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Crookedstar- huge, light fawn tabby tom with green eyes and a twisted jaw


Oakheart- handsome,reddish-brown tom with amber eyes and long, glossy coat

Medicine Cat:

Mudfur- light brown tom with wide shoulder and amber eyes


Owlfur- sleek, brown-and-white tom with a white muzzle and green eyes

Apprentice, Vixenpaw

Softwing- small, snowy white she-cat with brown tabby patches, and green eyes

Whitefang- white tom with brown tabby markings

Apprentice, Mosspaw

Voleclaw- wiry, grey tom with green eyes and long coat

Beetlenose- long-haired, broad-shoulder black tom with amber eyes

Petaldust- tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Frogleap- gray ticked tabby with a heavily striped tail

Sunfish- Pale, creamish-gray she-cat with long feathery fur and yellow eyes

Skyheart- dark brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

Blackclaw- muscular, smoky- black tom with torn ear tip and yellow


Reedtail- pale gray tabby tom with amber eyes and a heavily striped tail

Loudbelly- large, deep brown ticked tabby tom with striped legs and amber eyes

Apprentice, Silverpaw

Leopardfur- pale golden she-cat with dark tabby spots and amber eyes

Apprentice, Whitepaw

Dawnbright- reddish-brown-and-white she-cat with ginger tabby patches and green eyes

Apprentice, Ivypaw

Mallowtail-white she-cat with pale reddish-brown and brown tabby patches and green eyes

Apprentice, Grasspaw

Greenflower- plump, brown tabby she-cat with a white splash under her chin and light green eyes

Stonefur- thick-furred gray tom with shredded ears and deep amber eyes

Mistyfoot- pale gray she-cat with sleek fur and clear green eyes


Ivypaw- brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Whitepaw- gray and white tom with white paws, chest and hazel eyes

Silverpaw- silver she-cat with black marking stripes and bright green eyes

Grasspaw- fluffy, reddish-brown tom with lighter tipped fur and amber eyes

Vixenpaw- black she-cat with amber eyes

Mosspaw- tortioshell-and-white she-cat with blue eyes


Sedgecreek- long-hair, brown tabby she-cat with a long tail and amber eyes( Mother to Voleclaw's kits: Heavykit, reddish-brown thickset tabby tom with green eyes, Shadekit, tufted dark gray she-kit with hazel eyes.)


Ottersplash- black-and-white she-cat with ginger patches and green eyes

Echomist- smoky black tortioseshell she-cat with hazel eyes

Fallowtail- light brown she-cat with green eyes

Cedarpelt- large dark brown tabby tom with short tail and green eyes

Lakeshine- gray and white she-cat with blue eyes

Graypool- skinny gray she-cat with yellow eyes retired early due to dementia


The RiverClan cats fell silent, the patrol leader Oakheart crouched down snorting as he raised his black nose to sniff the wind" ThunderClan isn't exactly the most quiet of cats." Blackclaw grunted in agreement his ear twitching, the wind blew lightly in his face.

Blackclaw flatten his ears against it, his eyes was darting for his personal Clan rival, Tigerclaw. Ever since the brutal Sunningrocks battle that claimed both Shimmerpelt and Piketooth, revenge drilled through his veins. Rumors rose from the Clans that Thistleclaw and Tigerclaw had killed the warriors.

He gotten his revenge on Thistleclaw when Thistleclaw took on his entire patrol and now Tigerclaw was next. " All hiss and no bite." Blackclaw pricked his ears as the claw-moon light reveal a small brown tabby, probably little taller then a apprentice marched forward.

Blackclaw flexed his shoulders, he heard Redtail snap" Dustpaw get in the back of the patrol." A low growl sounded from Grasspaw who was in the back of the patrol. He glanced at Mistyfoot, who was behind him. The gray she-cat was almost silver in the moon-light. He admired the she-cat but this was going to be a battle, there was no time for admiring.

