Crookedstar- huge, light fawn tabby tom with green eyes and a twisted jaw


Oakheart- handsome,reddish-brown tom with amber eyes and long, glossy coat

Medicine Cat:

Mudfur- light brown tom with wide shoulder and amber eyes


Owlfur- sleek, brown-and-white tom with a white muzzle and green eyes

Apprentice, Vixenpaw

Softwing- small, snowy white she-cat with brown tabby patches, and green eyes

Whitefang- white tom with brown tabby markings

Voleclaw- wiry, grey tom with green eyes and long coat

Beetlenose- long-haired, broad-shoulder black tom with amber eyes

Frogleap- gray tabby with a heavily striped tail

Sunfish- Pale, light brown she-cat with long feathery fur and yellow eyes

Skyheart- brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

Blackclaw- muscular, smoky- black tom with torn ear tip and yellow


Reedtail- pale gray tabby tom with amber eyes and a heavily striped tail

Loudbelly- large, deep brown ticked tabby tom with striped legs and amber eyes

Apprentice, Silverpaw

Leopardfur- pale golden she-cat with dark tabby spots and amber eyes

Apprentice, Whitepaw

Dawnbright- reddish-brown-and-white she-cat with ginger tabby patches and green eyes

Apprentice, Ivypaw

Mallowtail-white she-cat with pale reddish-brown and brown tabby patches and green eyes

Apprentice, Grasspaw

Greenflower- plump, brown tabby she-cat with a white splash under her chin and light green eyes

Stonefur- thick-furred gray tom with shredded ears and deep amber eyes

Mistyfoot- pale gray she-cat with sleek fur and clear green eyes


Ivypaw- brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Whitepaw- gray and white tom with white paws, chest and hazel eyes

Silverpaw- silver she-cat with black marking stripes and bright green eyes

Grasspaw- fluffy, reddish-brown tom with lighter tipped fur and amber eyes

Vixenpaw- black she-cat with amber eyes


Sedgecreek- long-hair, brown tabby she-cat with a long tail and amber eyes( Mother to Voleclaw's kits: Heavykit, reddish-brown thickset tabby tom with green eyes, Shadekit, tufted dark gray she-kit with hazel eyes.)

Petaldust- smoke-tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes ( Mother to Whitefang's kits: Mosskit, calico she-kit with blue eyes, Silverkit, black-and-white she-kit with green eyes)


Ottersplash- black-and-white she-cat with ginger patches and green eyes

Echomist- smoky black tortioseshell she-cat with hazel eyes

Fallowtail- light brown she-cat with green eyes

Cedarpelt- large dark brown tabby tom with short tail and green eyes

Lakeshine- gray and white she-cat with blue eyes

Graypool- skinny gray she-cat with yellow eyes retired early due to dementia


The RiverClan cats fell silent, the patrol leader Oakheart crouched down snorting as he raised his black nose to sniff the wind" ThunderClan isn't exactly the most quiet of cats." Blackclaw grunted in agreement his ear twitching, the wind blew lightly in his face.

Blackclaw flatten his ears against it, his eyes was darting for his personal Clan rival, Tigerclaw. Ever since the brutal Sunningrocks battle that claimed both Shimmerpelt and Piketooth, revenge drilled through his veins. Rumors rose from the Clans that Thistleclaw and Tigerclaw had killed the warriors.

He gotten his revenge on Thistleclaw when Thistleclaw took on his entire patrol and now Tigerclaw was next. " All hiss and no bite." Blackclaw pricked his ears as the claw-moon light reveal a small brown tabby, probably little taller then a apprentice marched forward.

Blackclaw flexed his shoulders, he heard Redtail snap" Dustpaw get in the back of the patrol." A low growl sounded from Grasspaw who was in the back of the patrol. He glanced at Mistyfoot, who was behind him. The gray she-cat was almost silver in the moon-light. He admired the she-cat but this was going to be a battle, there was no time for admiring.

The wind suddenly changed direction, lightly ruffling the back hairs on Blackclaw's back. Oakheart hissed silently" Attack." Oakheart raced forward, Blackclaw followed him running besides Whitefang and Petaldust. Blackclaw lunge at Fuzzypelt, Fuzzypelt turned around but he was too slow.

Blackclaw crashed into Fuzzypelt, Blackclaw reared up and slashed at his muzzle rhythmically, Fuzzypelt yowled in fury. Fuzzypelt then rolled and leaped to his paws, Blackclaw lunge forward and sank his jaws into Fuzzypelt shoulder, using his weight he dragged Fuzzypelt down.

Blackclaw clawed open Fuzzypelt's belly, he then reared up and pin down Fuzzypelt. Fuzzypelt raked his claws at his belly, Blackclaw let go and snarled. A yowl made Blackclaw turn his head sharply" Reinforcements from the river." Blackclaw snarled at Fuzzypelt" Just retreat Sunningrocks is ours."

A cat crashed into Blackclaw, Blackclaw turn to an apprentice. Blackclaw eyes gleamed at a easily won fight, Blackclaw sank his claws into his shoulders and claw down, the black apprentice yowl in pain and claw at his muzzle. The wound stung only for a moment before Fuzzypelt turn to join the apprentice and sank his teeth into his hindleg. Blackclaw sank his jaws around the back of his neck and rolled flinging him off.

A screech made Blackclaw head snap and the battle stopped. Oakheart head appeared from the rocks and Redtail lay beside, standing near was Tigerclaw. Reedtail bounded up snarling" You killed our deputy." Tigerclaw hissed" You killed ours."

