OddClan is a series Zaffie decided to do because they were bored of writing serious fanfiction and wanted to try something silly. Being silly comes naturally to them.

Book 1. Strangestar's Really Weird Adventure

Book 2. Odd-Bob the Clown

Book 3. Tigerstar's Return

Book 4. Tigerstar Returns...Again!

Book 5. Ohdear and the Balloon

Book 6. Randompaw, Netpaw and Fishing



Leader: Strangestar - tom.

Apprentice: Netpaw

Deputy: Fathead - tom.

Apprentice: Randompaw

Medecine Cat: Herbsmell - tom.

Apprentice: Weirdpaw


Ohdear - she-cat.

Apprentice: Racepaw

Woweazles - tom.

Apprentice: Oddpaw

Verygingerfur - tom.


Delililly - she-cat with two kits, Zoomkit, a tom, and Zebrakit, a she-cat.


Weirdpaw - tom.

Netpaw - she-cat.

Randompaw - tom.

Racepaw - tom.

Oddpaw - she-cat.

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