pic to be added

by Firey

I guess you can say

I really wanted him to stay

Holding It Within

I yearned him

I really did

But I could see

That my feelings were well hid


He didn't understand

He didn't l feel

The pain I felt

The pain that made me keel


He was the flame

He was a part of me

But I guess he had to

Leave me be


I only loved him a bit

But that was enough

To have me feel

The power of love


"Oh Cinderpaw,

Don't worry.

I'll be there

In a flurry."


If only that were true

If only we could be kin

If only I knew how to

Hold my love within

(that was lame k c: It was about Cinderpaw and Fireheart, this was PROBABLY not my original idea, but I decided this was better. Comment below!)

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