Blackclaw race to stand beside Reedtail" You still want to fight, your out numbered." Tigerclaw grabbed Redtail's limp body, growling" You will regret today." Blackclaw snarled at Tigerclaw as the ThunderClan warriors left, Oakheart death gave him another reason to hate ThunderClan.

Chapter 1

"Vixenpaw hurry up, you'll be late for the dawn patrol." Vixenpaw gave a yawn glaring at her best friend Silverpaw" I'm coming, Silverpaw." Silverpaw dash out of the apprentice den, Vixenpaw followed giving a luxurious stretch before following. Vixenpaw flicked her tail" What are we doing today?" Owlfur glance at her before at the territory" We're joining a border patrol. Vixenpaw flicked her tail" Who's leading it, I hope it's not with Blackclaw or Reedtail." Owlfur rolled his eyes" Who ever leading it, it should not matter to you."

Vixenpaw lash her thick tail crossly, she hoped it wasn't to the along the willows or the thickest reeds. Her tail had a habit of catching every little debris. Grooming her tail seemed to be a waste of effort since more debris was bound to get stuck . As beautiful as she though her crow black pelt was, it was perhaps more annoying that it got stuck in every mossy tendril during her sleep. If she had time to do it at dawn, she spend until sunhigh getting every little tangle out. Sometimes her mother Sunfish or even occasionally Beetlenose would help but sometimes she would give up. It didn't help that tucking in fresh moss every other night, one night's rest and her pelt was a disastrously messed up.

Vixenpaw start grooming at the base of her tail swiping at the little knots which was tangled with moss tendrils from last's night's sleep. She felt the knot loosen and the tug the moss tendril from her pelt. Vixenpaw's grooming wasn't very long though after pulling out all the moss tendrils free from her tail, Leopardfur had announce the patrol leader.

Giving her pelt one more glance over, Vixenpaw glance up for the patrol leader. It was Greenflower, the plump brown tabby she-cat looked proud leading her first patrol. Vixenpaw knew Greenflower had been waiting for her chance at leading the patrol, Mistyfoot had led one and Stonefur led a couple. Greenflower meowed" If it's okay with you Owlfur, I brought Frogleap, Skyheart and Mistyfoot."

Owlfur nodded giving a confident meow" It's fine Greenflower." Greenflower flicked her tail and led the cats out of camp. Vixenpaw padded after Owlfur, her eyes narrowed. Greenflower was leading them towards the gorge, normally the border patrol would go to the ThunderClan border first.

Vixenpaw yowled" I think we're suppose to be going towards the ThunderClan border." Greenflower stopped glancing back" We're are?" Vixenpaw nodded" Yep, we are." Greenflower meow softly her tail swaying behind her uncertianly" But I thought this direction was fine." Greenflower looked down at her paws, all her pride at leading her first patrol clearly gone. Owlfur padded over to Vixenpaw cuffing her over the ears" Greenflower was doing just fine, when we're get back to camp you will be searching for ticks understood?"

Vixenpaw meow" Yes, Owlfur." Vixenpaw wrinkled her nose, though there less ticks in RiverClan's territory. She still hate using mouse bile for ticks. Vixenpaw followed Owlfur in silence glancing over at the WindClan border, she couldn't stand the thought of running across the moorland just to catch rabbits, even with that WindClan was still skinny.

After marking the scent markers along the WindClan border, Vixenpaw was bored but she followed the patrol at the rear incase of danger. Every step seemed to boost Greenflower's confidence as she trotted faster and faster to the ThunderClan border. Vixenpaw glance around wishing she had her brother Grasspaw here or even Silverpaw to gossip with. If Grasspaw was here a prank would had been done to probably Greenflower or even Owlfur. Silverpaw was different.

" I hope I become a mentor soon." Skyheart had meowed talking to Mistyfoot. Mistyfoot meowed" I don't want to be a mentor yet." Skyheart nudged her roughly" Oh I forgot, your too busy mooning over Blackclaw." Mistyfoot seemed to raise her head in surprise" I'm not." Skyheart snickered" Yeah right, don't act like you don't like my brother."

" Hush, we're near the border." Greenflower gave a soft hiss sniffing the air" ThunderClan hasn't crossed here." Owlfur glance at her" Since you can't behave, you don't get to come with us to mark the scent markers, stay where you are." Vixenpaw remain where she was scowling until the warriors came back. Greenflower meowed" Let's go back to camp, I'm sure the hunting patrol are back."

Greenflower led the patrol back to camp, her head tilted proudly and her tail raised proud. Vixenpaw grunted, one day she would be leading every patrol. ThunderClan would never win and take Sunningrocks from them ever again. Perhaps she would become the most powerful cat in the forest one day.

Chapter 2

Vixenpaw sat down searching Cedarpelt's pelt for ticks. The ticks was as usual, was a rare sight. Some on Graypool and one on Echomist. Vixenpaw dabbed the mouse bile on the tick spotted on Cedarpelt's tail. " Well Vixenpaw, what did you do this time to get in trouble?" Echomist purred. Vixenpaw lash her tail" Nothing much, I just told Greenflower she was going the wrong way." Cedarpelt grumbled" Well it was her first time leading a patrol." Vixenpaw grunted annoyed dabbing at another tick on Cedarpelt's back. " I got them all." Vixenpaw pushed the mouse bile out of the den and to the dirt place before turning around and padding to the river, she wrinkled her nose at the strong smell.

