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Vicki gasped. She was very, very tired. She'd now been keeping her hold on Nightmud and Rosey Ann for days. She needed a break, but she new that as soon as she'd let go, everything would be over. Vicki moved on, but tensed when she felt cats nearby.


Chapter 1: Found

I stuck to the trees, while Vantom moved through the bushes, invisible. Looking down into the clearing, I saw Vicki standing with Nightmud and Rosey Ann. With my family.

I tensed, preparing to spring. Suddenly, I heard Vicki mutter something, and Nightmud and Rosey Ann ran off.

That was it. I sprang.

Chapter 2: Pursuit

While I attacked Vicki, I saw Vantom run after Nightmud and Rosey Ann. "I'll break the hold!" He shouted, but I barely noticed. I was too busy clawing at Vicki's face. Her blood splattered everywhere, warm and runny. Vampire cat blood was a strange thing. We never ran out.

Vicki tried her best to defend herself, but she was tired. I clawed at her underbelly, spraying blood everywhere. That was when the cat attacked me.

A crimson and black she-cat sprang from the bushes and attacked me. I aimed a swipe at her, but my paw hit nothing but air. I turned around and saw the she-cat standing by Vicki.

"Marlina," Vicki breathed, "this is Jacklyn. One of my new Ancients. She can jump small distances in a matter of seconds." And that was all that she said before pouncing on the she-cat and disappearing.

Chapter 3: Reunion

I padded toward Vantom, who had Nightmud and Rosey Ann pinned.

"They won't stop moving!" He shouted.

I thought for a moment before making a tree crash down. Nightmud and Rosey Ann jumped out of their trances.

"Glad you're back," I said flatly, "but we need to talk."

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