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There once was a Clan in a valley far away. This Clan laughed, and sang, and pranked all day. In a mystical land, far far away. Okay, people, now we can cut the crap and get to the story!


Chapter 1

Mascarafur woke up, only to see that her den had been TP'd. She immediately started to crack up.

"WHY IS THIS SO FUNNY????!!!!" She chuckled.

"LOL!" Bobface chuckled next to her.

"What does LOL mean?" Mascarafur asked.

"It means...." The truth is, Bobface didn't know what LOL meant.

(Insert dramatic gasp here)

"So, you just say things, but you don't know what they mean?" Mascarafur asked.

"But I do know what it means!" Bobface lied.

"Then what does it mean?"

"Licking Of Lollipops!" Bobface blurted out.

And for the rest of the day, that's what Mascarafur went around saying.

Chapter 2

Bobface was lost for a way to make Mascarafur stop saying Licking Of Lollipops. He'd tried brainwashing her (believe us, that didn't go well, and Mascarafur had a hard time getting the soap out of her brain), distractions (those kits and the squirrel are still recovering), and much more, but Mascarafur was insistent on using the phrase.

Finally, Bobface had had enough with the red she-cat.

Chapter 3

Bobface was going to make a bet with Mascarafur. If he could beat her in a race, she would stop using the phrase. If she won, he'd have to wear pants, which would make him feel very exposed (what...?).

Bobface padded up to Mascarafur and challenged her.

"No thanks." She said.

"B-b-but..." Bobface decided to give up. Soon afterword, LOL became a phrase known all over LaughClan.

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