The Wolf

GENRE: Action, Thriller, Drama

This is a Fanfiction Series by Wetty

Set 1

  • Blazing Dusk
  • Dark Life
  • Howling Night
  • The Rager
  • Darkening Pack
  • The Wolf

Spoilers for Blazing Dusk
Duskkit was abandoned by his mother and wonders into WolfClan, the WolfClan leader takes him in. Soon he becomes an "Small-tooth" (apprentice) but his mentor isn't the best Wolf in the Pack, or Clan. Graystar can't believe what Shade-eyes is doing to Duskpaw. Duskpaw is getting a bit too angry on this and gets ready for a battle with Shade-eyes. He cannot keep his claws out long and theres a dog attack on the camp. Duskpaw is getting stronger but also doesn't think he can take on Shade-eyes. Maybe with the help of his friends Rosepaw and Rockpaw he'll get strong enough. Will this small cat stand a chance over this wolf? Or will he be the Final cat in WolfClan?

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