Book Two of Powers, WarriorcatZ1324's first series.

Chapter One

The she'ma froze infront of Ju'tan, obviously shocked to see him.

What are you going to do now, hotshot? Voice's mew vibrated through Ju'tan's head.

Voice was a Gra'at that the To'mage or She'maje of a Fa'grth would cast on a to'ma or she'ma to guide them through their journey that all Maj'atj would take once they reached the sixth ful'shin of their lives.

I'll think of something, you piece of shul'the! But then, the she'ma started to meow.

"No, not at all, um, what's your name?"

"Ju'tan." He ignored Voice's shriek and foucused on the pretty she'ma instead.

"No, Ju'tan, you are not in my clan's or whatever-you-called-it's territory. I came looking for you."


"Well," she said shyly, "You look very powerful, and I want to know what makes you that way."

Ju'tan smiled. "Come with me, uh, who are you?"

The she'ma smiled back. "Heatherflower."


Ju'tan was sprawled out on his stomach, looking up at the night sky, and sprawled out next to him was Heatherflower, enjoying the midnight's cool air.

"We have all kinds of powers. We can reach into other beings' consciousness, we can destroy anything in our way, control fire, ice, water, or any other element you can concive. Some of us even work for Rth'cha and others of that nature, like your Starclan. We have been known to create things for their use. Some of us even used to be able to talk to Tal'alkj..."

"Tal'alkj?" Heatherflower repeated in the form of a question.

"What you call Twolegs. But none of us have been able to do that for awhile. Only certain types of Maj'atj can do that, but they havn't existed since, well, in a very long time. Course, the Tal'alk had to know how to talk to us as well. I think it might be a taboo to them now."

"What did those maj'atj look like, Ju'tan?"

"Well, they were mostly black. Others types could converse with Tal'alkj too, but the Tal'alkj would usually pick the black ones."

"Why?" Heatherflower asked.

"D'know. I personally think it was just prejudice."

They mrrrowed with laughter for awhile, but it was Heatherflower that broke the laughter.

"I need to go home, Ju'tan. Do you think I can see you tomorrow night?"

"Fine with me."

Ju'tan and Heatherflower rolled over to get up, and all of the sudden to their surprise, they were whisker to whisker, eye to eye.

They didn't let the event faze them, and Ju'tan silently escorted Heatherflower back to Wyid'grth.

Chapter Two

Coming soon!

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