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Sunny's Note: This is a short story narrated by a young tom that is deeply in love with a young she-cat and about how he wants to ask her to be his mate during a hunting patrol.

She gracefully leaped at the rabbit that had caught her sight. Her strong legs pushing her upward, flying up into the air, and landing with her claws, catching the fat rabbit. Her face lit up with a smile and she quietly picked up her just caught prey. She padded faster through the fiels of long, long grasses. Her long graceful tortoisehsell pelt, flowing along with the wind.

She padded faster until she reached her prey-hole, where she acomulated all her prey. I shook my head slightly, noticing that I was starring. This is the day. I told myself. I wasn't going to run away thsi time. I was going to stay, look at her in her pale sun-like eyes, and tell her. I had to be brave and tell her the truth. I wasn't going to just live a lie and keep it from her.

I took one step and before I knew it, I was padding towards her, through the field. Being led only by love. I neared her from behind, and saw that she was carefully and focusly sniffing the air for more prey. I suddenly felt another presence with us, and saw a big muscular dark gray tom padding beside her and nudging her lightly. I backed away, feeling embarrased that I had been padding towards her so slowly.

"Oh. Hi Nightash." she meowed greeting the tom with her beautiful song-like voice. I felt a sudden urge, strongger than before to tell her how I truly felt, but I remained where I was, hidden in the bushes.

"Flowerburst...I have been trying to tell you somethign, but I wanted to wait until we were alone." I heard him say to her, just at the soudn of him sayign her name made a burst of jalousy grow within me. "I love you. Will you be my mate?" he asked, and I could breath.

She turned around, now fully facing him - eye to eye - but hesitated. She looked as if she was thinking, and I knew her answer would be no. She looked at him, hurt in her eyes, but yet they glowed with happiness.

"Yes. I will be your mate." she answered.

The End

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