*In a secluded wooded area*

              "Do you know what to do?" a whispering voice said on a snowy leafbare morning. "Yes," responded a sad, deep voice. "Are you sure they will take her?" "Yes. WindClan have always been the nicest when it comes to kits," the deep voice responded again. "I will always love you both," the first voice said. There was a soft crunching as one cat walked away. "I hope the mountains are better for you than ThunderClan or I have been," the deep voice whispered despairingly to himself. "At least she doesn't look like us," muttered the deep voice. A kitten yelped a feeble squeel that echoed into the crisp morning air.

*In bushes near a river in front of moorland*

              A thick muscled russet shape moved quickly forward as a WindClan patrol came over the horizon. A kit of only a few weeks old lay in the bushes sleeping. As the patrol neared the border, a brown tabby stopped and quietly spoke to the three other cats. The other cats moved away and the tabby moved toward the russet cat on the other side of the river. "Stay here," the russet colored cat's deep voice rang out. He brought out the young kit, sat down next to the river, put the kit between his paws, and curled his thick, bushy tail around it.

             "Are you crazy? The kit will have your stench all over it!" cried the tabby. "Please, Larkwing.It can't stay in ThunderClan. It's just too dangerous!" the russet tom begged."Okay, but only because Sunbeam is my friend," Larkwing said as she took the kit from the tom and hopped over the river. She was just about to leave when she realized something. She gently sat down the kit and turned to the tom. "What is her name?" Larkwing asked. The kit lifted her head up as a gust of wind hit her frail body. The tiny kit's jaws opened in a soundless wail. "Gustkit," said the tom. He looked pleadingly at Larkwing. "Will you be her mentor?" the tom questioned. Larkwing looked doubtful. "For me?" he asked. Her amber eyes showed contempt and sadness. "Not for you. You're a poor excuse for a cat. For Sunbeam, yes," she said as she picked up the kit and bounded away without a backwards glance.

            "Goodbye, my precious daughter. Never forget the sound of wind in the trees or the sound of a waterfall tumbleing over rocks," the tom whispered,"Goodbye Sunbeam. I know that you will never come back." The tom ran into the trees, back to his camp, but not before looking back towards the moorland, one last time."

Chapter 1

              "Gustkit! Get off," cried a sandy colored tom as a gray she-kit with russet colored ear tips pounced on him. The gray kit looked mischeiviously at a white she-kit in the corner of the nursery. "Who do you think would win in a fight? Me or," she proded the sandy tomkit with an extended claw,"Dustkit." The white kit looked like she was thinking very hard. "Well...I think he might beat you. Unless..." she bunched up her hind legs and lashed her little tail,"There were two against him!" With that statement, she leaped and bowled the two kits over, and she and the gray kit play fought with Dustkit. Eventually, the two she-kits had the tom cornered. They were just about to pounce on him when a queen called from her nest,"Whitekit! Gustkit!" The white she-kit and the gray she-kit turned around guiltily. "We were just playing!" the two she-kits cried in unison. The young queens whiskers twitched in amusement. "You two look like you have just cornered a fat, juicy rabbit!" she purred,"Why don't you three go outside and see if an apprentice has any battle moves to show you?" The three kits glanced at each other before saying,"Okay, Darktip!"

             Darktip is a lovely tortoishell with a black tail and yellow eyes. She is Dustkit and Whitekit's mother. A gray queen in a nest in a corner, flicked her tail in agreement. She is Gustkit's mother, Ashpelt. Her other two kit's died the day they were born and the fourth was stillborn. As the three kits went outside, a light gray tom bounded past them towards the entrance of the camp. "Shrewpaw! Where are you going?" the deputy, Ashtail, called. The light gray tom turned around. "Nightcloud told me to go on a hunting patrol with Graystorm and Lightpaw!" he answered, flicking his tail towards a gray she-cat and a golden tom. The deputy noded her head and went towards the fresh-kill pile. "Who is Nightcloud?" Gustkit asked the other two kits. A gray tabby raised his head from his fresh-kill. He answered her,"She is Crowfeather's mate and Shrewpaw's mentor." "When will we be apprentices, Stonewhisker?" the three kits asked the gray tabby tom. He laughed,"Have your mothers not told you? Tommorow is your apprentice cerimony!" The kits gasped and went back into the nursery. "Don't bother your mother too much, Gustkit!" Stonewhisker managed to say before the gray she-kit's tail dissapeared into the den.