Vixenpaw stepped into the river, the flow of the river washing the stink of the mouse bile from her paws. She stepped out of the river, shaking her pelt before padding back into camp. In the Clearing, Softwing and Owlfur was dozing in the clearing. While Sedgecreek watched the kits play outside the nursery. Heavykit pounce on Shadekit's and both kits went tumbling on the ground. Vixenpaw glance around for one more cat that might be close by: Voleclaw.

Vixenpaw glance around trying to pinpoint the silver gray tom. There he is. Voleclaw was with Beetlenose and Skyheart. Though Beetlenose was in the conservation, there was something the way oddly intimate the way Voleclaw and Skyheart was staring at each other. Well, it's not surprise condisering how bad Voleclaw and Sedgecreek broke up. Glancing over to Sedgecreek, Sedgecreek was watching Voleclaw and Skyheart with a hurt look in her eyes.

When Sedgecreek announced her pregnancy, now it was 6 moons ago, Vixenpaw had been only 3 moons old at the time. She remember how excited she was to have a new playmates other then Grasspaw, Whitepaw, Silverpaw and Ivypaw. Every cat was aware of tensions between Voleclaw and Sedgecreek, but the Clan hoped these kits would finally bring them together.

Perhaps it became Sedgecreek's worse nightmare. Though Heavykit had the silver that Voleclaw had, Voleclaw told the Clan that Heavykit looked so different from him that he couldn't be his kit. After Sedgecreek's and Voleclaw's agrument, Voleclaw broke up with Sedgecreek. The rest of the Clan called Voleclaw many things, mainly fishbrain and minnowbrain.

Vixenpaw let her gaze wonder across the camp's clearing. Blackclaw, as eye-catching as he was, was over by the warrior's den twining his tail with Mistyfoot. Vixenpaw snorted" All this stupid love is disgusting." Vixenpaw padded to the apprentice den and watched from there.

Reedtail, Stonefur and Loudbelly had came back from hunting, all three of their mouths was stuffed with fish and a mouse from Loudbelly. Trailing behind them Silverpaw, had tilted her head proudly carrying the largest prey out of the hunting patrol.

Vixenpaw started grooming her fur again, trying to get rid of any tangles or debris that she picked up on Greenflower's border patrol. " Vixenpaw, Vixenpaw, guess what." Vixenpaw around for the source, Heavykit tail stuck up meowing" What are you doing." Vixenpaw grumbled" Being away from annoying pipsqueaks." Heavykit meow" I'm not a pipsqueak."

Vixenpaw casually licked her paw, listening with one ear pricked. Heavykit meowed sadly" Voleclaw won't play with me, he said the game was for Shadekit and their adventure." Vixenpaw meowed" Well maybe he has a special game for just you." Heavykit shook his head" He never has anything special for me, it's always Shadekit he spends time with. He doesn't even like me."

Vixenpaw yawned" Well I would help you but I am too busy." Heavykit tilt his head" You don't look too busy." Vixenpaw snorted laying down" Well I am go play with Silverkit and Mosskit." Heavykit scrambled off to Silverkit and Mosskit who was playing moss ball. " Vixenpaw glance up from her resting spot. Shadekit and Voleclaw was playing moss ball while Sedgecreek was talking to Reedtail and Loudbelly.

Cedarpelt was padding to the stones to rest on with Lakeshine and Fallowtail. The stones only appeared in green-leaf in the water was low enough. Though as much Vixenpaw would like to get on them,she would be told to get off by a senior warrior or a elder. Vixenpaw spotted Ottersplash meowing comforting words to Graypool as the two cats headed to the fresh-kill pile. It was no secret that Graypool still should be a warrior fighting along her clanmates but her memory was becoming weaker and weaker. So last season Graypool become an elder and her mind still becoming weaker, the elders took turns guiding Graypool.

As for Ottersplash, losing her mate was the final push for her retirement. Every cat in the Clan knew Ottersplash was becoming old, Timberfur lost his life in the ThunderClan skirmish that also claim Shimmerpelt and Piketooth. Though it also had taken the life of a ThunderClan warrior, Thistleclaw. Ottersplash had retire soon after in grief.

Vixenpaw rose to her paws and padded over to the edge of the river, watching the territory. She felt a strange prickle of nervousness for some reason, some reason not to trust any cat in the other Clans. Vixenpaw glance at the sky, wondering what to come.

Chapter 3

" Vixenpaw you have to be faster to avoid other cats, remember cats will be attacking you fiercely in battle." Vixenpaw nodded crouching down waiting for her Whitepaw to attack her. Whitepaw sprang at her and Vixenpaw sprang to the side, turning and leaping at Whitepaw pawing his head with sheathed claws.

Whitepaw kicked her off and the two apprentices was circling cautiously around each other. Vixenpaw lash a paw out but Whitepaw leaped back and the blow never connected. With a yowl Vixenpaw push off her hindlegs and launch herself in the air. Whitepaw twisted on his back, he splayed out all four legs, claws extended.With a yowl of surprise,Vixenpaw landed on his belly , and immediately Whitepaw fasten his four sets of claws in her shoulders and haunches then rolled over, pinning Vixenpaw.

