Main Characters

Rushingpaw - A black tom.

Brookpaw - A torotiseshell she-cat

Fallpaw - A ginger tom.

Airpaw - A gray she-cat.

Huskpaw - A brown tabby tom.

Clan Characters

Jagpaw - A brown tom with amber eyes.

Creampetal - A cream she-cat with blue eyes. Apprentice: Airpaw.

Hollowstripe - Gray and brown tom. Apprentice: Fallpaw

Lakerock - Silver tabby tom . Apprentice: Rushingpaw.

Shadestrike - Brown tom. Apprentice: Jagpaw.

Wildforest - Deep gray tom with green eyes. Deputy.

Ivorypaw - White she-cat.

Talonpaw - Dark gray tom.

Dewrain - Pale gray tom with darker flecks.

Poolkit - A gray kit.

Swiftkit - A ginger kit.

Briarsky - White she-cat. Mother of Cinderkit and Flamekit.

Eveningherb - A white-and-silver furred elder.


Lunar - Pure white long-haired, whose pelt looks gray because it's not clean, she-cat with brigth blue eyes.

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