            Stonewhisker is Gustkit's father and mentor to Mudpaw. He and Darktip are siblings, but their brother, Mudtail, died in a brutal battle with a fox. "Crazy kits," purred Stonewhisker before returning to his meal. "Larkwing! Larkwing!" called the happy Whitekit and Gustkit as they ran out of the nursery.

Chapter 2: Larkwing's P.O.V.

            "Larkwing! Larkwing!" two cats called. A brown tabby she-cat stopped talking to Onestar and turned around when she heard her name called. She purred when she saw a white she-kit and a gray she-kit running towards her as fast as they could. "Looks like you have a following, Larkwing," laughed Onestar. Nightcloud passed by and said loudly,"Who would want to follow that cat? She smells of fox-dung and hunts like a timid mouse!"

              Gustkit and Whitekit were close enough to hear that comment. They started hissing and spitting at Nightcloud. "What an army, Larkwing! I'm so scared they have me shivering in my fur!" Nighcloud snickered and walked away. "She's just jelouse of you, Larkwing," stated Whitekit. "Well, Larkwing should just ignore her. That's what I'm going to do," said Gustkit innocently. Onestar gently cuffed the gray kit over her ear. "Don't start what you can't finish!" yowled Gustkit as she launched herself at Onestar. Whitekit soon joined in. Onestar was gently but firmly batting and wrestling away the kits with sheathed claws.

              Larkwing observed curiously. Whitekit was light on her paws and teased Onestar untill she found his weak points. Gustkit has strong back legs and rushed in with all her force, but at the same time was fast and constantly under Onestar's feet. Whitekit seemed like she learned faster, but Gustkit seemed almost as fast and at the same time hard headed. She would be an interesting cat to mentor, but Larkwing is experienced and is looking forward to the challenge.

             Soon the battle was over. The two kis were laying on the ground panting. Onestar was standing, but even he looked worn out. "You two fight well for kits," meowed Onestar. Gustkit looked at Larkwing. "We're going to be apprentices tomorrow!" she meowed enthusiasticly. Whitekit looked at Onestar. "Will you please tell us who our mentors are going to be?" she meowed. Onestar laughed,"No, you will have to wait untill tomorrow." "Fine then!" yowled Gustkit as the two kits walked back to the nursery,"Bye Larkwing!"              *The next day*

              Larkwing was sitting next to the Warrior's den, eating fresh-kill, with a light gray tom sitting next to her. "I wish I was a Warrior so that I could mentor one of the kits," he meowed sadly. Larkwing followed his gaze. He was watching Gustkit, Whitekit, and Dustkit play with a mouse. Ashpelt and Darktip were sitting and watching them play. "You three had better eat that when you are done. No sane Warrior would want to eat that soiled mouse now," meowed Ashpelt. Darktip flicked Ashpelt's flank with her tail and said,"They are just excited. Leave them be."

              "Is there any kit in particular that you would want to mentor?" Larkwing asked the tom. The tom looked at her uncertantly. "Honestly, I would want to mentor Gustkit. She has a good head for fighting. Plus she has strong back legs that make her stronger and faster," he answered. Larkwing purred and licked his ear. "You seem to be paying more attention to her than the other two kits, Shrewpaw," she said. The tom's eyes flashed. "So? Why does that matter?!" he meowed defensively. "Oh, don't get your tail in a bunch. Look Nightcloud wants you. You had better go see her before she has a heart attack," laughed Larkwing. Shrewpaw's face got brighter and he laughed too. "Bye Larkwing. Good luck with that pesky kit!" he said and bounded off towards Nightcloud. Shrewpaw is Larkwing's brother from anouther litter.