" Enough," Leopardfur meowed. Vixenpaw wiggled out giving him a glare of angry, how did he predict she was going to pin him, Whitepaw had never paid much attention. Leopardfur meowed" That was good Whitepaw and Vixenpaw, but you have to be quicker if your going to use that move." Vixenpaw said nothing just glaring angry at Whitepaw, who had a smug look on his face" Leopardfur, can I battle one of the warriors, battling apprentices is too easy." Vixenpaw gave a sharp hiss of annoyance. How dare Whitepaw think he was better then her. Leopardfur nodded" Of course, you will be a warrior sooner if you do."

Whitepaw head raised higher and Vixenpaw growled" Arrogant fool." Whitepaw padded to her thrusting his muzzle in her face" Just because I will be a better warrior doesn't mean you have to be rude." Vixenpaw growled" Just because your about to be a warrior doesn't mean your better then me."

" Both of you enough." Owlfur growl had rang out at the beech corpse. Vixenpaw glared at Whitepaw before back at Owlfur. Owlfur sighed" Vixenpaw, I want a word with you." Vixenpaw open her jaw but Owlfur snapped" Now." Vixenpaw padded over to her mentor feeling Whitepaw smug glare at her. Vixenpaw padded after Owlfur in silence before Owlfur sighed" Vixenpaw, why did you almost start a fight." Vixenpaw growled," it's Whitepaw, he's an arrogant cat." Owlfur turn to face her" and he's your clanmate, you will be fighting side by side one day."

Owlfur meowed" Now your going to the gathering tonight, so don't be rude and come on." Vixenpaw padded behind Owlfur dragging her tail behind her. The two cats return in silence." Go get something to eat, Vixenpaw, we're leaving soon." Vixenpaw padded over to get something to eat, she grabbed a carp and a water vole and padded over sitting down and start eating the carp. Silverpaw meowed" Vixenpaw, Vixenpaw, I'm going to the gathering."

Vixenpaw ears pricked up" Congratulations Silverpaw." Then return to eating her carp. Silverpaw meow" What's wrong with you?" Vixenpaw lash her thick tail" It's Whitepaw, he thinks he's better then us since Leopardfur is considering making him a warrior." Silverpaw jaw open" That's not fair, we been training longer then him." Vixenpaw rolled her eyes. " Do you think Leopardfur or Whitepaw cares."

" Care about what." Whitepaw stood at the entrance of the apprentice den, his amber gaze narrowed. Vixenpaw snapped her feeling her green eyes full of anger" Care about you becoming a warrior faster then us but you been training for less time."

Whitepaw growled" So that's your fault, your too pathetic to advance to a warrior." Silverpaw snapped." Oh wait until I tell Crookedstar, you and Leopardfur will be in trouble." Whitepaw thrust his muzzle in Silverpaw's face." Going to run to daddy? That what you always do anyways."

Vixenpaw flicked her tail in annoyance." Ignore him, he can talk all he wants but he still can't hunt as good as us." As Whitepaw open his jaws, Grasspaw race in with Ivypaw at his tail." Guess what, we passed out hunting assessment." Silverpaw meowed, all her angry temper gone." That's great."

Grasspaw puffed out his chest in pride while Ivypaw sat beside him, her eyes shining with pride. Vixenpaw meowed to her brother." Are you going to the Gathering." Grasspaw gave a eager nodded." Of course." Whitepaw grunted glaring at Vixenpaw and Silverpaw." I don't see why all of you get to go."

Vixenpaw rolled her eyes, there was no point of arguing with Whitepaw. Grasspaw glance over his shoulder." I think we're about to leave." Vixenpaw leaped to her paws giving her pelt a quick check before padding out. Vixenpaw padded up to the group, she saw Owlfur, Softwing, Dawnbright, Mallowtail, Loudbelly, Beetlenose and Voleclaw with Reedtail, Greenflower and Skyheart. Leopardfur and Crookedstar was in a deep talk with each other.

Vixenpaw gave Whitepaw a glare of hatred before hearing Silverpaw meow" I wish Whitepaw wasn't so arrogant." Vixenpaw sat still as a rock knowledging Silverpaw with a flick of her ear. She wasn't going to let Whitepaw become a warrior before her.

Chapter 4

Vixenpaw padded across the twoleg bridge, her and Silverpaw was walking together in silence. Vixenpaw glance ahead Crookedstar and Leopardfur who was still talking. This time Dawnbright, Mallowtail, Loudbelly, Owlfur was in the talk too. Vixenpaw muttered" I want to know what there talking about." Whitepaw turn around smirking" Probably about how behind you are on your training."

Vixenpaw growled" Shut up." Whitepaw sneered." Jealous, vixie." Vixenpaw rolled her eyes." It's Vixenpaw, not Vixie." Whitepaw snickered" Right." Vixenpaw open her jaws to snarl at him but Grasspaw's exicited yowl silence her" We're here." Vixenpaw spotted the four large trees at marked the four oaks and the gathering place. Crookedstar turn to the warriors" Be on your best behavior and do not mention nothing about Oakheart or Sunningrocks got it?

Reedtail bristled but said nothing, and Crookedstar turn and padded down to the great oaks. Vixenpaw padded over to the apprentices, both apprentices from ThunderClan and WindClan was gathered. Thrushpaw, the WindClan apprentices was speaking," Me and Stonepaw will have our final assessment tomorrow." Stonepaw, who was Thrushpaw's brother meowed." Yeah, and I am the best runner in WindClan."'

