A series about Iceshade, a tom who lives in an illusioned world composed by StarClan designed to test cats' willpower, strength and endurance.


Living Lies-

Iceshade lives in FlightClan. He lives a normal life. He has friends, he has a mate, he is a warrior. However, when a series of strange events takes place in the Clan, Iceshade finds himself questioning everything he knows. As he searches for truth, Iceshade finds out the horrible reality... nothing in his life was ever real.


Iceshade- Long haired pale gray tom with white streaks and dark blue eyes;

Residents of FlightClan:

Fawnstorm- Cream colored she-cat with pale green eyes;

Runningheart- Dark brown tabby tom with ice blue eyes

Darkmask- Gray tom with a black mask, tabby stripes and paws;

Mousestep- Small pale brown she-cat with amber eyes;

Creamkit- Cream colored she-cat with dark blue eyes;

Shrewkit- Russet colored tom with very pale amber eyes;

Lilacpaw- White she-cat with silver splotches and bright green eyes is the medicine cat apprentice;(Hiddensun)

Fleetpaw- Small tortoiseshell tom with amber eyes;(Bubblez)

Gorsethorn- Sturdy white tom with gray splotches, amber eyes and is the deputy of FlightClan; (Autumn)

Deerstep- Sandy pale brown lithe she-cat with light speckles and green eyes; (Autumn)

Ministry XVII (A council of seventeen cats who each control one element of cats' lives):

Four Cats of Spirit-

Featherwind- Feathery gray she-cat with a coat of windswept clouds and control of growth and health;

Mistymoon- Blue-gray she-cat with a coat of eternally rushing water and control over time;

Nightfire- Black tom with a coat of shadow and control over emotions;

Firestorm- Ginger tom with a coat of flames and control over knowledge;

Other Members-

Ashwhisker- Gray speckled tom with blue eyes and control over the auras that emit from our souls;

Blossompetal- Bright ginger and white she-cat with green eyes and is able to see the future births of future cats;

Sinkingsun- Dark gray tom with golden eyes and is able to predict the deaths of cats in the near future;

Graysoul- Elderly gray she-cat with long whiskers, an aged muzzle, pale blue eyes and controls the aging of cats;(Shigura)

Waterpool- Blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes and the ability to form water and control it;(Maplefern)

Shadenight- Jet black tom with piercing red eyes and the ability to create temptation and evil in the hearts of cats;(Bubblez)

Shiningheart- Golden tabby she-cat with green eyes and the ability to create good in the hearts of cats;

Hailmist- White she-cat with black flecks, a pink nose, blue eyes and control over weather;(Hiddensun)

Goldenlight- Sleek golden tabby she-cat with shining fur, green eyes and control over the sun and day; (Autumn)

Moonwater- Sleek silver tabby she-cat with frosty blue eyes, radiant fur and control over the moon and night;

Doveflight- Pale gray she-cat with flowing fur, golden-green eyes and is able to create and destroy love between cats;

Dawnfrost- She-cat whose appearence changes according to her mood and is the physical entity of life;

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