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The following program is an off-air special of The Atton Rand/Cloudtail Show.


Director: Look, I grew up watching a lot of SUCKY TV shows! I'm not letting your's end up like that!

Atton: And you think your helping? You interrupted a live performance by Miss Li, suggested that we lick each other's toes, and then, after the show ended, you threw a pudding cup at Miss Li's bodyguard! He's suing us now for assualt with food!

Director: Oh, like I care! Why did I even take this job? You guys are so whiny, whiny, whiny! Why didn't I just take that job for the M*A*S*H remake?

Cloudtail: Look, we're getting a very good amount of viewers. Over 60 million people watch us every day! Russia even has they're own version of our show called Рэнд Atton и показать Cloudtail!

Director: I DON'T CARE!

Atton: Cloudtail, let's just go.

Atton and Cloudtail head out the door

Cloudtail: Вы всасываете! That's Russian for you suck!

Thank you for watching this off-air special of The Atton Rand/Cloudtail Show!

In Russian: Благодарим Вас за смотреть этот off-air специальной из Atton RAND/Cloudtail шоу!

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