Random! sequel to Randomness Yippie!

Bib ands Beb are best buds!!!!!!!!!!!! *acts hyper*

Bib: *goes to Wal-Katy* WTF TIS RAINING ORANGE AND PINK????????????

Beb: *growls* The Force can not help us now! *takes shot gun* *points at a Piplup* *kills in a non gory way*

Bib: wOOt!!!

Beb: Okay, it is g-rated now!

*turns G-Rated

Crowd: Ooooo! Ahhhhh!

Bib & Beb: We're best friends!!!!!

*A trumpet plays*

Bib: Best Great Friends!!

Beb: We PWN anyone!!

Bib: As friends!!

"*Happy music plays*'

Piplup: *Did you idiots!

Beb: We're good friends!!

Bib: Greaeaaat Friends!!

Beb: We care,

Bib: Share

Beb: We injure together!!

Solar: *punches*

Jayfeather: BURN!

Lunar: DISCO! *starts dancing*

Solar: *dances*

Beb: *dances*

Bib: *dances*

Darth Vader: *punches*

Bib: *farts*

Beb: XO

Lunar: XO

Solar: XO

Piplup: *gets bodies*

Solar: *pulls out shot gun* *kills*

Lunar: Score!

Solar: :)

Jayfeather: *starts acting gangstery*

Lionblaze: *punches* Failure!

Hazelcloud: OMSC GRANDDAD!

Lionblaze: OMSC, GRANDKIT!

Hazelcloud: *huggies*

Lionblaze: We're all in this together!

Jayfeather: *screams* Nooo! Not High School Musical!

Cloudstar: Kiddies?

Foxtail: MOMMY!

Hazelcloud: DADDY!

Cloudstar: I'M NOT A TOM!!

Hazelcloud: ........

Foxtail: Ouch...

Cloudstar: DX You kits.

Foxtail. Sorry, mum.


Foxtail: Yes, master. *walks away*

Couldstar: 0.0

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