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"Keep moving." Vicki said. She was now many, many miles from the camp she'd abducted her two captives from. Now she was taking them somewhere they wouldn't be found.


Chapter 1: Explaining

Vantom and I had been moving for hours. We were so far behind Vicki that it made me feel like giving up. She had my mate. She had my sister. She had two people I was close to.

Vantom had been talking to me about my gift, which turned out to be telekinesis. I'd just used it to kill another Ancient, the flying vampire cat Boon. He'd tried to kill me, and all I'd done was look at him.

"Your gift is being unleashed." Vantom explained. "It will come out slowly. But so will Vicki's. In fact, I imagine that she's using it to keep a hold on your mate and sister."

"A hold?" I asked.

"Vicki is hypnotic. Her blue eye catches your attention, hypnotizes you, while her green eye issues commands to the brain. But right now, since the gift is new, it requires great concentration on her part, and once she releases her hold on whoever she's hypnotizing, she becomes completely exhausted, and throughout the period she's hypnotizing her victim, it becomes hard to maintain control."

"Interesting." I said.

Suddenly, there was a noise. A crack. Vantom turned invisible, while I tensed. A squirrel came out of the bushes. Vantom and I relaxed, until the squirrel spoke.

Chapter 2: Message

"Hello, Marlina." The squirrel said in a strange, soothing voice. "I've hypnotized this squirrel to provide you with a message. After the message, this creature will die. I have your mate and sister. They're under my control. If you do anything to try and stop me, I'll make them hurt themselves."

Suddenly, the squirrel stopped speaking, and vein in the squirrel's neck bulged out before exploding and letting loose a lot of blood. The little creature fell to the ground.

"It's worse than I thought." Vantom said. "Vicki's learned to issue commands directly to the brain. That's extremely difficult. If a creature's mind fights back against Vicki's powers, Vicki's hold is less powerful."

"Got it." I said.

I was feeling worse now. Vicki could hurt my loved ones. In fact, what would stop her from killing them like she did the squirrel?

Chapter 3: Lead

I was starting to lose hope when Vantom made me stop. Sniffing the air, he moved toward a tree root coming out of the ground.

"This is Vicki's blood." He said.

Vicki's blood. Vicki had been here.

We were hot on the trail.

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