Whitepaw meow flicking her tail." I'm the best fighter in RiverClan." Vixenpaw rolled her eyes in annoyance. A couple times of losing against Whitepaw makes Whitepaw thinks he the best. Vixenpaw padded away from Whitepaw, she growled. "Why should I be second to any cat, Whitepaw is nothing more then a pathetic arrogant mousebrain fishbr-." Vixenpaw straggered back, she glance up a brown tabby tom narrow his amber eyes at her" Umm... Sorry." The brown tabby growled." I suppose your RiverClan."

Vixenpaw nodded and started backing away. The brown tabby meowed." Why so nervous? we're under a truce." Vixenpaw glance back she couldn't see her clanmates anymore" Nothing..." The brown tabby circled her slowly." What's your name?" Vixenpaw stammered in fear, she didn't trust this tom. He looked much older then her." Vixenpaw."

The brown tabby eyes seem to glow with interest." I'm Tigerclaw." Vixenpaw stepped back glancing up at Tigerclaw, this was the warrior that killed Shimmerpelt, Piketooth and Timberfur. Vixenpaw stammer" I should get back to my clanmates, there wondering where I am.. Maybe we can see each other next gathering.." Vixenpaw meowed not trying to be rude to Tigerclaw.

Tigerclaw eyes gleamed." Yes Vixenpaw... One day we will be with each other." Vixenpaw turn and padded away out of fear of Tigerclaw's behavior. She felt the dark tabby still watching her, no matter how fast she seem to walk he was still watching her. Her pelt prickle in fear as she weave through the cats at the gathering. " Vixenpaw." Vixenpaw jumped turning around into Beetlenose." The gathering is about to start." Beetlenose shifted over and Vixenpaw sat beside him. Beetlenose nudged her." What's wrong you don't seem exicited."

Vixenpaw let the events from today flash from Whitepaw's arrogance to Tigerclaw's creepiness. Vixenpaw just stared at her paws. Bluestar stepped forward." ThunderClan welcomes a new apprentice name Firepaw." Beetlenose narrowed his eyes. Bluestar meowed" That is all we have to share." Bluestar stepped back letting Tallstar speak" Morningflower has moved to the nursery and Ashfoot has given birth to a single kit name Eaglekit."

As Crookedstar stepped forward to speak, Brokenstar shoved his way through baring his teeth" Move twisted mouth." The whole clan heard it and some cats gave a snarl, Beetlenose snarled" At least we don't have to share a border with those crow-fooding stinking cats." Brokenstar yowled" ShadowClan is stronger than even," Brokenstar announced with triumph in his eyes." We have been challenged on each border, but have won in every battle!" Brokenstar's gaze rake across the cats in the clearing below." Let all Clans know that we will tolerate no trespassing, no prey-stealing, no dishonor." He narrowed his eyes, as if defying any cat to comment. " And we have a new apprentice: Badgerpaw," he finished.

Crookedstar stepped forward" Sedgecreek's and Petaldust kits are thriving. Our deputy Oakheart died in a battle against ThunderClan." Crookedstar shot a angry glare at Bluestar before returning his gaze to the gathered cats," Our new deputy is Leopardfur." Yowls for Leopardfur rose in the clearing for all but Vixenpaw remain silent, she suddenly felt too scared to speak.

Crookedstar nodded." If there is no news to share, the gathering is over." Crookedstar leaped down and Beetlenose nudged her." Come on, you haven't spoke all Gathering. You must want to go home." Vixenpaw nodded padding after after Beetlenose slowly. The two cats started the walk to camp in silence, it was Beetlenose who broke it." I never seen you so quiet Vixenpaw." Vixenpaw muttered softly." It's nothing in all honesty." Beetlenose turn around standing in front of Vixenpaw." Vixenpaw, you have to tell me, what is going on?"

Vixenpaw open her jaw but said nothing she just race her head through the events. Tigerclaw scared her, the way she looked at her, the way he circled her and the way his eyes burn into her own. Beetlenose said nothing just padded on, Vixenpaw glance at the full moon before following her father, how long was Tigerclaw going to scare her.

Chapter 5

Vixenpaw curled up in the nest, she wanted to go to sleep but she felt too scared as if Tigerclaw was going to get her in her nest. Vixenpaw glance up spotting the apprentice padding inside." Thrushpaw tells good jokes." That was Grasspaw's voice. " Hey Vixenpaw." Vixenpaw glance up at her brother." Reedtail said he spotted you and Beetlenose living and Tigerclaw was looking for you." Vixenpaw flatten her ears glancing up." He was?"

Whitepaw narrow his eyes." Yeah, he was. Don't tell me you been meeting up with Timberfur's murderer?" Vixenpaw eyes widen." I haven't he-." Whitepaw snarled." Liar, you she-cats never learn about what happens with forbidden relationships. Fallowtail kits were taken away from her because they were part WindClan." Vixenpaw snarled back at Whitepaw." Don't act like I don't know what happen to Fallowtail, I'm not meeting up with him, he's been a warrior for seasons and I am just an apprentice."

Whitepaw gave another angry snarl but before he could lunge he stopped himself, Grasspaw blocked Whitepaw," My sister won't meet with Tigerclaw, you know how aggressive he is towards us. Maybe he was just going to attack her at the gathering." Whitepaw glared down at Vixenpaw who was laying down." Maybe... I doubt that.." Grasspaw growled," Well leave my sister alone."