             "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here under Tall Rock for a clan meeting!" yowled Onestar. The cats of WindClan gatered and looked up at Onestar. Whitekit, Dustkit, and Gustkit sat close to the stone, their fur shining from being freshly groomed. "We gather here, under Tall Rock, to welcome three kits into their apprenticeship," meowed Onestar,"Whitekit. Frome now on until you earn your Warrior name, you shall be known as Whitepaw. Thistlethorn," a gray-brown tom looked up at Onestar in surprise. "You are ready for yet anouther apprentice. I hope you will pass on your wise judgement and courage to this young cat," Onestar finished. Thistlethorn walked toward Whitepaw and they touched noses. Whitepaw's green eyes shining and Thistlethorn's yellow eyes glowing in warmth.

             "Dustkit!" yowled Onestar. The sandy colored tom sat up a little straighter. "From now until you recieve your Warrior name, you will be known as Dustpaw! Lightheart!" the newly named Dustpaw looked around for his mentor. A golden tom walked up and dipped his head to the new apprentice, his blue eyes were the only thing to give away how nervouse the golden tom really was. "You were named as a warrior only yesterday, but you have shown supreme thoughtfulness for cats younger than you and tremendous bravery in the face of hardship. You will be Dustpaw's mentor." Onestar looked down as the apprentice and Lightheart touched noses and moved into the crowd of cats. Dustpaw's green eyes radiated how excited he was to all the other cats in the clearing.

             "Gustkit, from now until you recieve your Warrior name, you will be known as Gustpaw," said Onestar. His eyes scanned the crowd thoughtfully, although he already knew who was to be this kit's mentor. Gustpaw was shaking of excitement and anticipation. "Larkwing. You shall be Gustpaw's mentor. Pass on your great knowledge and skill to this brilliant young cat." Gustpaw turned to her mentor. Larkwing looked at the young cat's eyes and saw something that she had never really noticed before. Gustpaw had one green eye and one blue eye! As Larkwing touched noses with her apprentice, she saw that the blue eye was dark at the edges of the eye and got lighter towards her pupil. Her green eye was light green at the edge and slowly went from green to brown at the pupil.

            "Whitepaw! Dustpaw! Gustpaw! Whitepaw! Dustpaw! Gustpaw!" the crowd cheered. "Tonight is the Gathering. Please do not wear out the new apprentices, because they are to come with us to represent our Clan at the Gathering. You are dismissed," said Onestar. "I bet you didn't see me coming, did you," Larkwing wispered to her apprentice. "No I didn't!" Gustpaw purred to her mentor, happily. "Let's go see our territory!" said Larkwing as she boundedout of the camp with Gustpaw on her tail.

Chapter 3: Gustpaw's P.O.V.

        Onestar's tail twitched with annoyance. Gustpaw looked around thoughtfully. Who else were they missing? Dustpaw was quietly grooming his paw next to Lightheart, his mentor. His eyes darted around the clearing. He was obviously nervous. "Scared a few ShadowClan cts are going to get you?" Guspaw taunted the sandy colored tom. "No way!" he answered defiantly. Larkwing purred and flicked Gustpaw's ear affectionatly. "Who are we waiting for? They are being quite rude by keeping Onestar waiting this long. It is getting close to moon-high," Whitepaw asked. She had voiced what all the other cats were thinking. Before Thistlethorn could answer his apprentice, a light gray tom and Nightcloud sprinted up. "What took you so long Shrewpaw?" asked Larkwing, completely ignoring his mentor, Nightcloud. "The elders had tons of ticks. I had to go back to the medicine cat den for more mouse bile! Yuck!" he replied breathlessly. "Oh, quit complaining!" Nightcloud snapped. Shrewpaw glared at Nightcloud. "Come on! We're wasting moonlight!" yowled Onestar as the cats ran out of the camp, eager to get to the Gathering.

        The Gathering was beautiful. Cats milled about in a clearing surrounded by trees. One huge tree sat in the center, its roots sprawled out towards the cats. The WindClan deputy had already gathered herself onto a huge root, head held high. Thistlethorn, Dustpaw, and Whitepaw had gone to a gathering of strange smelling cats near the edge of the clearing. Near the tree roots was a small group of apprentices and elders. Gustpaw watched as a massive brown tabby made his way towards the WindClan deputy, Ashfur. Larkwing nudged Gustpaw gently and said,"Gustpaw. You're holding up the other cats." Gustpaw and Larkwing moved towards the apprentices and elders. "Who's the tabby?" Gustpaw asked her mentor, noding in the tabby tom's direction. "Oh, him? That's Brambleclaw. He's the ThunderClan deputy," she answered.

