Sequel to Powers Changing! :)

Chapter One

Bronze padded across the plain and groaned. Soon Silver's kits would come, maybe even now. He heard something in the distance and whipped around and saw Gem glaring at him. "Silver's kits are coming, and it looks bad." Bronze gasped and raced at Gem's side towards a small hollow. Silver was lying on some grass, a lump of fur at her belly. "Push!" Saphire hissed and Silver pushed and a kit came out, ocean grey. "Again!" Saphire urged and another kit came out, pale blue like the sky.  Bronze looked at his kits and twitched his whiskers. Silver gasped in pain and blood poured out of her. "What's happening?" Bronze cried and Saphire and Earthpaw put cobwebs on her belly but nothing happened. "Silver!" Bronze screeched and ran towards his mate and lay by her side. Silver looked at her mate and uttered a prophecy, "Sky, Ocean, and Space will start a clan of elites, and new powers will come." Silver coughed and her eyes slowly changed to cloudy. Bronze stared at his dead mate and a tear crawled down is muzzle. "Silver.."

Chapter Two

Bronze looked across the clearing and sighed. Silver had died a day ago but it seemed like forever. He wanted her back. He looked around and sighed, nothing could change the past. Bronze pricked his ears and ran towards Saphire. "Change the past, please!"

Chapter Three

"I can not, I'm sorry." Saphire meowed and Bronze sighed, "Fine."

"I'm sorry, but you must learn to live, please."

Bronze nodded and padded towards an oak and changed into a griffin, just as something pierced his throat.

End! Don't miss A Sad Parting! Third book in set 2 of The Griffin's Rise!

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