1. Nikia was actually first off Niki, but I added the 'a'
  2. I got the names Ash and Dawn from Pokemon XD
  3. Tigerstar's recarnation is Tigertooth, it happened by accident
  4. Mistpaw was suppose to be originally Streampaw in my second draft, but was later renamed to Mistpaw
  5. In the pilot story you see MistKIT turned into a Kittypet, soon it changed to her running away to become a loner
  6. Some of you may have noticed some conections with Ash and Patches (from the Pilot story) mostly Ash was orginally suppose to be a Kittypet named Patches but soon was renamed and put as a loner
  7. Mistkit in the Pilot story was suppose to be a WindClan cat, but soon I decided to redo the Clans for more excitement
  8. Mistkit was an only child in the Pilot, and had another mother, but soon I decided to make her have a brother for more intrest
  9. Some of you may also see conections with Twilly (Pilot story) and Birdflight, Twilly has the same adventurous ways like Birdflight and they both have a shy side, instead of making her a loner or Kittypet I redone her as a heroic yet shy she-cat
  10. Trout was suppose to be the elderly tom in the Pilot story but redone as a gulable loner from the Horse-place
  11. Nikia was also suppose to be the elderly she-cat, and Trout's mate, but soon to add better viewers I made her his and Ash's sister
  12. Solar, Nikia's mate, was orginally going to be the villian, but never made it in the Pilot story, so decided to add him as a dead heroic tom
  13. Flurrystar was suppose to turn on the Clan and go nuts in the pilot story, but I never got so far on it so that was the point with Tigerstar being recarnated

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