By the time Strangestar was miraculously brought back to life by StarClan, escaped from the vortex, and returned to OddClan, a disaster had occurred. Oddball had been possessed by an evil clown that had escaped from the Sarah Jane Adventures, and had changed her name to Odd-Bob. She had also started speaking in a very over the top American accent.

Strangestar stood and watched this phenomonon for a while, before deciding he was fed up of being a Clan leader, and wanted to go and become a kittypet just like Pinestar. Luckily for him, he didn't, instead, he sat by himself and cried for a while. It didn't take long for another disaster to occur. While Strangestar was crying and Odd-Bob was lording it over the other OddClan cats, a new clan arrived.

"We are the memebers of BeetrootClan!" announced the leader, a strange rainbow-coloured cat who looked as if he had three ears. The third ear was in the middle of his forehead.

Strangestar didn't say anything, since he was still crying uncontrollably. The newcomer was a bit confuzzled by this reaction, so he announced himself again.

"We are BeetrootClan!" he yelled. "I am Unicornstar, the leader! These are my warriors." He flicked his tail at the five cats behind him.

Fathead emerged from his hiding place behind Strangestar and raised an eyebrow at the new Clan.

"Just pointing out, Unicornstar," he explained kindly. "but BeetrootClan is a bit small."

Unicornstar pouted, lowered his head, and charged at Fathead. Fathead squeaked in terror, and fled to hide behind Verygingerfur. Unfortunately for him, Verygingerfur was hiding from Odd-Bob, and was so startled by Fathead leaping behind him that he instantly began to chew on Fathead's tail. Fathead faked a faint. When no one came to assist him, he wrenched his tail out of Verygingerfur's grip, went over to the corner, and had a little cry.

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