        "Did I hear ThunderClan?" a small gray-brown tom had his head turned towards us. "Yeah. What does that have to do with you?!" Gustpaw taunted playfully. She lashed her tail. He laughed, "I'm Owlpaw. I was made an apprentice of ThunderClan yesterday. That's what it has to do with me." A russet colored tom made his way toward the two apprentices. "You had better not be giving away ThunderClan secrets," the russet tom's deep voice said. He sat down and wrapped his bushy tail around his paws. Larkwing padded off towards the medicine cats in the far shadows of the clearing. Her fur was standing on end. She was angry. But for what? Gustpaw thought. She turned back towards the two toms. "This is my father, Foxcatcher," Owlpaw said. "I'm Gustpaw of WindClan," she said and nodded respectfully. The russet colored tom flicked his tail around her ear and left after he had appeared to be studying her. He seems so very familiar, thought Gustpaw. Owlpaw looked up towards the massive tree. The leaders of the clans were leaping up into its branches and looking down apon the cats in the clearing.

        A ginger tabby tom with bright green eyes nodded towards a spotted she-cat in the upper limb of the tree. She stood up and balanced on the branch. "Do you know who that is?" Gustpaw whispered to Owlpaw. "Leopardstar from RiverClan," he answered quietly. He nodded towards the green eyed, ginger tom and said," Firestar from ThunderClan." He flicked his tail towards a thick-set white tom with black paws and amber colored eyes and said,"Blackstar from ShadowClan." We both shivered at the thought of ShadowClan.

       Leopardstar began,"All is well in RiverClan. The fish are out and our nursery is full." She sat back down on the thick branch. Blackstar stood up and meowed,"StarClan has blessed ShadowClan with two new apprentices! Mudpaw," his gaze flickered to a brown she-cat who was basking in the gaze of the cats around her,"And Reedpaw!" he finished. A gray tom sat next to the brown she-cat, his head held high. The white ShadowClan leader sat down. Firstar stood up. "Yesterday, Foxcatcher and Whitescruff chased a fox out of our territory on the WindClan side of the border. It did not go onto the ground of WindClan, but we felt we should warn you." The ginger tom looked over at Onestar. The leader of WindClan bowed his head in thanks. "We thank Foxcatcher and Whitescruff for doing this job for ThunderClan." Owlpaw looked over. Gustkit followed his gaze and saw what he was looking at. "That's my mentor," Owlpaw whispered. He was looking at a beautiful black cat with shining brown eyes. She had white paws, a white tail, and her scruff was a brilliant white. Whitscruff bowed her head modestly as the crowed turned to her. "ThunderClan also has a new apprentice! Owlpaw!" Firestar finished. Owlpaw's eyes glanced about nervously as the crowd's gaze turned upon him. Most of the cats congradulated him. One star stood up and raised his head towards the stars, his eyes glowing sadly. "Two days ago, our dear elder Jaggedclaw passed away. May StarClan keep him safe and happy," Onestar began. The crowd of cats murmered in sadness. A cat's voice rose above the others in the clearing,"He will be dearly missed Onestar." Jaggedclaw must have been well known in all of the Clans. He was one of the nicest elders WindClan had ever known and the most loyal WindClan cat. He had died peacefully and deserved to go to StarClan. "Now I turn to a lighter side! WindClan has THREE new apprentices!" Onestar glanced at Blackstar,"Whitepaw, Dustpaw, and Gustpaw! WindClan celebrates these new apprentices with great joy!" The cats turned to look at Gustpaw and her denmates at the farside of the clearing. Gustpaw's fur prickled with nevousness, but then all attention was drawn away from her and towards the entrance of lichen and bramble. The cats were standing, claws unsheathed and hissing, as a golden colored she-cat with green eyes and a small russet colored tom entered the clearing. They had a strange scent about them and their coats were splattered with drying mud. "Sunbeam?" Firestar called from the tree. The crowd gasped and stood back. Firestar called from his perch,"Why have you come back? You left to get away from the Clans, not rush unexpectedly into a throng of them!"

