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This is for the month of October and Halloween, spooky and short! Bellatrix Voldemort


Starlingpaw looked through the undergrowth of ThunderClan's forest. "I hope Reedpaw doesn't scare me again!" she meowed. She bounded through the ferns and screeched in fright as something pricked her tail. "Waaa! Help!"

"Starligpaw, quiet!" hissed Reedpaw.

"Don't do that!" meowed Starlingpaw in anger. "Well," meowed Reedpaw," If you're so brave, go into RiverClan's camp on the night of no moon." Staarlingpaw meowed in fright. "But that day, ghosts of The Dark Forest come out!"

"You believe Crow-Food like that! You're too scared, huh!" Stsrlingpaw shook her head in rage. "Am not! I'll do it!"

"Then you have to do it tonight, good luck, scaredy cat!" he hissed. Starlingpaw withered with fear. I hope StarClan will watch over me!

* * * * * * * *

Starlingpaw padded with in the moonless night. She heard whispers of strange cats. "She's here!"

"Kill  her!"

"Slit her throat!"

"Death awaits you!" Starlingpaw shrank back in fear. "Who are you?" she cried. A voice answered her. "Death."  Starlingpaw shivered with cold and thoughts of dying. "Help me!"  A cat padded in front of her and meowed, "Come with me." Starlingpaw followed and said, "Thank-You." The cat smiled with pleasure and meowed, "I'll be seeing you a lot." And Starlingpaw was never seen again.

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