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Cloudtail: Hey everyone! It's the Atton Rand and Cloudtail Show!

The audience cheers

Cloudtail: Atton couldn't be here today, because he was in a horrible car accident and died!

The audience gasps

Cloudtail: Kidding! But he was involved in a fender-bender, so he's in the hospital getting stitched up. But enough about stupid Atton. It's time to meet our guest star, one of the stars on How I Met Your Mother, NEIL PATRICK HARRIS!

The audience cheers loudly

Neil: Hey, everyone!

Cloudtail: Hi Neil, how are ya?

Neil: I'm good, I'm good. And I'm awesome!

Cloudtail: So I hear! Well, at least your character's awesome. That's what he says all the time on How I Met Your Mother.

Neil: But I'm still awesome!

Cloudtail: Now, Neil, let's calm—

Neil: I'm AWESOME!


We apologize for Neil's sudden explosion of awesomeness. We hope it hasn't caused you any kind of emotional or physical distress. Please tune in next time for The Atton Rand and Cloudtail Show!

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