         The golden cat seemed unfased at all the hostile cats. The tom, however, seemed detatched and jumpy. "I have come to see my kits among the Clans!" she yowled. "You have no kits!" a blue-gray she-cat with red flecks yowled. She was a ThunderClan cat and she seemed too small to take on this golden cat. Next to this cat was a massive black striped tabby tom with fangs so long that they stuck out when his mouth was closed. He was menacing. "You would have told us if you had kits. We are your kin, aren't we?" the tom's deep voice rang out. What he said seemed more like a statement not a question. "Yes, I should have told you Adderfang," the golden she-cat meowed to the tom. Adderfang. The name suits him, thought Gustpaw. The golden cat turned to the blue-gray she cat and said,"Rainfire I do have kits. Three of them. This is one of them." She flicked her tail at the small russet tom. "His name is Fox Who Runs On The Mountain," she finished. "You can call me Fox," the small russet tom said. "I have two other kits! They are of the mountain and thunder! One lives in ThunderClan and the other in WindClan!" The golden she-cat walked toward Larkwing. "Where is she, Larkwing. Where is my daughter," the golden she-cat meowed. "She has no idea what you are talking about!" Gustkit yowled as she ran up to her mentor. "This is her. Your daughter," Larkwing whispered. "WHAT! I am not your daughter! I am the daughter of Stonewhisker and Ashpelt!" Gustkit said loudly. "Yes you are," a deep voice meowed from behind her. She spun around and was face to face with Foxcatcher. "You are mine too," he finished. "Then who is the other kit!" Gustpaw yowled. "Owlpaw already told you. It's him." Foxcatcher answered. Owlpaw's mouth hung wide open. He looked at Gustpaw with fear in his eyes. Not for himself, but for Gustpaw. Shrewpaw stalked up to the golden she-cat and faced her nose to nose with ferocity and anger blazing as hot as fire. "You can't just come barging in on a sacred meeting and claim two cats in the Clans are yours! No one will believe you!" he yowled so fiercely she pulled away and stepped back. "You just wait! I'll be back to claim my kits!" the golden she-cat said and stalked out of the clearing, Fox close behind.

Chapter 4: (A/N= If you listen to Your Decision by Alice in Chains, it really goes with this chapter)

                        Gustpaw sat in front of Tall Rock quietly looking down at her paws. The whole of WindClan had already heard of the golden she-cat's claim and were anxiously waiting for Ashpelt to come out of her den. Dustpaw walked over and murmered, "Gustpaw, whatever Clan you do or don't belong to, Whitepaw and I are still your friends. We will stick up for you." Whitepaw shoved her way through the crowd and sat down next to her. "Sorry we didn't defend you at the Gathering. Shrewpaw beat us to it," she laughed. Gustpaw twitched her whiskers at her best friend in amusment. She could always make light of a situation. Shrewpaw stood defiantly in front of Gustpaw, his blue eyes glowing. Gustpaw looked up at him. "What happened at the Gathering. I only did that so the other Clans wouldn't think our Clan had a half-clan cat amung us," Shrewpaw spat out the word half-clan, "It's a sign of weakness. Only ThunderClan would be remotely forgiving considering they have kittypets among them." After that last comment, Dustpaw, Whitepaw, and Gustpaw growled at him. He glared back. "I will be a Warrior tomorrow, so you won't be able to argue with me anymore," he said and walked triumphantly away. "He's not usually like that," a she-cats voice said to the apprentices. They turned their heads in unison. Larkwing was sitting behind them, her green eyes worried. She twitched her whiskers ad said, "He's my little brother you know. I would know him best and he is usually laid back and nice." Gustpaw nodded as Onestar leaped onto Tall Rock and sat down. Dustpaw and Whitepaw moved into the crowd as Ashpelt sat down to her right, and Larkwing on her left. The crowd hushed.