The wind suddenly changed direction, lightly ruffling the back hairs on Blackclaw's back. Oakheart hissed silently" Attack." Oakheart raced forward, Blackclaw followed him running besides Whitefang and Petaldust. Blackclaw lunge at Fuzzypelt, Fuzzypelt turned around but he was too slow.

Blackclaw crashed into Fuzzypelt, Blackclaw reared up and slashed at his muzzle rhythmically, Fuzzypelt yowled in fury. Fuzzypelt then rolled and leaped to his paws, Blackclaw lunge forward and sank his jaws into Fuzzypelt shoulder, using his weight he dragged Fuzzypelt down.

Blackclaw clawed open Fuzzypelt's belly, he then reared up and pin down Fuzzypelt. Fuzzypelt raked his claws at his belly, Blackclaw let go and snarled. A yowl made Blackclaw turn his head sharply" Reinforcements from the river." Blackclaw snarled at Fuzzypelt" Just retreat Sunningrocks is ours."

A cat crashed into Blackclaw, Blackclaw turn to an apprentice. Blackclaw eyes gleamed at a easily won fight, Blackclaw sank his claws into his shoulders and claw down, the black apprentice yowl in pain and claw at his muzzle. The wound stung only for a moment before Fuzzypelt turn to join the apprentice and sank his teeth into his hindleg. Blackclaw sank his jaws around the back of his neck and rolled flinging him off.

A screech made Blackclaw head snap and the battle stopped. Oakheart head appeared from the rocks and Redtail lay beside, standing near was Tigerclaw. Reedtail bounded up snarling" You killed our deputy." Tigerclaw hissed" You killed ours."

Blackclaw race to stand beside Reedtail" You still want to fight, your out numbered." Tigerclaw grabbed Redtail's limp body, growling" You will regret today." Blackclaw snarled at Tigerclaw as the ThunderClan warriors left, Oakheart death gave him another reason to hate ThunderClan.

Chapter 1

" Vixenpaw, we are guarding Sunningrocks today."

Vixenpaw padded after her mentor, Owlfur. She meowed" Would we get to fight ThunderClan, we need to avenge Oakheart." Owlfur rolled his eyes" You are just like your father, Beetlenose always talking about fighting ThunderClan."

Vixenpaw snorted in annoyance as she padded after Owlfur, she wanted to fight in the RiverClan battle but instead Grasspaw was chosen and he wasn't even a great fighter. Vixenpaw waited patiently waited with Owlfur for him to get the other cats joining him. Petaldust, Whitefang and Blackclaw appeared from the warriors den. Petaldust padded to Owlfur" We are guarding Sunningrocks, right?" Owlfur nodded" We won't start any fights unless it is absolute necessary, understand Blackclaw." Glancing at the Black tom, who had his claws unsheathed. Blackclaw growled" I understand."

Owlfur flicked his tail for the patrol to follow him, Vixenpaw narrowed her eyes at the Sunningrocks. This was where Oakheart killed Redtail and Tigerclaw killed Oakheart according to Reedtail and Blackclaw. Blackclaw swam across the river first followed by Owlfur and took the lead in front of Blackclaw. Vixenpaw climbed up the bank and spotted ThunderClan cats. Lionheart was at the head of the patrol followed by Tigerclaw, Fuzzypelt, Whitestorm, Willowpelt and an apprentice name Ravenpaw. Owlfur growled" What do you want Lionheart, this is RiverClan territory." Lionheart stepped forward" You don't deserve this land, you have slain our deputy and we will make sure he did not die in vain."

Blackclaw sprang forward" Slain Redtail?" Blackclaw echoed in disbelief" You slain Oakheart." Owlfur hissed softly" Quiet, Blackclaw." Lionheart growl" Either turn tail or fight like warriors not cowards." Owlfur whispered to Vixenpaw" Go tell Crookedstar to get a another patrol." Vixenpaw protest" But I want to fight." Owlfur hissed" Then hurry up." Vixenpaw turn tail and race to the camp, churning her paws quickly as she could.

