Here is the vocabulary of the Maj'atj:

Maj'at nouns

Humans - Tal'alkj

Normal cats - Non-Maj'atj

She'maj - She-cats

She'ma - She-cat

To'maj - Toms

To'ma - Tom

Lea'maj - Kits and Apprentices

Lea'ma - Kit or Apprentice

To'mage/She'maje - Great Leader

Gra'at - Spell

Gra'atj - Spells

Fa'grth - Tribe / Clan of Maj'atj

Rth'cha - Deity

Sol'ths - sun set

Sol'thr - sun rise

Sol'thm - afternoon

Ful'shin - Moon

Ful'shinj - Moons

shul'the - curse word, almost as strong as 'mousedung' in clan talk.


Fyir - Fire

Grach - Grass

Whatir - Water

Eirth - Earth

Wyid - Wind

Eyce - Ice

Dathe - Death

Lyve - Life

Xundr - Thunder

Lyigtng - Lightning

Ryivr - River

Chaidow - Shadow

Baolod - Blood

Skie - Sky

Soeh - Snow

Ryin - Rain


Greitng te ye, treidew maj'at'te!/maj'atj'te! - Greeting to you, fellow cat!

Iy bheld ye, To'mage/She'maje. - I behold you, Great Leader.

Ma yeir ptah ran stryait - May your path go straight.

Iy condein ye tr dathe'te! - I condemn you to death!

Ye nit ma lea'ma'te!!! - You are not my son/daughter!!!

Ma ye bi hited bi Rth'cha'te!!! - May you be hated by Rth'cha!!!

Ite iys Sol'ths/Sol'thr/Sol'thm - It is Sunset/Sunrise/Afternoon


Most of the grammar rules of English apply, except for the following:

The prefix j is similar to our 's.

'te is added for emphasis in a exclamatory sentence. (i.e. Ma lea'ma'te!!! means: My son/daughter!)

The apostrophe is used to separate suffixes and prefixes, much unlike the clan cats, who don't use anything to space their

suffixes and prefixes.

I hope you can understand the Maj'atj better now! Thank you for reading!!!


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