                        "Ashpelt. You have claimed to be Gustkit's mother. Is this true?" Onestar asked, his voice ringing across the clearing. Ashpelt sat staring up at her leader, uncertanty reflecting in her eyes. Gustpaw looked at her. "If you are my mother, tell him. If you are not, and are worried about what that golden cat will do to you if you tell, think about it. That cat revealed it at a Gathering where she knew there would be tons of cats. That must mean she doesn't care," Gustpaw said sadly, knowing that this cat could not be her mother because she was holding back her answer." Ashpelt sat up straighter. "I am not this kit's mother, but I am her adopted mother. If it means anything to you, the other Clans do not have to know," she responded clearly and calmly. Onestar stood as the crowd of cats went into an uproar. "Halfclan!" "She doesn't deserve to be here!" "Banish her!" "Send her to the foxes!" "A daughter of Sunbeam is like Tigerstar's son Hawkfrost! A full traitor!" Gustpaw's ears lay flat on her head and her fur fluffed up in fear. "Traitor!" the crowd started to chant. "TRAITOR!" the crowd got louder. "TRAITOR!" it became a full yowling chant from all the cats of WindClan except Gustpaw's fake mother, two best friends, and mentor. Shrewpaw mouthed traitor and his eyes shined triumphantly. Nightcloud threw back her head and yowled louder than all the cats, "The light of StarClan will never shine upon this traitorus cat! Do WindClan a favor and do what you did to Mudclaw!" All the cats hushed and looked at Nightcloud. "She shouldn't have been born. StarClan will send their judgement upon her, one way or anouther," Nightcloud said calmly. Larkwing hissed and rushed at Nightcloud, hitting the black she-cat with all her force. They went into a full out brawl. Whitepaw and Dustpaw stood next to Gustpaw daring any cat to attack her.

                        Onestar still just stood on Tall Rock thoughtfully. "STOP!!" he finnally commanded as the crowd of cats started to slowly move in on Gustpaw, eyes flashing at a possible fight. Larkwing had a fierce hold on Nightcloud, her razor sharp teeth around the black she-cat's neck. Any move that Nightcloud made would send sharp pain into her neck. "You are automaticly assuming Sunbeam is her mother," Onestar said and looked at Ashpelt demanding an answer. "Well... I don't know who the mother is. Larkwing brought me the kit. I asume she felt that I would feel better taking care of Gustpaw because I had just lost my other three kits," Ashpelt admitted. Everyone looked at Larkwing. She let go of Nightcloud and walked over to Gustkit. "I found her by the lake on our territory. I brought her to Ashpelt, knowing she would take care of this abandoned kit," she said steadily. "Where near the lake?" a cat asked. "Just around the middle," she answered. Gustpaw looked at her pad. Around it, almost unoticable, was golden fur. She flicked her ears, knowing that they had russet tips. She's lieing for my benefit, she thought. Shrewpaw saw Gustpaw looking at her pad and strutted over. He looked at it and sighed. He saw the golden fur and licked her shoulder. He turned away before she noticed who did it. The crowd went into an uproar again. "Then she could still be Sunbeam's daughter!" "She's a rouge!" "Either way, she doesn't belong in our Clan!" The Clan of cats started loudly yowling, only a few felt sympathy and contradicted the other Warriors.

                      Suddently, the full moon and sky was covered up by clouds, turning the WindClan camp pitch black. All noise stopped, thinking StarClan would punish Gustpaw. Instead, a single star shone through the clouds and its light touched Gustpaw's fur, turning it silver. "StarClan's light will shine on Gustpaw, reserving her a spot in the heavens," an unknown voice said. A cat with stars shimmering in her fur stood in front of Gustpaw, looking mysteriously at the WindClan cats. Murmering began in the crowd of cats, then one name echoed once in the throughts of all the cats before silence fell over the clearing, "Hiddenpelt." Onestar leaped off of Tall Rock and stood next to the brown cat. There were different brown colors reflecting from her fur, causing her shape to become distorted and hard to focus on. The name Hiddenpelt suits her too, Gustpaw thought, remembering the dark tabby tom Adderfang. Hiddenpelt lowered her starry head and looked into Gustpaw's multicolored eyes. "Do you promise to be loyal to WindClan as much as you can," she said, her strong commanding voice echoing around the camp. Gustpaw stood up and said, "I do, with all my heart." The starry cat twitched her whiskers and stood on her back legs. The sudden movement causing her fur to ripple, making her almost completely invisible. Hiddenpelt really suits her, Gustpaw thought again. Gustpaw noticed Hiddenpelt's strong back legs and assumed she was previously a ThunderClan cat, and by the long scar on her cheek down to her shoulder, she did not die peacefully. "Then you are a WindClan cat, like you always were and would have been!" she yowled to the sky. She went back to all fours and touched her nose to Gustpaw's, causing the gray apprentice to shiver. "Good luck my precious granddaughter," the brown cat whispered as she dissapeared.

