:52, January 11, 2010 (UTC)

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