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  • Larkshine
  • Splashfrost
  • Brindleshine
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Sandy Cheeks
  • Mrs. Puff


"I miss Fishwing..." Larkshine mumbled through a mouthful of herbs. "Larkshine, everyone does. But you have to remember that we need to focus on the Clan, not our grief." Splashfrost said. "And if we're too sad to work, the Clan might get even more depressed." Brindleshine said. They picked more herbs in silence. Finally, Splashfrost spoke. "Brindleshine, let's get these back to camp. Larkshine, gather up what's left. And hurry; I think there's gonna be a storm." Larkshine nodded at Splashfrost as he and Brindleshine left for camp. Rain started to poor down as Larkshine tugged at a piece of catmint. She slipped in the mud and slid down to the lake. "I can't stop!" she screeched. "Brindleshine! Splashfrost! Help!" Too late. Larkshine splashed into the tumbling waves of the lake. She tried to swim, but the storm shook the whole lake. Larkshine fought against the waves until she was too tired to continue. Slowly, she sank into the water.
"NO SPONGEBOB! DON'T FLOOR IT!" Mrs. Puff screeched. Too late. SpongeBob hit a wall, and Mrs. Puff blew up. "Why SpongeBob? Whyyyyy?" she asked as she was loaded into an ambulence. "I'll never get my liscense..." SpongeBob mumbled. He walked slowly away from the road when he saw a shape falling to the ground. "Where am I?" the shape mumbled. Suddenly, it let out a gasp. "You breath air!" SpongeBob shouted in shock. He picked up the cat and rushed to Sandy's house.
Larkshine looked up to see an odd-looking squirrel bending over her. "Ahh!!!!!" she screamed, and she aimed a swipe for the squirrel's face. The squirrel lashed out a paw and stopped the blow. "Well Spongebob, what you have here is a cat. She's a fiesty type, but I should be able to get her back to the surface. Ya'll are gonna have to wait a couple days, though." the squirrel said. "A couple days?!" Larkshine asked. "My Clan will be worried sick!" "Clan?" asked Sandy. "Are ya'll in some fancy cat biker gang?" "What's a biker?" Larkshine asked.
"Larkshine!" Splashfrost called, slipping and sliding through the mud with Brindleshine stumbling behind him. The whole camp was searching for the missing medicine cat, but they'd had no luck so far. "Larkshine!"
Larkshine got into the cannon. Sandy had made a machine that would shoot her back up to camp. "3, 2, 1!!!!" SPOOOOOOOSHHHHHHHBOOOOOM!!!!!!! Larkshine shot through the dome, through the weird clouds that looked like flowers, and into open air. She let out a long breath, and fell to the ground. She landed in a pile of mud, and heard someone scream. "She's over here!" Mousefire shouted. Larkshine was carried back to camp and put into her den. "Are you thirsty?" Wildfire asked. "No," Larkshine said, "I've had enough water."