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Chapter 1

I walked out of my box-house and into the sunlight. Well, kind of the sunlight. That old hobo living in the alley had some freaky umbrella with unicorns on it, and it was blockin' the sun. I moved away from the hobo and into the sunlight.

Anyway, now I was in the sunlight. Very interesting, very interesting. I left the alley and walked over by the TV shop. Next door to the TV shop, there was a CD shop. Lot of two-letter shops around here.

I looked at a poster on the window of the CD shop. It said that they'd be getting in Lenka's new CD soon.

Chapter 2

At night, I watched the delivery men unloading the CDs from their truck. I was going to steal a Lenka CD.

If only I was James Bond. Or Alex Rider. Or Kelly Ripa. It would be easy to steal stuff as them.

I walked over by the truck, found a box of the CDs, slashed it open with my claws, and took out a CD. A guy saw me and started chasing after me.

Chapter 3

I had managed to get away, and now I was back in my little box. I had the CD with me, and I was about to listen to it.

"Alright, CD. Play!"

The CD remained silent.

"Um....Lenka is the best singer ever?"

Still silent.

"I live by a hobo?! My mother's name is Hilary Clinton?!"

The dang thing wouldn't play! What a waste of time for me! I flung the CD outside and heard the hobo getting up. "A brand-new Lenka CD! This could be worth some money on eBay!" And with that, he ran off.

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