Chapter 5: Larkwing's P.O.V.

         *Four months later*

                                     Larkwing lay eating her prey and watching Shrewpelt struggle to carry two rabbits to the fresh-kill pile. Her younger brother finnaly dropped one rabbit and carried the first one to the pile and go back for the second one. She purred as her apprentice finnaly got up for the day. Gustpaw may be part ThunderClan, but she took on the figure of the WindClan cats. She was tall, lithe, and fast. She could outrun a rabbit. Larkwing even saw her do it. That poor rabbit finnaly gave up and practicaly just layed down and died. The funny thing was that she didn't have any WindClan blood in her. Shrewpelt looked at Gustpaw and sneered. He said something to her and Gustpaw growled back an insult. Those two never got along. Gustpaw sat next to Larkwing and started grooming. Shrewpelt layed down on Larkwing's other side and took a bite out of her rabbit. Larkwing pushed it over to him and said, "Here. You can finish it." Larkwing casually said to no one, "I think you two should go on a hunting patrol together." Gustpaw replied just as casually, "I don't feel like becoming deaf today." Shrewpelt looked up. "What do you mean by that, half-clan?" he sneered. She looked at him angrily. She hated being called half-clan. "I don't feel like dealing with your loud obnoxious gloating. Everyone knows I can outrun a rabbit, but you are always bragging about how fast you are," she said hotly. He smirked, "Prove it." "Fine. Let's go hunt," Gustpaw said and they stalked away, two feet apart from eachother, to the entrance. Gustpaw stopped and called to Dustpaw and Whitepaw who were coming out of the elders den. The trotted over to the two gray cats and all four left the camp.

                                    Larkwing walked over to Onestar's den and called for him. He came out and said, "Walk with me." They walked out of the camp and towards the lake. "What is it Larkwing?" Onestar said calmly. "I think it is time that Gustpaw becomes a Warrior," Larkwing said. They stopped and watched as, in the distance, Gustpaw chased a rabbit and was quickly gaining on it. Soon Gustpaw caught it and the rolled over from the sudden loss of speed. Gustpaw quickly killed it and stood triumphantly as Whitepaw, Dustpaw, and Shrewpelt made their way towards her. Shrewpelt was stalking argrily toward her and Whitepaw and Dustpaw were bounding playfully to her. "She is an excellent hunter," Onestar remarked. "She was from the start of her training," Larkwing said. "And what of her fighting skills?" he asked. "There is nothing left to teach her. She has even started to make up her own moves and they are really effective. The enemys will never see them coming," she answered. He laughed and they continued walking. "I was told the same thing from Thistlethorn and Lightheart. They said that Gustpaw taught Whitepaw and Dustpaw those moves and that the wind was nocked out of them when the were hit by them. They should all be Warriors. Their ceremony shall be tonight," he said. "Don't tell them though. I want it to be a surprise. Tell their mentors that," he finished and Larkwing ran back to camp, leaving Onestar to watch the apprentices and Warrior hunt.

