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There is a town named Reektown at the edge of Utah. This town is inhabited by a Clan called RainClan, who's lived in peace for quite awhile. But when one of the oldest statues in Reektown breaks, it unleashes powerful magic all over the town and into some other towns as well. What will this do to RainClan?


Chapter 1

I, Gustface, a sleek black tom with blue eyes, padded on the edge of one of the fences surrounding my Clan's territory. I was looking at the West Plaza of Reektown, where the stone statue of a ball sat in the middle of the Plaza. Suddenly, I heard a large crack, and half of the stone ball fell to the ground. There was a loud boom as the stone hit the brick ground.

As I stood watching, I felt a burst of wind rushing at me, and I fell off of the fence. Trees bent back and cracked. Leafs blew everywhere.

Finally, the wind stopped. I took in a big breath, and I knew immediately that something was different in Reektown.

Chapter 2

I padded into the West Nest, where the warriors and queens lived. Our camp was like this: the nest on the western side of the camp housed the warriors and queens, while the nest on the eastern side of the camp housed the apprentices and elders. In between the nests was a large area, the center of our camp. Two small nests inhabited the edge of the area. One housed the leader, the other provided a place for the apprentices to train.

Our Clan had lived in Reektown for a long time. We knew a little bit more about Twoleg life than most Clans.

Anyway, I walked into the West Nest, where my brother Grayclaw padded up to me.

"What happened out there?" The gray tom asked.

"The Boulder Statue collapsed. I think the wind may have had something to do with it."

"It what?" Snowfall, a young, white-furred queen, padded over. "Did I hear you say that the Boulder Statue collapsed? That's the second oldest statue in Reektown! It's been up for many, many seasons!"

"I don't know what happened." I said. 'It just...collapsed."

Suddenly, we heard a growl. We padded out into the center of the camp.

A mad tiger was standing in the clearing.

Chapter 3

The Clan immediately took action. The warriors lept out into the clearing, while the apprentices, elders, and queens hid. The warriors swarmed the tiger.

That was when something strange happened.

The second the cats clawed it, the tiger exploded into purple dust, which swirled around and then blew away.

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