Author's Note: This is the story of one kit taking her first steps out of the nursery and she discovers more than whats beyond the nursery walls.

Hiddenkit stumbled out of the nursery and into the camp clearing. Her glossy black pelt snagged on a bramble on her way out but she didn't mind. She marveled at the sight of her clan's camp. Surely no clan had a camp as great as Riverclan. Her mother, Icicleplummet, trailed behind her. "Don't tread on the elders' tails!" her mother growled. Hiddenkit realized in her rush to see the camp that she had ran straight through the elder's den and had a paw planted right on Freedomflower's tail. Luckily for Hiddenkit, Freedomflower was a kind elder and just warned her to watch where she was going. She dashed out of the elder's den and back into the clearing to make even more mischief. Icicleplummet just sighed and didn't hear the tom that had approached her. She turned her head and quickly bowed her head, for the tom who had arrived was none other than the Riverclan leader, Kestrelstar. "What a fine kit Hiddenkit has become," he meowed, "no wonder she was named Hiddenkit. Just look at her eyes," Kestrelstar looked at Hiddenkit's eyes, like hidden stars revealed when she lifted her eyelids. They burned with a fiery passion that radiated through her like water in the river. "Also, she hides herself quite well and is very silent for a Riverclan cat. Who knows what talent is hidden underneath her coat. It is a shame that Badgerkit and Tunnelkit have died, they would have made great warriors"

While her mother and her leader conversed, Hiddenkit stumbled around the camp. Once again, she hadn't payed attention to the path in front of her and she collided into another cat. She found her nose lightly touching the nose of an apprentice. The apprentice stood up and shook his dark tabby pelt. Hiddenkit stood frozen in her place. She felt as if electricity was surging through her body with great energy and crackled through the air. "You should watch where you're going" he said with a good humored tone. "You know what they say, being clumsy doesn't mean being uncoordinated, it means being too distracted by all the good things in life to see where you're stepping" Hiddenkit replied. "I am Summitpaw" Hiddenkit's heart thudded in her chest and she felt as if the ground shook to the beats. "Hello, I'm Hiddenkit" Hello, am I the one you are looking for?

The End

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