Vixenpaw exploded into camp, cats turn to her as she panted" ThunderClan is at the Sunningrocks." Leopardfur, the new deputy that had been appointed snarl" How dare they, Crookedstar, who should I lead for this patrol." Crookedstar growled" Take Softwing, Beetlenose, Frogleap, Sunfish, Loudbelly, Greenflower, Mallowtail, Silverpaw." Leopardfur nodded flicking her tail to summon the RiverClan cats selected. Leopardfur growled" lead the way Vixenpaw." Vixenpaw nodded and charged to the battle,swimming through the water. Vixenpaw leaped out and shook her fur. She charged at the black apprentice, she dug her claws into his spine biting down on his ear.

The apprentice yowl rolling to crush her, Vixenpaw sprang off and faced the apprentice snarling. Vixenpaw sank her teeth into his shoulders, the apprentice squealed shaking her off, only to tear the wound more. Another cat slammed into her, she snarled at the she-cat raking her claws over its ears tearing a small nick. It was Tigerclaw, Tigerclaw pinned her down, she snarled clawing his belly until blood flowed freely. Tigerclaw straggered back in pain and Vixenpaw lashed his muzzle before running to find an another enemy.

Leopardfur yowled" Retreat RiverClan,we are outnumbered." Vixenpaw fled, racing to camp along side her father Beetlenose. She stopped once she had swam across the river with the other cats. Leopardfur was the last cat across glaring at the jeering ThunderClan cats" Let them cheer if they want, they are no better then rogues."

Chapter 2

Owlfur purred as she swiped her paw through the water catching a trout and she nipped its neck. " Nice catch, Vixenpaw, I think you can come to gathering tonight." Vixenpaw spun to Owlfur" The gathering?" Owlfur nodded" Come on." Vixenpaw followed her mentor, she dropped her fish but she then nearly stumbled over Heavykit.

Vixenpaw growled" Watch where your going." Heavykit flatten his ears and Vixenpaw rolled her eyes in annoyance before padding to her brother Grasspaw. Grasspaw was talking to Ivypaw and Silverpaw" ThunderClan thinks they are so strong. I showed Dustpaw who was boss." Vixenpaw sat down purring" Guess what?" Silverpaw cocked her head" What?" Ivypaw sweeped her tail against the sandy earth as Vixenpaw purred proudly" I am going to the Gathering." Grasspaw purred" So are we, and Whitepaw is too."

Vixenpaw sat down, rolling her eyes" Whitepaw gets to go to every Gathering." Ivypaw purred" I know." Vixenpaw snorted in annoyance as Whitepaw bounded up to them" Hey Vixenpaw, don't you look like a gift from StarClan." Vixenpaw rolled her eyes" Nice try, Whitepaw." Ivypaw was snorting in laughter behind her paw while Grasspaw and Silverpaw looked simply amused.

As Vixenpaw stalked off to the fresh-kill pile, Whitepaw dashed in front of her" Vixenpaw, let me get you a fish." Whitepaw grabbed the trout and carried it back to her. Vixenpaw hissed angrily" I can get my own fish, thank you very much." Whitepaw meowed" Well I got you one."

Vixenpaw snatched the fish and stalked off. Beetlenose race up to Vixenpaw with Sunfish at his side" I heard you coming to the Gathering." Vixenpaw rolled her eyes" Sure." Sunfish meow" Who ruffled your fur." Vixenpaw lash her tail irritated" Whtepaw, he likes me and I don't have any feelings for him." Sunfish purred" Well, you can't help him for that, Whitepaw is a good cat." Vixenpaw rolled her eyes" He is annoying as well."

Vixenpaw pay no attention to Sunfish's chattering, she wanted her mother advise on how to make Whitepaw back off, not why take him as a mate when she was a warrior. Vixenpaw padded off to the apprentice den with the fish that Whitepaw gave her. She sat in her nest, eating the trout before curling up for a nice nap.

" Hey, Vixenpaw, it time for the Gathering." Ivypaw prod her with a paw, she slowly dragged herself to her paws and gave a long luxurious stretch. The cats in the clearing was Owlfur, Frogleap, Blackclaw, Greenflower, Mistyfoot, Whitefang, Mallowtail, Dawnbright, Loudbelly and Petaldust along with Whitepaw. Mosspaw purred to Frogleap" Tell me all about the gathering."