Whitepaw padded to his nest." Are you sure Vixenpaw isn't meeting up with any cat Grasspaw? Vixenpaw is a... fine prize to be won." Vixenpaw gave a hiss and turn her back to Whitepaw, from some reason Whitepaw comment was less disturbing then Tigerclaw's. Vixenpaw could only curl up and hope for sleep.

The light woke Vixenpaw up, she wanted to stay in her nest. What if Tigerclaw spotted her, then Whitepaw won't be the only cat to accuse her of betrayal. Vixenpaw stretched and padded out, in the clearing Sunfish was talking to Owlfur. Vixenpaw didn't bother to clean the tangle or the moss tendrils from her pelt.

" I thought talking to Vixenpaw would help, she been acting strange ever since the gathering, she didn't even stay to talk to the other apprentices." That voice is Owlfur. Sunfish had tilted her head," Maybe something happen at the Gathering." Owlfur tail sway behind him," Well she was pretty upset about Whitepaw but Crookedstar said all the apprentices will have their assessment soon."

Sunfish meowed," Well I think spending a day off would help her." Vixenpaw meowed for the first time since meeting Tigerclaw," Actually I'm fine." Sunfish gave her a stare," Well Beetlenose said you were quiet and look like you wanted to say something and Reedtail thinks your meeting with Tigerclaw." Vixenpaw eyes grew wide with shock" Of course I'm not meeting with Tigerclaw, he's an warrior and I'm just an apprentice."

Owlfur glance at her, his eyes unreadable," Well you need to tell us everything.Everything."

Vixenpaw sighed," Whitepaw was bragging again so I padded off during the gathering, I bumped into Tigerclaw. I didn't know how far I strayed away when Tigerclaw was acting.. off. He said I must be RiverClan, I guess it's because of our scent." Owlfur nodded, glancing down at her" Go on Vixenpaw."

Vixenpaw sighed, giving a forced meow" He circled him as almost as if I was prey and asked me for my name. I told him because it would be rude and I told him I had to leave and he said we be with each other, what does that mean?"

Sunfish snarled causing many heads to pop up from eating the morning catches" If he touch my daughter, I will rip his head off." Vixenpaw grumbled glancing at her mother," I can defend myself." Sunfish lash her tail, her green eyes more furious then she could ever recall seeing her mother," Not against a seasoned warrior neither less a murderer."

" What's going on?"

The voice was Beetlenose, he padded to Sunfish pressing against her" You sound angry." Sunfish snarled," I'm angry Beetlenose, Tigerclaw is harassing Vixenpaw." Beetlenose curled his lip, his amber eyes angry." Wait until the next battle, I will tear him apart." Vixenpaw said nothing, she didn't want to face ThunderClan in battle anymore, she was scared of seeing Tigerclaw. What if she was a ThunderClan prisoner?

" Maybe a day of hunting will take your mind off things." Owlfur flicked his tail," Come on Vixenpaw. The sooner the better." Vixenpaw followed Owlfur trailing behind him, she watched Owlfur head towards the river and flick his tail. Vixenpaw position herself to where her shadow was at the water before flashing a paw curving it and striking the fish out of the water. She quickly nipped its neck and dropped it.

Owlfur meowed sniffing the fish," that a nice catch, Vixenpaw." Vixenpaw nodded and just aim for another carp, she flash a paw curving it and striking the fish, she slammed it to the rock and it fell limp. Owlfur meowed, " You normally proud Vixenpaw." Owlfur sat beside her.

Vixenpaw murmured" I just been thinking a lot that's all." Owlfur meowed," Tigerclaw won't get you, no matter what Vixenpaw. We have your back and RiverClan will protect you." Vixenpaw nodded though focused on the following water," I feel it Owlfur, one day we'll meet again and he will win."

Chapter 6

The green-leaf sun blazed down on the camp. Vixenpaw stretch giving a luxurious stretch. Vixenpaw glance over at Owlfur who was talking to Crookedstar with Mallowtail, Dawnbright, Loudbelly, Leopardfur. Vixenpaw tilted her head, maybe she'll become a warrior, she couldn't wait to become a warrior of RiverClan. Then dread slowly crept through her skin, becoming a warrior means meeting Tigerclaw as equal.

Vixenpaw shook the memory out of her head, she padded to Grasspaw sitting beside him," What do you think there doing?" As Grasspaw open his mouth, a growl responded to her question," probably confirming your a traitor." Vixenpaw hissed," I'm not a traitor."

Whitepaw glared down at her," Right.." Ivypaw snapped," She's not a traitor, Tigerclaw was just harassing her." The news had broke out to the whole Clan about Tigerclaw. The Clan had pity her and often the elders would comfort her when she was stressed out.

Whitepaw was still glaring at her, only Whitepaw hadn't believe the story. Whitepaw had become more arrogant each day, ever since Leopardfur had allow them to fight against warriors. All of them had start battle training against warriors.

" Vixenpaw, Grasspaw, Silverpaw, Whitepaw and Ivypaw. Your going to the moonstone today." Vixenpaw eyes brighten her tail swaying existed behind her. "R-really?" Leopardfur nodded and tilt her head in the direction of Mudfur's den." You better get herbs for strength, it's a long way to the moonstone." Vixenpaw scrambled to her paws, she couldn't wait to see her warrior ancestors.

Vixenpaw padded to the Medicine Cat den, Mudfur was laying down herbs for them, Silverpaw and Ivypaw was already eating their herbs. Vixenpaw glance at Mudfur before at the herbs in digust," Which one's mine?" Mudfur didn't glance up from setting down the last herb," Just pick one." Vixenpaw padded over to the one closest to Silverpaw and start eating, wrinkling her nose at the strong smell of the herbs.