  • That evening*

                                    "Let all cats old enough to cath their own prey gather benieth Tall Rock for a Clan meeting!" yowled Onestar. The crowd quickly grew around Tall Rock, the three apprentices sitting together at the edge of the group. "Dustpaw! Whitepaw!" The apprentices looked up at Onestar with surprise. "Come forward," Onestar commanded. They walked through the crowd and stood in front of Tall Rock. "Your mentors have told me that you two have been taught all that an apprentice needs to know, and anything else will only come as experience when Warriors," he began. The two apprentices stood. Their height, stance, and the way they rested their tails were exactly the same. Only their fur and eye color was different from each other. Dust colored with green eyes and white colored with blue eyes. "Do you two promise to uphold the Warrior code even at the cost of your life?" asked Onestar. "I do," replied both cats in unison. "May StarClan hear and approve my choice! Dustpaw your Warrior name is Dustfire!" with that, Onestar leaped off of Tall Rock and rested his muzzle on Dustfire's head. Dustfire licked Onestar's shoulder in respect. "Whitepaw! Your Warrior name is Whitefeather!" Onestar said as he laid his muzzle on Whitefeather's head. She also licked his shoulder in respect. Larkwing knew that Gustpaw would think that she would have to wait for her cerimony considering she was younger than Dustfire and Whitefeather. She was going to be shocked. Onestar leaped back onto Tall Rock as the crowd started cheering, "Dustfire! Whitefeather! Dustfire! Whitefeather!" Onestar reminded the newly named Warriors, "You must sit vigil for the clan tonight." They noded and walked to Gustpaw who had cheered the loudest for her clanmates.

                                    The crowd started to disperse when Onestar yowled, "Stop!" The crowd looked back at him, confused, before sitting back down in a half cicle around Tall Rock. "Gustpaw!" Onestar called. The crowd went into uneasy murmers. Gustpaw walked forward and looked at Onestar with confusion and fear. "It is also time for your Warrior cerimony," Onestar finished. The crowd of cats protested angrily. "Hush!" Larkwing yowled above all other voices along with Dustfire and Whitefeather. "Do you promise to uphold the Warrior code even at the cost of your life?" Onestar asked Gustpaw. Gustpaw didn't respond. "Gustpaw. Do you promise to uphold the Warrior code even at the cost of your life?" Onestar asked again. She looked at the cats surrounding her. The cats became angry. They yowled and hissed at Gustpaw. Her gaze rested on Shrewpelt. "You are asking me to protect cats who would rather me be eaten by foxes," Gustpaw responded quietly, less than a whisper, but it seemed loud enough that all the cats stopped their yowling and looked at her. "Cats who call me half-clan, rouge, and mostly traitor," she said, still quietly. "Cats who don't even want me as a Warrior," she finished. A cat asked, "Why don't you just get on with it? Do you want to be a Warrior or not?!" Gustpaw's eyes flashed with anger. "The question is wether or not , the so called forgiving WindClan, will except me as a Warrior!" she yowled fiercely, causing the cats closest to her to shrink back. Stonewhisker's former apprentice that was named a Warrior four moons ago with Shrewpelt, Mudtalon, came forward out of the crowd. "I, Mudtalon, want Gustpaw to be a Warrior. Her courage outshines all of you pitifull excuses for cats!" he yowled to the crowd of cats. Whitefeather and Dustfire came up to Gustpaw and said, "You would be promising to uphold the Warrior code. The Warrior code has compassionate parts in it. We are your clanmates. You would be protecting us too. Maybe even your future mate."

                                  Gustpaw turned around and spoke clearly, "I promise." Onestar noded and continued, "Then by the power of StarClan, I name you Gustrunner for your ability to run faster than the wind and your ability to outshine the wrong in this clan." He leaped off Tall Rock and layed his muzzle on Gustrunner's head. Gustrunner licked his shoulder in respect. The crowd dispersed and the three new Warriors took their place in the middle of the camp for their vigil. "I can't believe we made a half-clan cat a Warrior!" a voice said loudly from behind her, causing every single cat in the camp to look at the cat who said that. Gustrunner looked back at the cat and gasped as she realized it was Shrewpelt who said it. "What?" he asked innocently. Gustrunner turned back around. "Hey! I was talking to you, half-clan!" Shrewpelt said angrily. Gustrunner stood up and faced Shrewpelt. She looked up at the night sky which held an almost full moon. The Gathering would be tomorrow. What she was about to do would probobly keep her from going but she didn't care. StarClan forgive me, Gustrunner prayed. She leaped and attacked Shrewpelt and did what she does best. Fight.

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