'Once I was seven moons old'

My, moma told me,

go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely.

once i was seven moons old...

Flamepaw sat in the darkest corner of camp, watching the other apprentices play in the broad daylight. She knew she was different, they thought she was daddys little princess. Her father being leader and all, but, really, it was just plain annoying. She didn't ask to be the leaders center of attention. All she asked was to be normal!

"Hello?" Flamepaw saw ginger paws standing in front of her, looking up to see a golden tabby in front of her, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

"I'm Dimpaw! Who are you?"


It was a big-big moor

but we thought we were bigger

pushing each other to the limits we were learnin' quicker

by eleven gatherin' herbs and drinking from the river

prey was rich and the clan was slowly growin' bigger

"Come on, Dimpaw! Race ya!" Flamepaw tore across the moor, checking behind her as Dimpaw was catching up to her. The ginger she-cat laughed, picking up the pace. Finally, they came to one of the many streams in Windclan territory. Flamepaw stopped, bending her head down for a drink, only for Dimpaw to jump right ahead of her.


Once I was eleven moons old

my father told me

"Go get yourself a mate or you'll be lonely."

Once I was eleven moons old.

"Come on! Circle around it Dimpaw!" Flamepaw raced forward, tearing across the moor with Dimpaw. The rabbit they chose to hunt broke through heather in grass, it's eyes wide with terror. It let out a screech as Dimpaw jumped up in front of it.

It ran, not knowing it was going straight into Flamepaw. With a swipe like a snake going for a kill, the rabbit was dead.

"You got it!" A males voice rang out from behind her.

"Hey Acornpaw!"

I always had that dream

like the ones before me

so I listened to their songs

I heard all of their stories

"Did you hear about what Lionflash did?" Dimpaw was staring at Flamepaw with wide, shocked eyes. We had just heard the tale of Lionflash and Tansypool. They helped develope the tunneling system back into Windclan! Flamepaw couldn't believe it! The old Heatherstar took it away! Part of Windclans legacy!

She dug her claws into the ground, growling in frustration. Before looking up to the water sky, she sighed, looking back down.

"Yeah, I need to calm myself down, Dimpaw..."

Something about their glory

just for reason bored me

cause only those i really know

have ever truly loved me

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