Vixenpaw swallow the herbs wrinkling her nose in disgust. Vixenpaw padded out of the medicine cat den, tilting her head at her mentor," Don't you need traveling herbs." Owlfur shook his head, " We already had ours." Vixenpaw narrowed her eyes, gray speckles was appearing on his muzzle. Her mentor was getting old and with a jolt she realized, she was going to be his last apprentice.

Owlfur flick his tail," Come on, the sooner we get moving, the faster we'll reach the moonstone." Vixenpaw padded after Owlfur glancing at Mallowtail," Why do we need to reach the moonstone before moonhigh?" Mallowtail glance at Vixenpaw purring," You'll see." Vixenpaw tipped her head but padded on catching up to Silverpaw, purring" I can't wait." Silverpaw eyes brighten," Me either."

" Hush, Silverpaw, Vixenpaw. We're almost at WindClan territory." Leopardfur glared at them before padding ahead taking the lead. Vixenpaw followed Leopardfur, the wind started blowing hard. Leopardfur whisper barely reach her ear," We are in WindClan territory, stay quiet." Vixenpaw whispered lowly to Silverpaw," How do WindClan hunt like this." Silverpaw whispered," I don't know. I barely can hear myself."

" What are you doing in ShadowClan's territory."

Chapter 7

" Your territory?!" Owlfur echoed in disbelief, staring at the ShadowClan patrol. She recognize Brackenfoot and Clawface, one of the best warriors among the Clans. There was a gray tabby cat and a black tom with curled back ears and a small brown tabby beside the black tom. Clawface growled," Our territory, you heard Brokenstar, you fatties, no trespassing, now I suggest you to turn around." The black tom whispered something in the small cat ear and he race off.

Leopardfur eyes narrowed at the brown tabby who raced off," Is he even suppose to be an apprentice?" Brackenfoot said nothing while the gray tabby hissed," Yes, he is. Just because your apprentices are a little fatter doesn't mean our apprentices are not suppose to be apprentices." Vixenpaw hissed, unsheathing her claws. Beside her Silverpaw tensed, and Dawnbright hissed." We're are passing through to go to the moonstone, you can't stop us going or StarClan will be angry." Clawface lash his tail," Can't you go a different direction, Brokenstar has instructed no cats should be on our territory."

Owlfur growled," It's our only way to the moonstone." Brackenfoot growled," Then it looks like your not going leave." Whitepaw gave a deep growl from his throat, Loudbelly sneered stepping forward," What's a graying warrior and a group of crow-food smelling cats going to do?"

Brackenfoot growled, ready to attack. The black tom stepped forward," Let them pass." Clawface stared at the tom as if he ate crowfood, " Why? They are intruders, Mousewing." Mousewing meowed," And what harm would it do, their not hunting just crossing to the moonstone, StarClan would be furious at us if we stopped them and that would put more danger to our Clan then these..fat cats.

Loudbelly gave a low growl, but Clawface parted," Fine but if we scent that you been hunting on your way, we will tear your throat out." Vixenpaw felt uncomfortable at the glares of the ShadowClan cats. The RiverClan group traveled in silence before Whitepaw murmured," We should had fought them." Loudbelly grunted, glaring at Whitepaw" We have never fought them, they might be stronger then us."

Whitepaw glance over his shoulder," It's looks like we have too sooner or later." Vixenpaw quicken her pace to Ivypaw," What do you think will happen if we have to fight ShadowClan." Ivypaw looked thoughful," I think we would win." Vixenpaw nodded," Maybe we'll win, but we would also lose and we would have to share our territory with ShadowClan." Leopardfur growled glancing at the moor," I won't call it sharing." Owlfur meowed," This could mean a lot to our Clan

" Yeah, like seeing those stinky crow-food cats near our territory." Grasspaw snickered. Owlfur snapped," Grasspaw be serious, we may have a war with ShadowClan." Grasspaw rolled his eyes and padded after Mallowtail.

The patrol reached to the end of WindClan territory, Owlfur meowed softly," Once you look both ways run and do not look back." Vixenpaw nodded and Owlfur glance around the thunderpath checking for two monsters before giving a yowl," Now." Owlfur race across the thunderpath and Vixenpaw followed her mentor, her fur was bristle out as fur as it would go. Her heart was racing and she could had swore her mentor could here it.

Vixenpaw flung herself off the thunderpath, tumbling over paws and breathed heavily, Vixenpaw glance around for her clanmates. Leopardfur was the last cat to dash across with Whitepaw in front of her. Vixenpaw sighed in relief as all her clanmates reach the thunderpath safely.

Dawnbright purred," We're almost there, the thunderpath is quieter on the way back." Vixenpaw stayed close to the back as Leopardfur confidently led the way towards highstones. Leopardfur purred," We're here, we can hunt a little while." Vixenpaw nodded and padded off in search of prey. Vixenpaw spotted a tiny mouse, creeping towards it. Leaning back on her haunches, she lunge and nipped the mouse on the back of its neck feeling it become limp in its jaws. Vixenpaw padded back holding the mouse and dropped it and started to eat the mouse.

Vixenpaw spotted Dawnbright's calico fur and Mallowtail's light brown patches with a mouse and a black bird. Vixenpaw wrinkled her nose at the blackbird. Mallowtail meowed," What birds are okay." Vixenpaw return to her mouse quickly eating the mouse, though she didn't feel too hungry due to the herbs.

