Seqel to Stars and the Clouds!

Chapter One Earthpaw Reborn

Bronze looked at the sky and sighed. Earthpaw was still sleeping, he could turn into a hawk now. Saphire was training him and Gem and Gold were teaching him how to hunt. Bronze was gathering crows for Fresh-Kill when Silver flew up to him. "Hello." Bronze said and Silver nodded. "We need to find more griffins."


"StarClan told us we would make a tribe of griffins, shouldn't we?"

"I guess, it just seems odd."

"Bronze, everything does."

Chapter Two Evil

Silver watched as Gem and Gold trained Earthpaw, he was very good at hunting but not was good at fighting. Silver shrugged and padded over to her den and fell asleep.

-- - - - - - - -

Silver, you must create a tribe where griffins are free, half hawks half cats too. Gold Gem with not be apart of the tribe and more partings will come. Silver awoke and gasped, something was wrong, there was blood everywhere, griffin blood.

Chapter Three Finding Help

Silver ran through the three with Saphire at her heels, she didn't want to turning into a griffin, not yet. She gasped when she saw three griffins and a changeling cat caged in a metal square. Silver gasped, they were trapped. Saphire padded up beside her then turn into a griffin and slashed a creature. Silver gasped, "Twolegs!" she yowled and slashed them and one dropped a long gray stick that opened the square, the griffins and changeling cat were free.

Don't miss Set 2 of The Griffin's Rise series, starting of with Powers Changing! -SnowyLeaf Happy Christmas! Purr Everyday! 00:51, December 14, 2009 (UTC)

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