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Just a short story about my interpertation of what happened after the gathering.


Leafpool hid under a bush and waited for the scents of the early morning. Last night, her only daughter told all the cats in the clans about the secret that she and her sister Squirrelflight had kept for so long, that she was the mother of Hollyleaf, Lionblaze and Jayfeather. She missed being side by side with her all knowing son during countless sunrises of herb sorting and collection. He had earned his true medicine cat name when he found enough cat mint to save his clan. How brave her son was. Hollyleaf was soon intelligent. She used to be Leafpools’ apprentice, but she figured out that she was better at hunting and fighting so she used her talents to be a true warrior and serve her clan. Even when she was a kit, she was making sure that she didn’t break that warrior code and try to find ways to help her clan. Then there was Lionblaze. Oh Lionblaze was by far the best fighter. Even knowing this, I was so scared of letting him and his siblings go to the mountains. I had to stay away from the all knowing Jayfeather before he found out about how scared she was and started asking questions.

Movement made Leafpool prick her ears. She was waiting in Thunderclan territory, where she and Crowfeather, her kits’ father, used to meet when they were care free young cats in love. Scent flooded into her nostrils and the scent was too good to be true, her beloved Crowfeather. He was getting closer and closer, best of all, he was alone.

“Crowfeather!” She yowled. The scrawny cat she loved jumped out of the bracken in front of her and bowled her over, “Crowfeather stop!” yowled Leafpool, but Crowfeather was a better fighter than he had been when they were young.

“YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!!” he yowled as hit bit down with all his might on Leafpools’ right ear, “WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!!!! I THOUGHT THAT YOU LOVED ME! THEN YOU GO AND RUIN MY LIFE!” he yowled again.

Leafpool finally got a grip on him after her raked his back legs into her belly fur. Leafpool turned him over and landed perfectly on his back. She was better at fighting in this territory and finally managed to pin him down, “Crowfeather, what are you talking about,”

“You lied to me! I have four kits and two mates! Why didn’t you tell me?! My clan hates me all because of you!” He yowled. Being bigger than Leafpool, he pushed up with a great force and knocked Leafpool off. Pinning her down, he bent into her and pressed his muzzle into her ear and whispering, “You will pay beloved,” then ran away, leaving Leafpool bleeding, and slowly dyeing.