In the night, she spotted Grasspaw,Whitepaw, Silverpaw and Ivypaw returning with Loudbelly and Owlfur. Leopardfur glance up at the night sky, " We should hurry, moonhigh is almost among us." Leopardfur flicked her tail and start padding at a brisk trot. Vixenpaw hurried to catch up, padding behind Leopardfur.

Leopardfur stepped into the tunnel and disappeared, Vixenpaw hesitated allowing Whitepaw, Grasspaw, Dawnbright and Mallowtail to pass. Whitepaw glance back throwing a sneer over his shoulder. Vixenpaw growled softly and padded after the patrol.

It was completely dark, Vixenpaw barely could see Dawnbright's white patches. Let alone any cat in that matter, Leopardfur hissed softly," Hurry." Vixenpaw start speeding up, she couldn't miss the moonstone's lighting not when she traveled so far. Leopardfur growled made her halt," We're here." Vixenpaw felt a cat bump into her and she shoved the cat," Watch out for Star-."

Blinding light suddenly covered the clearing, Vixenpaw closed her eyes before slowly opening them to adjust to the light. Vixenpaw jaw dropped at the sight of the moonstone," It's really big as Beetlenose said it was." Leopardfur flicked her tail to the moonstone," Touch your nose to the stone." Vixenpaw lay down beside Grasspaw and touch her nose, sleep came instantly.

Vixenpaw stood at the clearing, watching the cats. She was in RiverClan camp surrounded by her clanmates, who where cheering," Vixentail, Vixentail." Vixenpaw felt pride rush through her, my warrior name! Suddenly she felt herself being watched, Tigerclaw. The tom in a den, she watch him mouthing words. His eyes sparkling with interest, Vixenpaw tried to run but her paws was rooted. Tigerclaw was suddenly padding closer and closer to her until...

" Wake up Vixenpaw."

Vixenpaw eyes shot up glancing up at Grasspaw," We're leaving and you was kicking me." Vixenpaw scrambled to her paws," Sorry, did I miss anything up?" Grasspaw shook his head," No it was great, I saw this cat name.." Vixenpaw wasn't listening to the rest, she glance at the stone before padding towards the entrance, StarClan.. what's going to happen to me..

Chapter 8

" A good day for fishing, don't you think, Vixenpaw."

Vixenpaw rolled over, laying on the soft sand." I think so, Ivypaw." Ivypaw sat up," Greenleaf fishing is fun." Vixenpaw purred," Of course it would be, so is swimming." Vixenpaw licked her paw trying to get the sand off her.

" Crookedstar, Crookedstar."

The yowl came from Whitefang. Behind him was Softwing, Greenflower and Frogleap racing into camp. Crookedstar padded out of his," What is it?" Softwing stepped forward," Twolegs are fishing from the river, their not a fish in sight."

Vixenpaw sat up quickly, twolegs normally visit for greenleaf but never according to Sunfish that they fished in the river. Crookedstar stood at the Clanrock, yowling" Let all cats old enough to swim gather to hear my words." Vixenpaw padded a little closer to sit down, Ivypaw sat beside her. Meanwhile Whitefang sat next to Crookedstar while the patrol was sitting towards the front.

Leopardfur padded to the Clanrock, while her apprentice Whitepaw padded towards them. " Maybe I be a warrior today." Vixenpaw grunted," Maybe you be another apprentice." Whitepaw glared at her, " At least I'm not pathetic as you." Ivypaw hissed,"Quiet, Crookedstar's speaking." Crookedstar was glancing down his tail swaying behind him," The twolegs are starting to fish from the river, we must be more warily about what we eat and where we go. "

Murmurs of worry spread through the gather cats. Ivypaw murmured," What would that mean for us?" Vixenpaw flicked her tail glancing up, Crookedstar meowed" Leopardfur I want double the hunting patrols." Leopardfur tilted her head," That would ThunderClan the chance to sneak over here." Crookedstar snapped," Then have more cats in the border patrols."

Crookedstar padded to his den, clearly signaling the meeting was dismissing the clan. Petaldust and Sedgecreek was speaking to each other in low hushed voices. Whitepaw pace around growling," We should take on those twolegs, Stonefur scared them before." Vixenpaw hissed," Are you fishbrain, twolegs are too huge for us to take on." Whitepaw growled," Your just scared." Vixenpaw" No I'm not scared." Whitepaw sat up," Then go and prove it."

" No cat will be proving anything." Whitefang padded towards them narrowing his eyes," The twolegs can get us anytime they please. Go off and be useful." Whitepaw glared at him before storming off puffing. Whitefang murmured," Go and see what Owlfur needs." Vixenpaw nodded padding off to see where was Owlfur. " Vixenpaw?"

Vixenpaw spun around, Greenflower was padding to her" What are you doing?" Vixenpaw meowed, her eyes narrowed" Looking for Owlfur." Greenflower flicked her tail," I think to Mudfur den." Vixenpaw nodded turning to head to Mudfur den

" Hey Greenflower." Vixenpaw spotted Reedtail out the corner out her eye, a plump trout was place at her paws." Don't you look like a vision from StarClan today." Before Vixenpaw heard Greenflower's response Vixenpaw moved on padding inside Mudfur's den. " I'm telling you Owlfur, your going to have to retire sooner or later, I can't just spend strengthening herbs."

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