Frogleap purred and nodded before turning to join the patrol. Vixenpaw followed Owlfur and Greenflower, Vixenpaw bounded up to Greenflower" Hey Greenflower." Greenflower purred" Hey, Vixenpaw, excited for the gathering." Vixenpaw nodded" This is your first one as a warrior right?" Greenflower meowed" Yes, it is."

Vixenpaw purred" Did you see Reedtail sulk when he found it, he wasn't going." Greenflower purred" Hey, he isn't that bad, at least he isn't a tag along like Whitepaw." Vixenpaw rolled her eyes keeping a smile" You have no idea on how annoying that tom is." Crookedstar's growl sounded ahead" We are here." Crookedstar turn to the patrol" Be on your best behavior, no matter how much ThunderClan provoke us, got it." Vixenpaw nodded but Crookedstar turn his head to a bristling Blackclaw, Loudbelly let a low growl beside him" Blackclaw, Loudbelly, do I need to repeat myself?" Blackclaw shook his head and Mistyfoot padded up to him. Loudbelly slowly nodded, sheathing his claws.

Dropped back to the apprentices, Whitepaw was speaking" When I am a warrior, RiverClan will never lose Sunningrocks ever." Vixenpaw meowed coolly" I hate to ruin the whole promise of glory but I don't think one warrior can beat off a whole Clan." Ivypaw glare at Vixenpaw" Can you just respect Whitepaw?" Vixenpaw glared at Ivypaw with narrowed eyes" Can he respect the fact I don't like him."

Ivypaw flicked her tail" He really cares about you." Vixenpaw flicked her ear but followed Ivypaw and the other apprentices.

Chapter 3

Vixenpaw padded in the gathering, she scented all the cats in the Clans. The scent smelled strange, her fur bristling sightly before Owlfur purred" Surprising the first time." Vixenpaw meowed" Yea, I didn't expect so many cats." Vixenpaw padded to a group of cats, it was mingled with WindClan and ThunderClan apprentices. Vixenpaw sat down next to Grasspaw and Silverpaw as a WindClan apprentice boast named Stonepaw" So tomorrow I have my warrior assessment." Thrushpaw, his sister purred" Me too." Dustpaw flicked his tail" Everyone like this new cat better."

Whitepaw snickered" Don't tell me you been recruiting rogues." Dustpaw growl" This isn't a rogue." The pale ginger she-cat next to Dustpaw, name Sandpaw meowed" That's right, it a kittypet name Firepaw." Vixenpaw eyes widen, she felt Grasspaw echo in disbelief" A kittypet?" Grasspaw snickered" I knew ThunderClan been looking a little rough but I didn't expect them to recruit a kittypet."

Dustpaw and Sandpaw bristled but a yowl overhead made Ivypaw hiss" The gathering is starting." Vixenpaw spotted Whitepaw padding to the apprentices and sitting next to her. Vixenpaw groan rolling her eyes as she look up at the Great Rock. Tallstar meowed" We have a new kit name Eaglekit, and Morningcloud has moved to the nursery." Tallstar then stepped back, Vixenpaw glanced at the WindClan cats, all of them was skinny and with smooth short fur. Bluestar stepped forward" ThunderClan has taken in a new apprentice, name Firepaw, ThunderClan also welcomes Goldenflower's two kits and Frostfur's four kits."

Crookedstar was about to speak but an mangy brown tabby shoved himself forward" I will speak next." Vixenpaw bristled before she realized this cat was Brokenstar. Brokenstar looked horrifying compared to the other leaders. Brokenstar growled" We have a new apprentice, Badgerpaw." Vixenpaw looked at the black-and-white tom, he looked tiny for an apprentice. Brokenstar growl" Let every cat know that ShadowClan won't tolerate no disrespect, no dishonor and no trespassing."

