The cold wind ruffled Blossompad's fur as she trotted towards tall pines. An elder, Downpelt, had recently caught greencough so Blossompad was on her way to twoleg place to get some catnip out of their garden. As she neared the first garden she picked up the scent of cat, hesitantly she jumped up on the fence. Underneath her, on the lawn, was a brown tabby cat glaring at her in anger. "Who are you and what do you want?" The tom growled threateningly. "I am Blossompad, medicine cat of Thunderclan, and I was wondering whether I could borrow some of your catnip?" She meowed politely. "What's in it for me?" The tom spat. "Well you would be helping a very sick cat survive." She mewed. The tom sauntered to the bush got the tiniest leaf he could get, jumped on the fence and placed it in front of her. "I'm going to need about three more big leaves I'm afraid." She said awkwardly. "Well that's all your getting, goodbye!" He jeered and shoved her off the fence. Blossompad yowled as she hit the floor, the leaf floated down gently beside her. "You'll regret this!" She screeched. "Oh I'm sure I will!" The tom sneered and walked inside. Blossompad couldn't wait to tell Froststar about this, he's gonna pay!

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