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It was a quiet summer morning. My best friend, Quailstone, a small brown she-cat, and I were sitting in a small clearing. That was when the monster came by. It was blasting some kind of sound. And that's what started it all.

I immediately fell in love with the melody, and soon after, learned Twoleg terms from a kittypet. I was instantly obsessed with the song "The Show" by the woman "Lenka". I soon after passed on all of my knowledge to Quailstone.

"And her name is...?"


"Heh, that's fun to say. Layn-kuh. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayn-kuh."*

Well, at least she knew everything about my favorite singer.

*Lenka is actually pronounced LEN-ka. Yes, we know, Quailstone is not the brightest cat in the forest.


Chapter 1

I would always remember this day as a bad day. The day I was kicked out of BrownClan.

No, seriously, they found out about my obsession with Lenka, and they literally kicked me out of the camp. It didn't feel good.

I then proceded to sneak back into the camp, say goodbye to Quailstone, and get kicked out again. Man, where'd they get that boot?

I walked into the nearby town and looked at a TV store. They were playing a Lenka music video on all of the screens.

Chapter 2

Over the next couple of days, I found shelter easily, as well as food. It just wasn't great shelter and food.

The alley I was living in had a ton of dead animals—I think they're pigeons, but I'm not sure, because they're really mangled—and almost no room for me to live, since it inhabited other animals and some sweaty hobo that kept murmuring on and on about his sore [censored].

And the food! Blech! It tasted like [censored]! I hope I got that right. The kittypet had taught me it. [censored], [censored], [censored]! That's so fun to say! But anyway.

The food was old pizza that was turning blue, and old blue kool-aid that was turning into some kind of pizza!

Yep, life was hard now. But for Lenka and her music? It was all worth it. [Censored]! Ow! A sewer rat just bit me!

Chapter 3

The next day, I woke up, stretched, got out of my slightly wet box, and began to walk around the city.

I passed by the TV place and looked in the window. The news was on. Man, Matt Lauer's hot!

They were talking about Lenka's upcoming music video. It was scheduled to be made in three weeks. I then decided something.

I was going to see the making of that music video if it was the last thing I'd ever do.

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