Vixenpaw and Grasspaw exchange glances as Crookedstar stepped forward" RiverClan is well, Sedgecreek's kits are thriving and there will be new kits soon." Tallstar meowed calmly" I suppose this Gathering is at a end." Tallstar leaped down first, gathering his Clan followed by Crookedstar. Crookedstar flicked his tail and Vixenpaw followed her leader. Grasspaw growled" Brokenstar is arrogant."

Ivypaw meowed" Well, he is Clan leader." Grasspaw hissed" Doesn't give him a reason to be arrogant though." Whitepaw purred" Well, we don't share a border to ShadowClan." Vixenpaw padded into camp, heading start to her den. Vixenpaw curled up in her nest and fell asleep.

" WindClan is gone." Vixenpaw head shoot up in shock as Mosspaw sat down, Whitepaw pace around her" It's true not a WindClan cat was there and it was ShadowClan scent markers." Grasspaw eyes widen" They won't drive out WindClan." Ivypaw sat down curling her tail over her paws" You know Brokenstar, he would." Silverpaw meowed" Crookedstar is making every cat battle train and be on hunting patrols.

Vixenpaw meowed" Maybe we will have our warrior assessments." Grasspaw shrugged unconvinced" Maybe." Vixenpaw rose to her paws stretching" I am going hunting, anyone want to come?" Whitepaw meowed" I go with you." Vixenpaw gave the other apprentices a pleading glance" Anyone else." Ivypaw narrow her eyes, while Grasspaw yawn" I am going to take another nap."

Vixenpaw shrugged" Fine come on Whitepaw." Vixenpaw waited for Whitepaw as she padded next to the river, Whitepaw meowed" Why do you hate me." Vixenpaw rolled her eyes" I don't hate you, I just don't have any feelings for you." Vixenpaw padded to the edge, swiping her paw and hooking on a fish. She nipped it and dropped it.

Whitepaw purred" Nice catch." Vixenpaw meow" Thanks." Vixenpaw narrow her eyes at an group of cats on the edge of the territory. Whitepaw hissed" Look at that, its ShadowClan, they really did drove off WindClan." The ShadowClan cats advanced and Vixenpaw hissed to Whitepaw" This looks like an invasion, go get cats from camp." Vixenpaw spotted the head of the patrol was Blackfoot, other cats was fan out beside him. Blackfoot hissed an challenge across the river" I didn't know RiverClan was fooled of fat cowards."

Vixenpaw bristled but she knew Blackfoot was a powerful warrior. Rustling behind her made Vixenpaw turn, it was a battle patrol. Crookedstar, Owlfur, Softwing, Skyheart, Mistyfoot, Greenflower, Reedtail and Blackclaw was there with Whitepaw and Grasspaw. Crookedstar growled" We will take this battle near the water, while they will try to avoid it we will be able to attack more, stay in the water for now and let them come to us." Crookedstar swam and stood at the edge, the RiverClan warriors lined up behind Crookedstar.

Each side was evenly match though the apprentices look like kits. Crookedstar's gaze flicker to the tiniest cats" I see you need kits to fight alongside you." Crookedstar taunted Blackfoot and Blackfoot snarl" They are six moons and ready to fight, we be taking the river now." Crookedstar meowed" But your still on land, you want the river, then come and get it."

Chapter 4

Blackfoot lunge at Crookedstar but stopped at the edge of the bank. Crookedstar reared up and slammed him in the river, holding him underwater. Blackfoot struggled underneath Crookedstar, splashing desperately and as cats charged from ShadowClan, RiverClan met them. Crookedstar let Blackfoot up only to slam him in the water again.

Vixenpaw spotted an apprentice, she hissed" Scared off water?" The apprentice leaped into the swallow end" Never." Vixenpaw slammed her forepaws down, water got into the apprentices eyes and he rubbed his eyes with a paw. Vixenpaw swept a forepaw and unbalanced him before pinning him down in the shallow end of the river.

