A light brown tabby she-cat padded along the windclan border, looking for a familiar dark gray pelt. When she couldn't see anycat, She went back into the forest and bumped into her former apprentice, Jayfeather. Jayfeather hissed and stopped in mid-hiss. "Leapool? Just that warriorI wanted to see." Jayfeather mocked. Leafpool sighed and stroked her son's shoulder. "Dear son, I will never be a true warrior. For my heart really lies in being a medicine cat." Leafpool was very surprised to hear her son's reply. "I know Leafpool. All you've caught is fleas. You should be helping me in the medicine cat's den, not pretending that your history vanished the day the truth came out." Leafpool sighed and then made up a song. (yes reader, I know she didn't make it up, I'm just using it for this story.) "Hush child, darkness will rise from the deep, and, carry you down into sleep." Lionblaze came bounding out of the trees, carrying a thrush in his mouth. Leafpool turned to him. "Child, the darkness will rise from the deep, and, carry you down into sleep." She turned to Jayfeather. "Guidless son, I'll shape your belief, and you'll always know that you're father's a thief," Leafpool turned to Lionblaze."And you won't understand, the cause of your grief."She turned back to Jayfeather. "But you'll alwaays follow, the voices beneath." She turned to face Lionblaze and Jayfeather both. "Guidless sons your spirit will hate, her, the flower who married, my brother the traitor, and you will expose his pockets of behavior, for you are proof, of how he betrayed her loyalty." "Brambleclaw met with Tigerstar and Hawkfrost." Leafpool said when Jayfeather opened his mouth to ask why Brambleclaw was a traitor. "Guidless son, each day you grow older," she said, turning to Lionblaze. "Eahc moment I'm watching, my vengence unfold. For the child of my body, for the flesh of my soul, will die in returning, the birthright he stole."

Leafpool went to sleep in the elders en. She was very old. She never woke up.

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