A LeafxCrow Spoof by Bluestar1776.


Grasswater = Leafpool

Grayleg = Cinderpelt

Pigeonclimb = Squirrelflight

Thorntoe = Brambleclaw

Ravenwing = Crowfeather

Chapter 1

     "Grayleg!" I called. My mentor slowly limped into the den, herbs in her jaws.

     "Here you are, Grasswater," she meowed. "Are you all right?" she mewed suspiciously as my jaws stretched in a yawn. "You've been quite tired lately."

     "I'm find, Cinderleg!" I snapped. "Get out of my fur!" I stomped out of the medicine den, only to run into my sister, Pigeonclimb. Her mate; well, she refuses to call him her mate, but we all know he is; Thorntoe, was behind her. He was Clan deputy.

     "Are you okay, Grasswater?" My sister asked worriedly.

     "I'm fine," I sighed. "I'm going for a walk." I padded out of camp, Thorntoe and Pigeonclimb staring after me. They didn't know I was doing more than going for a walk, I was meeting the WindClan warrior Ravenwing. We had fallen in love, but the whole of the warrior code was against us. We had been meeting in secret, but we both know they can't go on much longer. Someone would suspect, or worse, find us. I continued walking, no, running now, until I reached the WindClan border. I scented and watched for the lean gray-black shape. Sure enough, he appeared over to rise over to border. He ran up to me, light in his blue eyes.

     "Grasswater!" he purred. "You came!" I nodded, and shut my eyes, purring, as his scent wreathed around me.

     "I've missed you," I murmered.

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