Vixenpaw let the apprentice up, and the apprentice squealed" I give up." Vixenpaw stepped back and watch the tiny apprentice run back to the territory. Blackfoot yowled" Retreat ShadowClan." The ShadowClan cats ran out of the water drenched and soaked, Vixenpaw laughed" Look at them go, it is the funniest thing ever." Blackfoot hiss" The moor is still ours." Crookedstar hissed back" Never the river." Owlfur purred" You fought well, we are having battle training tomorrow just in case ShadowClan thinks they can invade the camp."

Crookedstar meowed" Well done, we will have a feast at sundown." Crookedstar padded to camp, Vixenpaw purr" Can I go hunting, Owlfur?" Owlfur meowed" Of course Vixenpaw." Vixenpaw padded to the edge of the river, focusing her eyes in the water. With a swipe Vixenpaw caught the fish, biting its neck. " Great catch, Vixenpaw." Vixenpaw spun around, Whitepaw was watching her, " Umm.. thanks."

Whitepaw bounded to her" I thought we could go hunting together?" Vixenpaw shrugged" Sure." Whitepaw sat next to her" It's seem strange not having WindClan anymore?" Vixenpaw roll her eyes" I thought we was hunting not talking." Whitepaw purr" Who said we couldn't do both." Vixenpaw eyes went for a trout, she dive underwater snatching a fish with her jaws and swam back up. She dropped it on the ground and climb back up to the bank.

Whitepaw was staring at her, Vixenpaw snapped" What is it." Whitepaw seem to jolt out" Umm... nothing." He dive in the water, a couple heartbeats later he appear with a trout in his jaws. Whitepaw meow" Let head to camp, I can't wait for the feast." Vixenpaw grabbed her two trouts and padded behind Whitepaw, the tom acting strange.

Vixenpaw set them on the prey pile and padded over to her mother Sunfish who was dozing with Beetlenose . Sunfish look up at Vixenpaw" Is there something wrong?" Vixenpaw rolled her eyes" Well.. Whitepaw is being weird... I was hunting with him and when I caught a trout.. He was staring at me.."

Sunfish purr" Well, maybe you should give him a chance." Vixenpaw gave a soft growl of annoyance as padded away, her mother was no help to her problem. Vixenpaw wonder if her mother's words was true, maybe she should just give Whitepaw a chance.

Chapter 5

Vixenpaw follow Owlfur, Grasspaw, Mallowtail, Ivypaw, Mosspaw, Mallowtail and Whitefang. They were heading to the Beech corpse for battle training. Vixenpaw glance across the river, ShadowClan cats was pacing around. Vixenpaw snorted speeding up her pace until she was up with Grasspaw growling" Why did WindClan let themselves be driven out." Grasspaw shrugged" WindClan and ShadowClan has always had trouble."

The group reached the Beech corpse, Vixenpaw padded to Mosspaw while Ivypaw flex her claws. Grasspaw look excited as ever. Owlfur meow" Today you are doing your battle assessment. Vixenpaw and Mosspaw you are first, claws sheathed."

Vixenpaw brought her frontpaw down on Mosspaw's head. Mosspaw rolled springing to her paws and lunge forward Vixenpaw rear up and swipe her paw aside, barely hitting Mosspaw. Mosspaw barrel into her, Vixenpaw kicked Mosspaw off with her hindlegs. Vixenpaw rear up and slashing her sheathed paws against Mosspaw's muzzle, Mosspaw rear up to meet her. Mosspaw grabbed her shoulders and pin her down to the ground. Vixenpaw wiggled free, her fur bristling.

" Enough, Mosspaw and Vixenpaw. I will talk to Crookedstar about your performance, now Grasspaw and Ivypaw its your turn." Grasspaw eyes gleamed and Ivypaw padded to him. Grasspaw lunge forward at Ivypaw, Ivypaw reared up allowing Grasspaw to crash into her. Grasspaw pummeled Ivypaw's muzzle, Ivypaw kicked out her hindlegs.

Ivypaw lunge and pin down Grasspaw, pummeling her hindlegs at Grasspaw's belly. Grasspaw grabbed Ivypaw's shoulders and flipped Ivypaw on her back. " Enough." Mallowtail meowed grabbing Grasspaw's scruff and pulling him off" I will speak to Crookedstar about your battle skills for now go and rest."

