Note- I've bet you all have heard Wetty is leaving for a LONG time. Yes I am, and since you all love my stories, Im just going to give you this to make you feel all happy inside.


Shistar sat on the Freedom rock with Wetstream at her side, Bramblepath smiled as she watched from below with Ravenflight, Rainfire, Forestpaw, Braveheart, Sunmark, and even Leopardpaw (Love ya guys! and I even made LeopardPAW For Leopardkit!).

"Wetstream, are you sure you want to venture away on the Quest of a lifetime?" Shistar meowed Wetstream.

Wetstream dipped her head. "Yes Shistar."

"And you promise to let Bramblepath take your place as the deputy?" Shistar continued.

"I promise." Wetsteam added as Bramblepath hopped onto the rock.

Wetstream and Bramblepath touched nosed and they both looked to Shistar.

Shistar nodded. "You are very potent to this Clan, and Im glad we have you but now we solute you to your quest."

Wetstream held her head high and eyes glistened. "I promise I'll find the Oasis, and the wolves."

"Promise us you'll be back, for PeaceClan." Bramblepath meowed.

Wetstream smiled and looked to the Clan. "PeaceClan! I am making a promise from the spirits of StarClan I will return! With the path to our new meeting place to speak with StarClan!"

The Clan cheered.

Shistar closed her eyes and yowled to the Clan. "StarClan, promise Wetstream a great journey and may she be blessed!"

The Clans chanted out her name.

"Wetstream! Wetstream!" They chanted.

Wetstream swelled with pride, she leaped off the rock and headed to the medicine den, to get some traveling herbs from the medicine cat, Maplefrost.


Wetstream stood by the entrance of PeaceClan camp, and watched the sun rise over the horizon the last start vanishing in the sky.

"Im ready...." She murmured to Shistar as she padded up.

Shistar smiled weakly. "Im proud of you Wetstream, you brought out Clan together with me and Bramblepath when the time of fire, now you are traveling to the Oasis, to find our new spot to speak with StarClan."

"I know," She sighed. "but I'll miss you guys."

"We all will" Shistar murmured.

Wetstream looked at the rising sun. "I must go, I will meet you in a couple of moons."

Shistar felt a tear shed from her eye. "Ok Wetstream..... We'll miss you."

Wetstream nodded and looked to the entrance and dissapeared away into the shadows.

The End!

I know you are craving to know what happens, but that'll happen when I come back, just savor this for awhile, and before you know it, Wetty will be home.

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