Vixenpaw padded to Mosspaw purring" I hope we passed." Mosspaw meowed" Me too, I really want to become a warrior soon." The group meet Petaldust outside of camp, Petaldust gave a meow" Whitefang, I need to speak to you." The tom followed Petaldust after camp, Vixenpaw padded to Whitepaw who was in the apprentice den purring" Hey, Whitepaw." Whitepaw meowed" Hey, Vixenpaw." Vixenpaw went to her nest, and fell completely exhausted. Whitepaw lay down next to her, his pelt brushing against hers.

Vixenpaw gave a soft sigh, maybe Whitepaw isn't that bad. Whitepaw sighed" I wonder what it will be like to be a warrior." Vixenpaw meow softly" It must be amazing, no training. No assessments, no listening to other cats." Whitepaw nuzzle Vixenpaw ear purring" I know, I wonder what would my warrior name be, maye White-."

" Petaldust is expecting kits!" Whitefang burst through the reeds, his eyes glinting happily. Petaldust followed Whitefang more slowly. Echomist purred" Come on Petaldust, you need to rest. Your expecting kits after all." Whitefang meow" I get reeds for her nest." Whitefang dashed off to collect some reeds.

Sedgesplash padded out purring "There is plenty of room here, I am sure Shadekit and Heavykit would love some new denmates." Petaldust followed Sedgesplash into the nursery. Vixenpaw felt Whitepaw purr beside her" I couldn't imagine being stuck in the nursery with mewing kits." Vixenpaw purred resting her head on her paws" Me either."

" We pass, we pass." Vixenpaw spotted Mosspaw and Grasspaw running to her. Grasspaw yowled" We passed our assessment." Vixenpaw eyes widen" That means we closer to becoming warriors." Vixenpaw felt proud of herself, she was proving herself to be a good RiverClan warrior. There was no Clan better then RiverClan.

The half-moon light shone bright, leaves rustle throughout the forest. Vixenpaw purred to Whitepaw" It is really lovely out here." Whitepaw purred" I told you it is." Giving her a quick lick on the ear. Vixenpaw whispered" I can't believe we are going to the gorge." Whitepaw purred" I know, it the fishbrain rule that says we can't." Stepping out of the trees, Vixenpaw look at her paws. The moonlight had turn it gray while the gray on Whitepaw had turn silver.

Whitepaw reach the gorge purring" We are here, you can look." Vixenpaw look down at the gorge, jagged rocks peer from the water. Vixenpaw stepped back her eyes wide" Wow." Whitepaw gave a purr"Come on, there something I have for you." Vixenpaw padded after Whitepaw, wondering what could Whitepaw have for her.

Whitepaw ducked under a thorn-bush and appeared with a beautiful stone that seems to shine in the moonlight" Here you go." Vixenpaw felt the stone, it was smooth as it could be. Vixenpaw sat speechless" Whitepa-." Whitepaw pressed his head against hers purring" I love you."

Vixenpaw said nothing in shock until she purred" I love you too."

Chapter 6

Vixenpaw yawned loudly padding out of the Apprentice den, in the clearing she spotted Ottersplash, who was dozing next to Lakeshine. Shadekit and Heavykit was with Cedarpelt and Fallowtail, probably begging for them to tell a story.

Owlfur meow" We are going on a border patrol with Loudbelly, Silverpaw, Reedtail and Blackclaw." Vixenpaw rolled her eyes" Blackclaw will do nothing but hiss about fighting ThunderClan." Owlfur meow" Blackclaw is a respectable warrior Vixenpaw."

Silverpaw padded from behind Loudbelly while Reedtail and Blackclaw was whispering in hush voices. Owlfur meow loudly" Are you ready for a patrol?" Reedtail nodded while Blackclaw only narrow his amber eyes.

Owlfur flick his tail" Come on then, we shouldn't waste anytime." Silverpaw purred" Hey Vixenpaw, do you think we are going to see any ThunderClan cats?" Vixenpaw shook her head" They are too scared of the water to come over here."

Silverpaw whisper" Hey did you see Petaldust earlier? She so fat she barely can fit in the nursery." Vixenpaw gave a small purr of amusement. Vixenpaw padded after Silverpaw until they reach the WindClan border. Owlfur scratch the boundary markers and meow" We can stop somewhere shady to rest. This heat isn't letting out."

Vixenpaw meow softly" Can I swim?" Owlfur flicked his tail purring " Of course, Vixenpaw." Vixenpaw waded into the water before swimming strongly. Vixenpaw kept her head above water, her paws churning before reaching the pebbly banks and lay down allowing the cool water to lap at her paws and fur.

" What the difference between a fish and a RiverClan cat?" Vixenpaw turn her head to the direction of the sneer. " What is it?" Two ShadowClan cats stood at the edge of what was WindClan's territory. " A fish is hard to see, an RiverClan cat isn't."

Vixenpaw gave a yowl" Come over here you cowards." Blackfoot stood with another ShadowClan warrior that she did not recognize and yowl" Enjoy the river while it is still yours." Vixenpaw hissed" You cowards." Vixenpaw bunch up her muscles to bring but a growl sounded behind her" Vixenpaw, leave those cowards alone."

Vixenpaw glance up at Owlfur his teeth was bared at Blackfoot" They won't cross the river anyways, come on." Vixenpaw followed Owlfur to camp snorting in anger. " Fighting won't help, Vixenpaw." Vixenpaw turn around to see Silverpaw racing towards her. Vixenpaw snorted" ShadowClan needs to learn a lesson." Silverpaw shook her head" Fighting isn't everything." Vixenpaw growled" I never said it was Silverpaw."

Silverpaw rolled her eyes" Your just like Beetlenose, fight, fight, fight is all I hear from you and Grasspaw." Vixenpaw snapped" At least I'm not part WindClan." Silverpaw eyes widen and then narrow with such fury that Vixenpaw almost wince.

Silverpaw hissed" If you saying I would be disloyal like Fallowtail once was then your completely wrong." Silverpaw stormed off leaving Vixenpaw to walk back to camp alone. Vixenpaw padded into camp Owlfur, Loudbelly and Blackclaw was talking to Crookedstar along with Leopardfur, Voleclaw and Beetlenose.

Vixenpaw padded to camp, Ivypaw, Whitepaw and Mosspaw was talking in a group. Vixenpaw settled next to Whitepaw as Ivypaw spoke loudly" So ever since ShadowClan drove out WindClan, ShadowClan claims they will conquer us." Ivypaw rear up slashing her paw, claws unsheathed" I can't wait when they try to cross the river, I will be the first cat to tear them apart."

" ShadowClan thinks they are so tough these days, WindClan has always been weak anyways." Mosspaw growled, her blue eyes glinting. " WindClan isn't the only Clan that will suffer Mosspaw." Vixenpaw turn her head, Whitefang must had overheard their talking because he was watching them with narrow amber eyes.

Whitefang growl" These times are dangerous, ShadowClan grow stronger and our home is in danger." Mosspaw looked at her paws ashamed" Sorry Whitefang." Whitefang shrugged and padded off to the nursery squeezing through. " Hey Mosspaw, I caught this frog, do you want it?" Frogleap padded over to them, holding a frog proudly" It thought it could out hop me."

Mosspaw purred" Sure, why not. I never had a frog." Vixenpaw wrinkled her nose in disgust, frogs was ShadowClan prey not RiverClan prey even though plenty was in RiverClan territory, they always had be difficult to catch. Mosspaw bit into the frog tearing off the skin. It took forever for Mosspaw to swallow the skin and she wrinkled her nose. Frogleap purred " your not suppose to eat the skin Mosspaw"

Frogleap slice a claw through the skin tearing the skin off and meowed" See if that is better." Mosspaw looked at the frog before eating it, swallowing and purring" It's delicious." She then tucked into the frog and finished it. " Thanks Frogleap."

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